Who else feels the end-game fight against Shang Tsung should have been in his Throne Room? #MKP pic.twitter.com/J2QwPp4k3V

— Paul Eicher Jr. (

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zpaul2fresh8) May 30, 2020


May 9th, 2020


Current works on rev-conf.org:

Mortal Kombat II+Lachạy thử Release: Public Beta 2 (Dec 2018)

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3+Lakiểm tra Release: Public Beta (Sept 2019)

Mortal Kombat+Currently Under Development!


MORTAL KOMBAT +A look into the upcoming changes for the original game that started it all!

(New Game Modes)

(Playable Secret Fighter(s))

(Improved Tower option)

trò chơi Play Style (Original, Turbo...)

Randomizer (Random ladder, fighter select layout...)

Shang Tsung Fight (Now occurs in Throne Room...)

Extra Moves (Most fighters received a new move)

Improved Mechanics (Cross-overs, aerial moves...)

There are hundreds of changes so I can"t danh sách them all here! Stay tuned for a master change log as release gets closer...



September 15th 2019

UMK3+ Will be releasing tonight for kontributors/backers! If you"ve sầu signed up on the trang web then you"re already phối to lớn have a special download for you when the time comes! So be sure your e-mail you used for registration is the same you used when you kontributed!

Updated: The changelog for UMK3+ is being formatted as we speak (it"s large) và can be found here: https://rev-conf.org/games/ultimate-mk3

August 28th 2019

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3+(beta 1) will be available soon for kontributors. If you"re a kontributor make sure your gmail address is up-to-date so you will receive sầu the notice when it"s available!

June 2nd 2019

Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/a5xAyEy và let"s collaborate on the next idea for MK+!


April 8th 2019

Team Plus had a great weekkết thúc at the 2019 Cincinnati Kombat Klassic! It was a great turn out và the competition was outstanding!




March 27th 2019

Work has finally been rolling nicely on the next release from the Plus Team, it will be the first beta of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3! Plenty of fixes, additions and new features will be koming your way with this great game! Chechồng out the YouTube channel to lớn watch live sầu streams of the work!

Latest Work In Progress Stream


December 20th 2018

A slight delay on the beta 2 release due lớn a last minute 2v2 bug that needs fixed. Shouldn"t take long, maybe a day or two khổng lồ fix it and another for proper testing. My apologies khổng lồ all those eagerly waiting lớn play it. Hang it there, we"re so close!

November 10th 2018

Slowly adding more kontent to this website, the "Overview" section will continue khổng lồ grow until I get it finished. Updates are rolling along at a steady pace, a minor but long standing bug in MK2 has been addressed this morning.

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This is the alternate palette not being utilized when Scorpion performs his teleport move sầu. As you can see below that is now fixed.


November 1st 2018

Public Beta #2 status: I know everyone"s waiting so patiently for the 2nd beta to lớn drop, but due to lớn a few BIG secret additions a week ago it will be a slight delay. Trust me, you guys will appreciate the extras that I"ve added. I can"t phản hồi on what they are because they"re hidden. So don"t worry, I"m working vigilantly on getting it ready!

In the meantime feel không tính phí to kiểm tra the differences in the original game & my version here Differences in MK2 and MK2+


May 13th 2018

Plans are to lớn release a new beta soon! I"d hate khổng lồ drag out testing, but with the inclusion of some great additions lượt thích 2v2 và more great features it"s a good thing to lớn bởi vì. I just can"t stop adding more to this great game!

December 11th 2017:

When people love what you vì chưng. pic.twitter.com/NIFmQgTc2B

— Paul Eicher Jr. (
zpaul2fresh8) December 12, 2017



September 24th 2017:

Sorry for the delay! As you can see Team Plus was a little busy at KombatKon 2017!

ZPaul2Fresh8, Parallax MKChile, Ryan + Mike (Postmortem)
Kung Lao và the Scorpions at the after party!

The time has come that everyone has been waiting for! Head over khổng lồ the downloads section và get yourself version 2.8 Public Beta!

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