Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy'S Kong Quest For Wii U, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddys Kong Quest

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Thu 30th Oct 2014

This made me want to go home and play it on my SNES


Thu 30th Oct 2014

“Perfect game” “Must buy” “Best on the SNES” “Nothing is missing”



Thu 30th Oct 2014

How does this game not get a 10/10 with all the praise? This game was and still is the #1 game on the SNES when people ask me what the best games on SNES were.


Thu 30th Oct 2014

I always preferred the first one, but this was great too.

I hope these come to the US Virtual Console quickly.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

The review should just say “Solid platforming fun.”

Thu 30th Oct 2014

You should really give some, ya know, negatives if you want to give a game a 9/10.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

No way a 50hz game should get 9/10.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

9/10?! 9/10?! What?! This review says nothing but how absolutely incredible this game is with no complaints, and it doesn”t get a 9?! That doesn”t make any sense… I guess this is one of the reasons why my brother dislikes review scores.

But yeah, this is one of my most favorite games and has one of my most favorite soundtracks, (I”m especially fond of tracks Mining Melancholy, Krook”s March, and of course, Stickerbush Symphony) so I”m just going to assume the reviewer meant to give it a 19/10 and forgot the 1.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

I don”t doubt the qualities of the game, but personally I don”t like its setting. Back in the days, I absolutely hated the first couple of levels on the pirate ship. That”s why, for me, DKC3 is the more interesting game, though “objectively” it may be a bit weaker.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

This game is perfect. Is has a very special place in my heart and in my ears. Lately, every single day.

unrandomsam Since when I this the 50hz version? I just watched some gameplay of this Virtual Console release (The Wii U one, not the Wii one) and it looks (and sounds) totally normal to me.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

The 50/60hz one is a weird one. On the one hand, I played them in 50hz back in the day and loved them, so maybe there”s no real reason to kick up a fuss now. On the other hand, when it”s so easy to give us the 60hz rom like they did with DKC and DKC3, why didn”t they with this? Because of the way the Wii U forces games to run at 60hz, it leaves this with a stuttering frame rate that wasn”t a problem on the original SNES or the Wii VC releases.

Peach64 Oh I just assumed this was the 60 HZ version as the other 2 were.That is a strange choice by them then and unfortunate as this is definitely the best of the 3.Apologies
Thu 30th Oct 2014

I”m not one of those extreme reviewers. This game would easily earn a spot as a 10/10 in my book. Such a great platformer. DKC 3 would get a 8 or 9 for me. But man, this is totally a 10.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

“Diddy’s Kong Quest is about as close to a perfect game as the SNES got”

Damn right. 10/10.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

Don ye now the nostalgia goggles!

I love this game, but I do get irritated between this game and Mario 64…the nostalgia crowd will eternally refuse to admit any games made after them could possibly be better or even in the same league.

For the record:

Super Mario Galaxy is better then Mario 64Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is better then DKC:2

Just sayin”…this is how it looks without nostalgia goggles hehehe

Thu 30th Oct 2014

If they re add it to the USA Wii VC I will probably get it on that. (I have a USA Wii). I do think it is the best one. I might even get it on the PAL Wii VC if I have to. (I have a PAL Wii as well connected to a CRT which is fine for 50hz).

Thu 30th Oct 2014

A truly brilliant game. I”m loving the DKC games coming to VC but still don”t get how Nintendo managed to get Rare games back bearing in mind Rare was absorbed into Microsoft?

Thu 30th Oct 2014

Well, glad you guys in Europe can enjoy this gem, because I don”t see us “Mericans getting it any time soon.

Action51 How dare you sir! Ha seriously Mario Galaxy is an incredible game however I think nostalgia actually makes our judging of a retro game fairer, as time goes on and games age in terms of their graphics/playability/limited longevity its quite easy for us to be more harsh judging these old games when comparing what we expect form a modern game today.

Action51 Having fairly recently played DKC2, I still prefer it to DKCTF. No nostalgia interference here.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

This really is about as good as it gets when it comes to good SNES platformers, and that”s saying something. Very much enjoyed this game. Has a pretty perfect level of difficulty in my opinion too. Really was special when we finally got all the bonus coins and DK coins.

Nintendo would once again win over some of my money for this game if they”d bring it to the US. Probably will be out by next Summer at least.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

This game absolutely deserves a 10/10, one of the best platformers ever created. I still go back to this game all the time to play it because it”s so dang fun.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

I”m just going to say it, this is the best platformer on the SNES without a doubt in my mind. Yes, I think it”s better then Super Mario World, Yoshi”s Island, the SNES Kirby games, and Donkey Kong Country.

