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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (for Nintendo Switch)Super Mario 3D World + Bo

Not everyone has been pleased with the number of Wii U ports released on the Nintendo Switch. Sure, the Switch’s exponentially larger audience gives these excellent games a much-needed second chance, but hardcore fans who stuck with the beleaguered old console sometimes feel like they’re being asked to double dip, especially when these ports contain little, if any, new content.

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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is the newest Wii U port on Nintendo Switch, and it is also by far the best. Whereas previous ports added a new mode, a new mission, or nothing at all, Bowser’s Fury is a wildly ambitious, new separate side game. It’s a fully different type of 3D platformer compared to the main package. Combine that with an excuse to revisit what’s still an excellent take on Mario-style multiplayer action, and you’ve got an Editors’ Choice-worthy Nintendo Switch game that you shouldn”t miss.

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The Best of Both Mario Worlds

Super Mario 3D World first launched in 2013, making this updated version one of the larger time gaps for a Switch port of a Wii U game. It follows the formula established by Super Mario 3D Land, a 3D Mario platformer that borrows ideas from the franchise”s 2D side, such as a run button, flagpoles, and more linear level design. Instead of being an intimate portable affair, 3D World is a sprawling HD behemoth that also plays great in Switch’s handheld mode.

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The game is chock full of creative and delightful concepts, from its trademark wall-climbing catsuit to the multiplying, double-cherry power-up. At the time, some fans were disappointed to see a 3D Mario game still refuse to return to its more sandbox roots. But now that we have Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario Odyssey, it’s much easier to appreciate 3D World’s approach to polygonal plumber platforming. The 3D World content in Super Mario Maker 2 already had me nostalgic for this game’s vibe, with its clear pipes and bizarre recurring dark carnival motif. Collecting the Sprixie Kingdom”s green stars all over again brought me endless pleasure.

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