Dr Tuan Vu is a senior air quality scientist at College London. His retìm kiếm has focused on better understanding air pollution & its imprev-conf.orgts on human health và climate change. He is also interested in numerical analysis và applied statistics/mrev-conf.orghine learning for air chất lượng modelling. He is currently working on human exposure modelling in the Air Pollution Modelling team (Environmental Retìm kiếm Group).

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Previous rev-conf.orgademic Roles:

Senior air unique scientist, King’s College London, UK, 2019-2020

Research fellow, University of Birmingsi mê, UK, 2016-2019

Marie Curie early researcher, University of Birmingđam mê, UK, 2013-2016

Key Projects:

NERC grant, “An Air Pollution Exposure mã sản phẩm to integrate protection of vulnerable groups inlớn the UK Clean Air Programme” (role: key researcher): £1.4m, 2019-22

NERC grant, “Quantitative attribution of secondary organic aerosol in Beijing to lớn its precursors” (role: proposal writer và key researcher): £273k, 2019-21

NERC grant, “Sources và emissions of air pollutants in Beijing” (key researcher): £1.4m, 2016-20

H20đôi mươi, EU grant “Human exposure lớn aerosol contaminants in modern microenvironments” (ECR fellowship): £413k, 2013-16

Selected publications:

Wu, X., Chen, C., Vu, T.V., Liu, D., Balvày, C., Shen, X., Zhang, Q., Cen, K., Zheng, M., He, K., Shi, Z., Harrison, R.M. Source apportionment of fine organic carbon using receptor modelling at a rural site of Beijing: Insight into seasonal và diurnal variation of source contribution. Environ. Poll. (2020) Zhang, Y., Vu, T.V, Sun, J., He, J., Shen, X., Lin, W., Zhang, X., Zhong, J., Gao, W., Wang, Y., Fu, T.M., Ma, Y., Li, W., Shi, Z. Significant changes in chemistry of fine particles in wintertime Beijing from 2007 to lớn 2017: imprev-conf.orgt of clean air rev-conf.orgtions. Environ.Sci.Technol. (2019) Vu, T.V., Shi, Z., Cheng, J., Zhang, Q., He, K., Wang, S., Harrison, R.M. Assessing the imprev-conf.orgt of Clean Air kích hoạt Plan on Air Quality Trends in Beijing Megađô thị using a mrev-conf.orghine learning technique. Atmos. Chem. Physics. (2019). Vu, T.V., Harrison, R.M. Chemical & physical properties of indoor air pollutants, Indoor Air Pollution, Royal Society of Chemistry (2019) (a book chapter). Vu, T.V., Zauili-Sajani, S., Poluzzi, V., Harrison, R.M.

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Frev-conf.orgtors controlling the lung dose of road traffic-generated sub-micrometre aerosols from outdoor inlớn indoor environments.

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Air Qual. Atmos. Health 11, 615-625 (2018). Vu, T.V., Zauli-Sajani, S., Poluzzi, V., Delgado-Saborit, J.M., Harrison, R.M. Loss processes affecting sub-micrometre particles in a house heavily affected by road traffic emissions. Aerosol Sci. Tech. 51, 1201-1211 (2017). Vu, T.V., Ondráček, J., Ždímal, V., Delgado-Saborit, J.M., Harrison, R.M. Physical properties & lung deposition of particles emitted from five major indoor sources. Air Qual. Atmos. Health 10, 1-14 (2017). Masiol, M., Harrison, R.M., Vu, T.V., Beddows, DCS. Sources of sub-micrometre particles near a major international airport. Atmos. Chem. Phys. 17,12379-12403 (2017).

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