This is just an awesome and perfect game.

Action51 No, I never thought the Galaxy games were really that special. To be honest, I thought they were overrated. Do I think Mario 64 is better then the Galaxy games? Yes I do.

Mario 64″s courses were like little virtual playgrounds with tons of stuff to explore and discover, with the ability to tackle the stars in any order that you wanted.

I don”t know what it is, but I could never get into the Galaxy games. I played both of them, and they bored me. I could never get into the courses and the powerups just did feel that fun to use.

Quite frankly, I think 64, Sunshine, 3D Land, and 3D World are all better then the Galaxy games in my opinion. They were more fun and enjoyable to play through for me. 64 had that magical playground feel with its levels, Sunshine had Fludd, and 3D Land and World managed to capture the fun of both 2D and 3D Mario games.

It”s not really nostalgia for me, since I enjoyed 3D Land and 3D World and I love the newer 2D Mario games(especially NSMBU)

Its just that I never could get into the Galaxy games. I can”t quite put my finger on it, I just never enjoyed them.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

If this game isn”t a clear cut 10/10 then I don”t know what is!!!!

Thu 30th Oct 2014

lol, people look so offended that the game didn”t get a 10/10.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

ikki5 Not so much offended… more like surprised. Both because it definitely deserves and because the review reads like a clear 10/10.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

To be honest, I”m surprised this game was re-released. I have no idea why the DKC titles were removed from the Wii Shop Channel at this point. I figured it had something to do with Rare now being property of Microsoft, but then this occurs, and I literally have no clue. Either way, the DKC trilogy is still property of Nintendo. Oh well, this game is a classic, and it”s nice that the new generation can experience it now.

DerpSandwichBrilliant, isn”t it!

Anyway, I always considered the DKC series to constantly evolve, and I still believe, therefore, that DKC 3 is the best one. I find the second very gloomy — maybe that”s it. Granted, it has some amazing music, but so do the others in the series.

Dezsi Oh my gosh! I was only saying my mind was blown that it wasn”t the way I”ve been saying it, but I only just now got the pun! XD

Thu 30th Oct 2014

I know a 9 is a good score, but c”mon. NINETEEN YEARS after it was released, this game still ranks as a Top 10 game of all time for a LOT of gamers (top 5 for me). If that doesn”t warrant a 10/10 I don”t know what does.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

Better question is why is everyone so worried about one review score.

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I probably wouldn”t give it a 10 because I never played it back in the day, and quite frankly the DKC games look ugly to me anyway

Thu 30th Oct 2014

This game is the zingers knees.I”ve played this game so much and even still like to pop it in my snes from time to time.

AlexOlney I must agree with everyone else on the part that you”re score and the content of the review don”t match. You give absolutely no arguments as to why you dropped a point from the score!

The only negative points in the review: “Expresso . . . has been sadly omitted from this entry.””On the whole not quite as well hidden as in the first instalment.”

Some might say that “No game is perfect”, but that is an invalid argument, as it gets too philosophical and vague.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

9 on 10?! This game deserves and 11 on 10!

Oh and, according to GAF Detectives, this is the PAL version at 50Hz.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

I just noticed something. Do you reviewers get sent a free VC download for a review by Nintendo now?

Action51 yeah the nostalgia goggles argument is as musch an opinionated farse as any other. Mostvof these games I didnt play until my 20″s and I still agree with this review. New games can be good butbjust because they dont pass someone elses top 10 book doesnt automatically don nostalgia goggles. I for one hate mario galaxy… sorry

Action51 I fully agree. Mario 64 is really not all that fun in my opinion, and this is not as good as Tropical Freeze, but it”s still good.

Actually, I”m just gonna say it…Super Mario 64 is borderline unplayable for me.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

Can I skip uni today and play this on my Wii U? My first and possibly one of my favourite video games EVER!!!

Thu 30th Oct 2014

Why have afraid to give a 10 to a Nintendo game? A lot of Masterpieces, Always a Nine.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

Best in the series for me, including Returns and Tropical Freeze. I wont be buying it though because of Nintendos online “Account” “System” and the 50HZ disappointment. An emulator provides a better experience.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

It doesn”t have “Zelda” or “Mario” in the title so it doesn”t get a 10. NL never gives anything a 10 these days unless it”s from one of those two series.

