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The evil Bowser has kidnapped the princess again! Super Mario World is Super Mario’s first 16-bit adventure. Enjoy the colorful graphics as you navigate through almost 100 levels of the game and try, once again, to save Peach. Run, jump and dodge obstacles. Collect coins and mushrooms and enjoy this classic Super NES adventure.

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Game Review

Super Mario World stands front and center among the Super Nintendo’s star-studded cast of 2D platformers. Electrifying platforming, charming worlds, catchy tunes, and a seemingly endless gauntlet of secrets, it’s easy to see why Super Mario World is revered as an all-time classic. If you haven’t played it, you haven’t properly experienced what a 2D platformer can be. Super Mario World is more than just worth playing: it’s worth sticking through to the end to take down Bowser, it’s worth going back over every level in search of secrets, and it’s worth unlocking and playing every darn part of the game.

All of the essentials for a great 2D platformer are on full display. Colorful levels, catchy music, tight controls, and lots to do and discover. Once you saddle up on Yoshi, Mario embarks on a fun-filled adventure through rolling plains, haunted houses, underwater caverns, and much more. Importantly, these environments are still a blast to explore – even more than twenty years after its release, Super Mario World feels absolutely magical. Nintendo unlocked something incredible here, and the resulting epic is still a cut above most 2D platformers even today.

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Part of the game’s magic stems from its bottomless replayability. With its loads of secrets, Super Mario World is excellent to play over and over again. Plenty of levels hold hidden exits that only reveal themselves to the most prudent explorers. All of the hidden odds and ends make the game immensely rewarding to explore.

The charming beauty and mesmerizing sounds of Super Mario World are worth reiterating. Freed from 8-bit limitations on the NES, the developers behind Mario’s biggest SNES emulator adventure spared nothing when crafting a game world with the SNES’s improved range of color, detail, and sound. The levels are fun to play because of how well they are designed, reaching the perfect balance of enjoyable platforming and exploration, but they’re a treat to experience because of the colors and music. Running through all kinds of different environments paints a picture of a wide, diverse world built by Nintendo, and you’ll find yourself humming its many songs long after setting your controller down.

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Super Mario World is a classic, for good reason. It’s one of the best 2D platformers ever made (before SM64 launch). Loaded to the brim with secrets, charm, and lovely platforming, it is one of the highlights of its generation, genre, and, beyond even that, is one of the most notable titles in all of gaming. If you have not played it, you need to correct that immediately. There are many who believe to this day that the SNES’s crown 2D-platforming jewel is still unparalleled within its genre, though it does have many more classics to knock heads with today than it did when it came out. While Super Mario World is perhaps not as revolutionary today as it was on release, it is still an excellent platformer worth exploring over a playthrough or two today. Gaming was never the same once Super Mario World released, and if you’ve missed out, you’re ignoring a key piece of history for the SNES, for 2D platformers, for Nintendo, and for the entire medium.

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