How To Link Microsoft Your Phone App To Iphone On Windows, ‎Continue On Pc On The App Store

You love your phone. So does your PC.

Leave your Android device in your pocket. With the Your Phone app, you can make and receive calls and texts, check notifications, and instantly access your Android device’s photos and apps – all on your PC. 

Learn how to link your devices

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With Link to Windows on your Samsung device and the Your Phone app on your PC, you’re connected on a new level. Learn how to connect your devices so you can stay productive wherever you are.

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Want new features first?

Become a Windows Insider and get early access to the newest experiences in the Your Phone app. 

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Your app, your way.

Learn more about accessibility options to help you use the Your Phone app in a way that best suits your needs. 

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What’s new?

Learn more about the latest Your Phone app features.

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A few tips & tricks

Find time-saving hacks and explore how you can use the Your Phone app. 

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Link Surface Duo to your PC

Surface Duo and your Windows 10 PC go together. Learn how to get started.

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System requirements and setting up Your Phone

Sending and receiving messages

Making and receiving calls

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View photos from your Android device on your PC

Transfer content between your devices

Use your mobile apps on your PC

Introducing 365

A collection of powerful productivity apps you can use anywhere. Organize your life, expand your creativity, and protect what’s important.

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