This game succeeds at everything it sets out to do. One of the best of the 16-bit era. Full stop.

Action51 Thanks for the good laugh. The first Mario Galaxy doesn”t even hold a candle to Mario Sunshine or the second Galaxy, so how would it be better than Super Mario 64? And that doesn”t have to do anything with nostalgia goggles or whatever (since I prefer Galaxy 2 A LOT over the first one). I feel it”s childish whenever anybody dismisses praise for older games merely by saying “oh, you”re all just being nostalgic. Luckily, I am able to remain objectively here. Why can”t anybody else?”

whodatninja From experience, it still plays fine (I”ve heard people talk about control lag due to the Wii U”s inability to output 50hz but I honestly haven”t had that happen to me), but there IS a definite slight visual stutter….kind of reminds me of playing games on a SNES emulator with not quite the right settings. It”s still a great game in terms of music, level design and playability but there”s absolutely no reason that they should have fobbed us off with the 50hz version because it just slightly ruins what is an otherwise perfect 2D platformer. Shame.

Action51 “For the record:

Super Mario Galaxy is better then Mario 64″Yes “Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is better then DKC:2”No.

Fri 31st Oct 2014

If ever a video game deserved a 10, this would be that game.

I almost feel as if the reviewers on this site are reluctant to hand out a 10 in recent days out of fear that users might accuse them of being a fanboy.

It”s not your fault there”s so many great games on Nintendo platforms. When a game”s a 10, it”s a 10. Don”t be ashamed to shout it from the rooftops.


I love DKC 2. I grew up on the game. It”s my most beloved retro classic of all time, of ALL time.

But I still think Tropical Freeze is better. Tropical Freeze is just as glorious a game, but with the added benefit of HD visuals, refined mechanics, longer and more difficult stages, precision stage layouts for time trial runs, breathtaking scenery and environments, and even better music than the original trilogy, and that”s really saying something.

Now, that”s not to say I think any less of this game. I just think that games naturally benefit from the advancement of technology, so it was never really a fair fight.

But, all that matters to me is that you enjoy both games, because, at least in my opinion, they are both perfect games, timeless in all respects. Which one you think is better just comes down to your preference, but there is no denying that they are both absolutely terrific games…

Fri 31st Oct 2014

lol Everyone says 10/10. I agree. This is my favorite SNES game. Donkey Kong Land 2 is my favorite Game Boy game. In fact, I love Donkey Kong Country 2 more than any other SNES, NES, Game Boy, or Game Boy Color game.

10/10 It is a must have!

Fri 31st Oct 2014

DKC2 is definitely the best of the trilogy.

It made finding the secrets important with the bonus and DK coins which was a step up from DKC. DKC3 took a step back with the DK coins as the puzzles with the Koin Kremlin slowed the pace of the game and weren”t always fun.Diddly and Dixie complimented each other best of the three pairings. The introduction of team moves was great over what had been done in DKC and the Kiddy Dixie combo was unbalanced – Dixie carrying Kiddy was again slow and affecte the pace.DKC2 took the familiar baddies from the first game and gave them a piratey twist which was fun. This gave them the factor that people like the familiar, but kept them fresh. DKC3 brought in an almost entirely new cast of baddies which were similar, but not as good IMO. Who wants a Buzz? The Zingers had more personality.The new moves for rambi etc were fun and made sense. It was like when Sonic gained the spin dash – it was like they should have always had these. Also now Squarks was a controllable character which was a much better use than the first game. DKC3 replaced Rambi with the similar, but less fun Ellie – again more puzzle based than action orientated. Shame Expresso never came back, but Squarks was a better flyer.The map on DKC3 wasn”t fun to play – didn”t need to be that style. Also Banana birds and bear coins were a sign of Rare”s start of too many collectables in their games.

Fri 31st Oct 2014

I”m torn… Do I like this better or Tropical Freeze?! I love them both, although I had a different experience with both. I played through TF by myself, but I played through DKC2 with my bro, and while he did most of the playing, I still loved it and made some nice memories at the same time. I guess they both tie in my book. Both offer amazing gameplay, music, presentation. They both deserve a 10/10 in my book, especially considering Returns is the only DKC game that got a 10 on this website, and we all know TF and DKC2 are better than Returns.

Fri 31st Oct 2014

Superb platformer showing Rare were a fantastic developer even before their string of N64 hits. Losing their ability to produce games like this is still a big miss to the industry.

