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After a spell of silence, Super Mario Maker 2 has re-emerged with one more update, and it”s a pretty big one. Nintendo announced today that the “final major update” for Super Mario Maker 2 arrives this Wednesday with a host of new items, blocks, enemies, and a full World Maker.

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Once the update goes live on April 22, Super Mario Maker 2 players will be able to build their own Super Worlds, consisting of eight worlds and 40 courses total. These Worlds are laid out similar to Super Mario World, complete with their own World Themes—underground, forest, castle—and different paths, including warp pipes and customizable World nodes.

Basically, anyone who”s wanted to build their own Super Mario World will have the opportunity to do so. Even the layout of each individual World is customizable down to its scenery, so those hills, bridges, and ladders can all be modified to specification.

There are even more add-ons in store, though. The Frog Suit is back, as well as the Super Acorn, Boomerang Flower, and Power Balloon. There”s also a Super Mario Bros. 2 Mushroom that changes Mario into the Mario Bros. 2 version of himself, letting him sit on top of enemies and carry them around. Finally, I can take the Chain Chomp on a walk.

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A number of new wearables give Mario some added abilities as well. A Bullet Bill turns Mario into a rocket, while a POW Block lets him smack his head into blocks to dish out the POW. The Cannon Box and Propeller Box are fairly straightforward, but my personal favorite is the Goomba, which lets Mario literally blend in with Mario enemies and sneak by undetected. I”m really hoping a sneaking mission or two is built out of this concept.

The added utility will help in dealing with the Koopalings, which all arrive as part of the final major update. All of Bowser”s nefarious helpers are here, making for solid end-bosses for whatever world players might concoct. Each has their own siganture moves as well.


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More enemies, like the Mechakoopas and Cursed Key, which sicks Phanto on the holder, provide some new obstacles for Mario to overcome, as well as the On/Off Trampolines.

While Super Mario Maker 2 has had some interesting updates like the Master Sword power-up, reception to the second Super Mario Maker has seemed lukewarm at times. Even with some time after launch, veteran players were feeling nostalgic about the older Maker game. This big update might be its last, but it could at least help close out major Super Mario Maker 2 updates on a positive note. If nothing else, I”m thrilled to see what makers can concoct with these tools; I imagine a Kaizo world or two is not too far off in the future.

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