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a game by Midway, Williams, & GT Interactive
Genre: Fighting Games
Platforms: PC,
Nintendo 64, Playstation
Editor Rating: 8.1/10, based on 10 Đánh Giá, 14 nhận xét are shown
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 31 votes
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The Mortal Kombat series has become somewhat of a leg-end-a fighting game that unlike Street Fighter II, Virtua Fighter or Tekken, originated in the U.S. When Midway released the first game, it gained notoriety from game players for its digitized graphics & cool special moves, but gained a reputation as being one of the most violent video clip games ever created.

What Mortal Kombat Trilogy brings lớn the series is a combination of all three games rolled inkhổng lồ one. Characters from the past come baông xã lớn the arena for one more battle. The game is much like Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 in many ways. The game engine is basically the same, many of the moves are similar, if not exactly the same và the control configuration is the same. This game can best be described as Mortal Kombat 3 một nửa.

The story combines all three plot lines of the series inlớn one. It explains how Liu Kang became victorious over Goro during the first tournament. Little did our combatants know that they were about khổng lồ be lured inlớn the Outworld to lớn compete in yet another tournament. But the second tournament was only a diversion-a way for Shao Kahn to lớn reincarnate his queen và step from the Outworld to lớn the Earth. Now firmly in his grasp, the third tournament begins lớn determine Earth"s fate. This is the Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

The Nintenvì chưng 64 version of the game brings MK trang chính like never before. The graphics are crisp và clear, a carbon copy of the UMK3 arcade graphics. It"s astonishing to lớn see the entire MKcast on one system, in one cartridge. All of the arcade backgrounds from ail three games are also included in the package, faithfully reproduced in their digitized glory. Plus, unlike the PlayStation version of the game or any of the MKs on CD systems, this one lies no loading time at all. Add in the Aggressor Mode which makes your attacks more deadly!



MKfans will no doubt appreciate the attention to detail that Williams look with the game, The sound is also good, considering that it"s a cartridge game. The music and sound effects are taken right out of the coin-op.

Playable characters include Noob Saibot, Baraka, Rain (playable for the first time), the old style Sub-Zero. Smoke, Rayden, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Cyrax, Sektor, Reptile.

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Scorpion, Jox. Liu Kang. Jade, Sheeva, Sindel, Kuncj Lao, Ermac, Smoke. Kabal. Milcena, Kitana. Kano, Shang Tseng. Niyluwolf và Stryker. That"s not all, either. In true Mortal Kombat style, the game has hidden characters which may or may not he playable through a special code.

There are two Bosses: Motaro and Sbno Kahn, who would bởi vì anything to destroy all of the game"s warriors.

One would liên kết that the Nintenvì chưng 64 control pad wouldn"t be ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for a game such as this. Skeptics will find, however, that the game is easy to lớn control with either the Super NES configuration (holding onlớn the two outside grips), or using the analog stiông chồng The game"s control is very tight, with each move being pulled off with ease, just lượt thích in the coin-ops.

game Play is straightforward, with four different kombat tracks: Novice, Warrior, Master and Champion. In addition, there are five sầu difficulty levels, from Very Easy to Veiy Hard and everything in between.

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You can also choose to leave on or turn oft kombos, blood và the game"s timer.

What Mortal Kombat Trilogy adds up lớn is pure gory action, with the same gameplay and graphics that gamers have sầu come lớn expect the series, For the người chơi who can"t get enough MK. Trilogy is a definite must-have!


All of the features from the arcade are back, like Random Character Select, but Trilogy adds a few more lớn the phối. Included are two-on-two. three-on-three and eight-player kombat tournaments. Turning on the Aukhổng lồ Kombo feature gives your character added punch. When you hit a character with a kiông xã or a punch, the computer automatically turns it into a kombo for you. using punches và kicks or the appropriate special move sầu. This is a perfect option for players who are newer to the fighting game genre và up against a seasoned MK veteran. To give the experienced player even more of a handicap, kombos can be turned off. leaving just regular attacks open, it"s a lot harder without kombos!

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