What Is Wpsystem Folder Which Is Created By An Ssd To Store Data

I have reset my phone (Microsoft Lumia 535) due to some reasons.I saw that there is a huge Folder named WPsystem in my SD card. So I think these are apps and other data which installed by me.So now I think I do not need them because now system is clean and I have to install the apps again.

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But I can not remove the WPSystem folder.I tried with a card reader.First it deletes perfectly. But when I put the reader back it haven”t delete. I also tried to format the SD card. But it says “Windows can not format”

So how can I fix this, I want to remove the WPsystem folder.


Solution 1

Format it via phone. Windows phone will format the SD card and remove the old app data.

Solution 2

Connect your SD Card to a Linux PC. I have tried deleting System folders from Linux. It works perfectly.

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No its not formatting and all files are again restored in sd card..pls help me.. –user22405 Jul 30 “16 at 16:21
If you store the apps/music/downloaded itens/pictures on SD Card, you cannot remove WPSystem. This directory is used by Windows Mobile/Widows Phone to store configurations, data from apps and another internal stuff.


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