Fri 31st Oct 2014

I don”t agree with this score. This masterpiece deserves 10/10 and is considered by most the best episode of amazing Donkey Kong Country series (including the episodes for Wii and Wii U).

Fri 31st Oct 2014

Delete the 9, don”t be afraid, we”ll keep it a secret. Put that 10 there. You know it deserves it.

JaxonH Oh, I agree absolutely. They”re both excellent games and I loved playing through Tropical Freeze earlier this year and plan to revisit it soon. It just boils down to personal preference….I like the setting, themes and stage designs more in Donkey Kong Country 2, that”s all there is to it It has a kind of “dark and gloomy” vibe that I really like whereas Tropical Freeze is that bit more cheerful. The difficulty feels just right as opposed to Tropical Freeze which to me felt a little too hard at times, verging on being cheap.

I”d still highly recommend both games (as well all DKC, DKC3 and DK64) to anybody though.

Fri 31st Oct 2014

I didn”t have this game when I was a child. SInce I didn”t have a Super Nintendo I played this at my cousins place. I could only clear like the first level, haha. When I was 16 I borrowed my friends copy of DKC2 for GBA. I started to appreciate more by playing the levels several times. This was a time when I was more of a Mario fan and there was only one New Super Mario Bros game.

Later that year I got a Wii and bought DKC2 from the Wii Shop. This was clearly a superior version. Now I”m at the point where I consider this to be one of the top5 games ever (along with something like Super Mario World, Super Smash Bros Melee, F-Zero GX and a Zelda title, it”s too hard to choose just one Zelda).

The first one had rather traditional level themes. Here, they”re just super epic, like from a Hollywood movie. I like the darker style, really makes the adventure more memorable. Controls are just about perfect, and this time both characters are light and fast. Soundtrack is fully made by David Wise and this is the best OST of the trilogy (I might consider TF”s even better, it”s so diverse). Secrets are better hidden and doesn”t involve leaps of faith like in DKC1. The game also has the best set of animal buddies. Rattly has better mechanics than Winky (both characters move by jumping but only Rattly can jump while he”s in the air). This game also introduced the best animal buddy, Squitter. You can make your own platforms in the air by shooting web, he”s the Spiderman of DKC, how awesome is that! I always wondered why Retro Studios used only Rambi in both of their DKC games. Animal Buddies made the game more diverse.10/10

Sun 2nd Nov 2014

Great visuals and gameplay – beats the original, even. But, the music, man. DK2 features some of the best music I”ve ever heard from the SNES game outside of those made by Square or Enix. Some tunes are on par, and in some cases, even better than what you might hear on Chrono Trigger or FF3 (SNES). Dreamy, haunting, ambient. It”s “rare” that a game of such high visual quality can do just as much with its music (pun possibly intended)!

Sun 2nd Nov 2014

I never did get around to really enjoying this game unfortunately. I was always either too busy or was focused on something else at the time. Maybe I”ll give it another go when I”m not so swamped with games. That being said, 200 percenting Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze recently kept my attention all the way through. Once I can upgrade DKC2 to the Wii U version I”ll probably give it another go.

ToxieDogg Thank you. Since this is probably the best we”re gonna get, i”ll get it at a discount. For now i”ll settle with DKC1 and 3

Sun 9th Nov 2014

Haha, I love this comment section.

This is how the Conclusion reads to me:

TenDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong-Quest ten to ten what ten would ten at the ten ten ten; it ten the ten for Ten Ten Ten, ten out the ten ten and ten ten to ten it ten. Diddy’s Kong Quest is about as close to a perfect game as the SNES got, and every single aspect of it feels like it belongs, ten ten ten ten in the ten, and nothing feels like it’s missing, ten ten ten Ten ten ten ten ten ten the ten ten. Ten ten ten ten a ten ten ten, this is an absolute must-buy and should frankly already be on your Wii U console.

mystman12 Maybe 9 out of 10 because Donkey isn”t in the game? Idk I”m just spit balling here. This should have been called Diddy Kong Country. Very awesome game though. I still have it for my SNES. I may have to beat it yet again.

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Thu 26th Feb 2015

YES!!! Donkey Kong Country 2 was my FAVORITE IN THE SERIES!!!! The gameplay, music, story…EVERYTHING WAS JUST SO AWESOME!!!!!!! LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! I can”t wait to download and replay it again! Weekend come faster!!!! XD

Mon 21st Mar 2016

Comparing this game to the rest of 2D platform games, this truly deserves the maximum score: 10/10.

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