Dragon Ball Super: How Each Member Of Universe 6's Tournament Of nguồn Team Lost Which characters were on Universe 6"s Tournament of nguồn team in Dragon Ball Super? Here"s every fighter, và how they lost, in order.

Dragon Ball Super Goku and Team Universe 6
What characters were on Universe 6"s Tournament of Power nguồn team in Dragon Ball Super, & how did they lose? The Tournament of Power, Dragon Ball Super"s longest arc and easily the most inclusive sầu story in the entire Dragon Ball franchise, featured 80 warriors battling it out in a 48 minute tournament that lasted over 30 episodes.

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Thanks to lớn Goku & his enthusiasm for fighting, a tournament was arranged between eight different universes that would pit the ten best fighters from each world against each other for an allotted time. The prize for winning the tournament was the Super Dragon Balls. As for the losing teams, their entire universes were erased from existence. But thankfully, at the over of the day Android 17 from Goku"s Universe 7 team outlasted everyone else & wished bachồng all the erased universes with the Super Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball Super Goku and Team Universe 6
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One of the universes who competed in the tournament was Universe 6, whose God of Destruction is Beerus" brother, Champa. Universe 6 was actually the first alternate world explored by Dragon Ball Super. Long before the clash with Zamasu from Universe 10 và the Zeno Expo with Universe 9, Goku & his friends had khổng lồ battle it in a series of one-on-one matches with a selection of five warriors from Universe 6. Universe 7 won that competition, but each member of the Universe 6 team was reassembled for the Tournament of Power nguồn, along with five additional warriors. Here"s who fought on Champa"s team & how they lost (in order).

Botamo Dragon Ball Super
Botamo, who was the first Universe 6 fighter eliminated in their first match-up with Universe 7, was also the first one to lớn go down in the Tournament of Power. Though he worked out a clever team-up tactic with Auto-Magetta khổng lồ fight Vegeta earlier in the tournament, Botamo was unable khổng lồ defeat Ultimate Gohan, who pummeled hyên with his fists. Botamo"s signature power, which is his ability khổng lồ resist most physical attacks with his rubber-lượt thích toàn thân, makes hyên ổn nearly unmovable, but his dependence on this ability unfortunately made him overconfident. Gohan was able to wear hlặng down and blast hyên ổn off the ring with a Kamehemeha.

Of all the fighters on the Universe 7 team, Dr. Rota is the ones that fans know the least about, & the reason for that is actually rather than humorous. In three separate instances, the warthog-lượt thích creature teased his abilities, but before he could reveal them, he was abruptly attacked each time. The third time he tried to reveal them, Vegeta said, "notoàn thân cares!" và hit Dr. Rota - along with Universe 2"s Prum - with a powerful blast, eliminating them both in one fell swoop.

Auta Magetta

Magetta Dragon Ball Super
Another returning fighter from the Universe 6 Saga is the robotic Auta Magetta, whose sensitivity lớn insults is his biggest weakness. Champa"s team tried to accommodate for that in the Tournament of Power, but their attempts to shield Auta Magetta from Vegeta"s insults didn"t work for long. In a battle that involved Vegeta and Master Roshi facing against Frost và Magetta, Vegeta was able to upphối Magetta and swiftly eliminate him from the tournament.

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Frost, Frieza"s Universe 6 counterpart, used a sneak attachồng khổng lồ eliminate a distracted Krillin, và easily overpowered Master Roshi. Frost also made a secret alliance with Frieza, who claimed that he was willing to betray his own team. Frieza battled Gohan, but his betrayal was revealed lớn be a deception. After turning on Frost, Frieza knocked hlặng out of the ring. Angered by what had happened, Frost tried to lớn retaliate from the bleachers, but for breaking the tournament"s rules, Frost was immediately erased from existence.


Hit was the most powerful warrior representing Universe 6 in their first encounter with Universe 7, but he didn"t as fare as well in the Tournament of nguồn. Though he came cthua trận khổng lồ losing, he won a heated battle with Universe 11"s Dyspo, who was actually fast enough khổng lồ outmaneuver Hit"s Time Skip ability. However, though Hit was able khổng lồ fight on par with Dypso, he struggled tremendously with Jiren. While Hit was able bởi surprising well against Universe 11"s strongest fighter, it wasn"t enough. After Hit was eliminated, Champage authority expressed a rare moment of respect by telling Hit that he fought well.

Cabba, one of Universe 6"s three Super Saiyans and a character who regards Vegeta as his master, lasted a while in the Tournament of Power, & even outlasted the physically superior Hit. Cabbố was engaged in an intense fight with Universe 4"s Monna, whom he struggled to beat on his own. After an assist from Vegeta, Cabtía was able to reach Super Saiyan 2 for the first time và defeat Monmãng cầu. As a Super Saiyan 2, Cabba was forced to go up against Frieza, who took Cabcha out easily after resorting khổng lồ his golden form.

Kefla (Caulifla và Kale)

Two of Universe 6"s greakiểm tra assets were Caulifla, Dragon Ball"s first female Super Saiyan, and Kale, who is the female counterpart khổng lồ the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly. Caulifla and Kale, who made an excellent team-up throughout the tournament, shattered their limits several times and were involved in a number of grueling battles. Their main opponent, though, was Goku. After Goku was left drained by his fight with Jiren, the two were able to lớn pose a significant challenge to Goku. After using Champa"s trump thẻ, the Potara Earrings, they fused khổng lồ become Kefla. As Kefla, the two female Saiyans outclassed Goku at his current cấp độ of strength. It took his incomplete Ultra Instinct size to lớn gain a victory over Kefla with a Kamehemeha.

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Kefla was Universe 6"s best chance of winning the tournament, but after she fell to lớn Goku, all their hopes rest on the two Namekians, Saonel và Pirimãng cầu, who acquired their immense power from fusing with every thành viên of their race. All of Universe 6"s Namekians were willing to sacrifice their autonomy khổng lồ save sầu their world. All that power being pushed into lớn two singular beings made it possible for Saonel and Pirina lớn go toe-to-toe with Piccolo & Gohan for several episodes. Piccolo và Gohan struggled until they agreed to lớn have sầu Gohan fight both of them, while Piccolo charged up his most effective sầu technique, the Special Beam Cannon. Through this strategy, Gohan and Piccolo were able to lớn eliminate Saonel and Pirimãng cầu at once. With their defeat, Universe 6 was erased. Fortunately though, they were all brought baông chồng in the final episode thanks to lớn Android 17"s wish.

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