Dragon Ball Super: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Universe 1 Universe 1 doesn"t get much spotlight, but there"s plenty khổng lồ learn about it.

The scale of the Dragon Ball universe was already vast before the world of Dragon Ball Super opened our eyes khổng lồ the cosmos. The Z Warriors had already traveled through space và the afterlife lớn showcase everything they thought was there. But as Dragon Ball has shown time & time again, Earth is a very, very small part of everything.

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Dragon Ball Super wasted no time in expanding the area that we know from one universe lớn 12 & making several of the universes fight. Unfortunately, not every universe took part in the Tournament of Power nguồn, including the universe highlighted today—Universe 1.

There"s a very good reason why Universe 1 did not participate in the Tournament of nguồn, and it"s because of their Mortal Level. The Mortal Level is calculated through such things as the number of planets with advanced civilizations, mortal kindness, strength, và how the Kais & God of Destruction manage the universe, etc.

Universe 1 was one of the four universes that were exempt from the Tournament of Power nguồn because their average Mortal Level exceeded a 7. And thanks khổng lồ Toei, we know that Universe 1 has the highest Mortal Score of the 12 universes. Rather embarrassingly, Universe 7 (our universe) is second khổng lồ last, posting a score of 3.18. Great job, Beerus and Shin.

Universe 1"s version of Beerus is Iwne The Destroyer, & much like every God of Destruction, his name is a pun/joke surrounding alcohol (Wine). Iwne is portrayed as a small being covered in blachồng hair with pointy ears—on the Toei trang web, it warns to not be fooled by Iwne"s appearance as they possess incredibly strong emotions.

Iwne is also one of the few Gods of Destruction we get lớn see fight in the anime. In Episode 86, Iwne faces off against Liquiir of Universe 8 and Araông xã of Universe 5. They fight khổng lồ a draw, but not before we see two of Iwne"s attacks: a five-diamond ki blast & a large, xanh wave.

In the manga, there is a much larger fight than the one between the three gods in the anime. The manga holds another version of the Zeno Expo as a pre-tournament fight where all the Gods of Destruction battle one another. And...well, things don"t go well for Iwne.

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While this match is not definitive sầu in terms of the strongest God of Destruction, Iwne doesn"t exactly appear lớn be near the top. During the fight, Iwne never lays a hand on anyone, but three Gods manage lớn get the drop on Iwne. Universe 11"s Belmod, Universe 10"s Rumsshi, và Universe 4"s Quitela all get a good shot in on Iwne with Quitela ultimately defeating hlặng.

Every universe, much like every company, has a logo or a symbol that represents them. For Universe 1, that symbol appears to lớn be an owl. This owl symbol might potentially open up some new information about the universe.

Owls are typically seen to lớn be old and wise. Universe 1 received the distinction as "1" somehow—it could potentially mean they were the very first universe, aka, the oldest one. And considering they are ranked first in Mortal Score; it would st& to reason that Universe 1 is seen as wise.

Much lượt thích Universe 1"s Whis, the Angel for Universe 1 is Awamo. The Angel Awamo is shorter and stockier than the other Angels depicted in the show và is adorned in pink. And much lượt thích the other Angels in the show, Awamo"s name is a pun/joke surrounding alcohol (Awamori, a Japanese distilled liquor chất lượng khổng lồ Okinawa made using long grain wild rice).

It is also likely that given the nature of the Angel/God of Destruction relationship that Awamo is Iwne"s martial arts teacher. This in its nature means that Awamo is likely the strongest being in all of Universe 1.

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5 Iwne"s Design

Iwne is somewhat special in the Dragon Ball universe. No, it"s not just because he"s a God of Destruction, but because he was designed by Akira Toriyama"s named successor, Toyotarō. But Iwne is not the only God of Destruction Toyotarō has lent his talents toward designing.

Toyotarō is also behind the designs of Liquiir, Rumsshi, Geene, Arack, and Mule (the operator of the robot, Mosco), & helped Toriyama with the designs of Belgian lận and Heles. And considering the Dragon Ball Super manga is still ongoing, Iwne may not be the last character Toyotarō designs.

In case you didn"t rethành viên, every universe has a twin. For Universe 7 (our universe), its twin is Universe 6. An easy way to lớn calculate it is lớn find the two numbers that add khổng lồ 13. For Universe 1, this means that Universe 12 is its twin.

It should also not be too surprising that Universe 12 was also exempt from the Tournament of Power. The same can also be said for the other two universes that were not required to lớn compete, Universe 5 và Universe 8. It seems that if you have sầu a good Mortal Level, the same can be said of your twin.

3 Supreme Kai Anato

Much lượt thích Universe 1"s Supreme Kai, Shin, Universe 1"s Supreme Kai is Anato lớn. Supreme Kai Anato appears to be a rather cold và exacting deity. Once Universe 9 is eliminated from the Tournament of Power, he sees it as a necessary sacrifice in order lớn maintain the balance between the other universes for after the tournament ends.

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Additionally, much like Piccolo and Kangươi on Earth, Anakhổng lồ & Iwne are life linked. This means if one of them dies, the other will die as well. This is a common bond between all Gods of Destruction và Supreme Kais.

Before the Tournament of Power, we have the "Future Trunks Saga" which paints a very bleak future for the cosmos at large. This is a timeline where Future Trunks returns trang chính khổng lồ a world that is being terrorized and destroyed by Goku Blaông chồng.

To make a very long story short, the Super Dragon Balls are used by a being called Future Zumasu (the former Supreme Kai of Universe 10) lớn wish for immortality. Once that is done, Goku flies off and kills every universe"s Supreme Kai, also killing the God of Destruction due to the life link. This means Universe 1 was completely destroyed in this timeline.

1 Iwne In Video Games

To this point, Iwne has only appeared in one Clip game, Dragon Ball Heroes, but it is thanks to lớn this that we learn his secret ability/attaông chồng. You see, in the manga, Iwne never gets an attack off during the Gods of Destruction fight, & in the anime, he manages lớn get off a few punches, ki blasts, và waves, but we never see his special ability.

However, in Dragon Ball Heroes, we learn that ability is called "God of Destruction"s Mercy", a large shining ki blast that explodes upon hitting his enemy.

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