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Financial transparency: local authority maintained schools and academy trusts

The Government is introducing new measures to increase the financial transparency of state-funded schools. These changes affect those in the local authority maintained sector, rather than academies.

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Great teachers: attracting, training and retaining the best

The House of Commons Education Select Committee published its Ninth report in the 2010-12 session, Great teachers: attracting, training and retaining the best on 3 May 2012. This was the final report of the Committee’s inquiry launched on 15 July 2011, into the quality of teachers and their recruitment, training and retention. The introduction to…

Raising the Participation Age: Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities

• From Summer 2013, all young people up until the end of the academic year in which they turn 17 will be required to participate in education or training. From 2015, this requirement will apply until their 18th birthday. • This raising of the participation age (RPA) places new responsibilities on local authorities, including two…

The Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy

Scottish Government has a Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy as part of their plans to tackle human trafficking in Scotland, It sets out responsibilities for local authorities to recognise and report individual cases of trafficking and to build on the support that local authorities give to unaccompanied children.

Local government and Covid-19: exit strategies – the timing, the issues

How and when to reduce lockdown restrictions is a pressing issue: what should decide whether a country’s lockdown should be relaxed, and when and how, and who should be making the decisions. There is no blueprint – each country has different criteria and political and social context.

Implementing a Workplace Parking Levy: Insights and Reflections on Nottingham’s Experience

In 2011, Nottingham City Council became the first, and so far only, local authority to use the powers included in the Transport Act 2000 to introduce a Workplace Parking Levy. This briefing discusses its merits and also how it could be better implemented with the benefit of hindsight.

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Service Transformation Challenge Panel

This briefing summarises and comments on two publications: a report on service transformation published by the Service Transformation Challenge Panel in November 2014, and the Government’s response to it published in March 2015.

Cities, Growth and Poverty: a Review of the Evidence

In this report published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, there is a review of the evidence on the links between growth and poverty in UK cities. There is also a review of the strategies and initiatives promoted by city councils to support both economic growth and poverty reduction. There is a strong link between employment…

DfE White Paper: Educational Excellence Everywhere

The DfE has published a White Paper setting out its future strategy for developing the school system; there re major implications for the local authority”s role in the school system. This CSN Briefing is an initial look at the White Paper.

Levelling-up our communities – Kruger report

The Government is committed to levelling-up Britain’s left behind communities. The Prime Minister asked backbench Conservative MP Danny Kruger in June 2020 for proposals to sustain the levels of community spirit seen during the Covid-19 lockdown and this briefing is on his report ‘Levelling up our communities: proposals for a new social covenant’ (September 2020).

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