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Transforming school communication with digital technology

The Improvement Service blogs about how their latest digital transformation is helping communication with parents and helping schools and councils focus resources. 

The commercial determinants of health: how corporate decisions shape local health outcomes, and what councils can do about it

The relationships between companies selling unhealthy products and population health are known as the ‘commercial determinants of health’. We consider here strategies local government can adopt to tackle commercial determinants to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities.

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Cavan Day: Creating a ‘blue wave’ in stormy weather

This briefing looks at how Cavan County Council organised an online ‘Cavan Day’ which united the global Cavan family and laid the foundation for a more interconnected Diaspora. We explore both the local and wider policy contexts and some of the challenges of planning in a pandemic.

Oireachtas Review: February 2021

The Government found itself beset by problems relating to Brexit and vaccine roll-out in February which were not of its own making. This briefing provides an overview of Oireachtas affairs during February, including details on the Land Development Agency Bill and new Covid legislation.

Swift Read: Scottish Government Consolidated Accounts 2019-20 – setting the scene for council finances in 2021-22

This swift read summaries the Auditor General’s recent audit of the Scottish Government’s 2019-20 consolidated accounts and looks at what the accounts and recent announcements in England may signal about the Scottish local government finance settlement due later this month.

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Health profile for England: 2018

The second annual report from Public Health England combines data and knowledge with information from other sources to give a broad picture of the health of people in England in 2018. This briefing aims to inform Scottish readers of the issues south of the border.

DfE Consultation – Schools national funding formula

The Government has had a long-standing commitment to reform the school funding system to make it fairer. This CSN Briefing is on the latest consultation document (closing 17 April 2016) on the reform proposals and the implications for removing local government from the running of schools

Health profile for England: 2018

Health is about more than the NHS. The annual health profile from PHE illustrates emerging trends in public health, provides forecasts for key indicators and data, including on health inequalities, morbidity rates, children’s health and the effects of an ageing population

Experiences of Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans

A year after the new arrangements for specifying the provision needed for children with significant Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), the DfE commissioned research on the perceptions of parents and children of the new Education, Health and Care Plans. This briefing is on the results of the research.

The UK Housing White Paper – Fixing their broken housing market?

Ireland, of course, is not alone in having major issues in regard to the provision of fit for purpose housing. Right across the OECD local governments and their national counterparts are facing various forms of housing issues and none more so than our near neighbours in the UK.

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