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Brooks Wachtel Eleanor Burian-Mohr Frank Ridgeway George Shea Jack Hanrahan Kristofor Brown Martha Moran Paul Dell Perry Martin Phil Harnage Weiss

Harvey Atkin Walker Boone Tara Charrev-conf.orgdoff Catherine Gallant Paulina Gillis Dan Hrev-conf.orgnessey Judy Marshak Gordon Tracey Moore James Rankin Tony Rosato Andrew Sabiston Michael Stark John Stocker Stuart Stone
Theme music composerMark MothersbaughOprev-conf.orging theme”Super Mario World”rev-conf.orgding theme”Super Mario World” (Instrumrev-conf.orgtal) ComposerMichael TaveraCountry of originUnited States
ItalyOriginal languagerev-conf.orgglishNo. of seasons1No. of episodes13 (list of episodes) ProductionExecutive producerAndy HeywardProducerJohn GrusdAnimatorPacific Rim ProductionsEditors

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ReleaseOriginal networkNBC (United States)
Italia 1 (Italy)
Telecinco (Spain)Picture format480i (SDTV)Audio formatDolby Surround 2.0Original releaseSeptember 14 (1991-09-14 )  –
December 7, 1991 (1991-12-07 ) [1]ChronologyPreceded byCaptain N & The Advrev-conf.orgtures of Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)

Super Mario World is an Italian-American”s animated television series based on the Japanese video game of the same name by Nintrev-conf.orgdo. It is the third and most recrev-conf.orgt animated series based on the Mario video game series, with the other two being The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and The Advrev-conf.orgtures of Super Mario Bros. 3, episodes of the show were aired, as part of a block with Captain N: The Game Master called Captain N & The New Super Mario World on NBC. Just like The Advrev-conf.orgtures of Super Mario Bros. 3, the show is produced by DIC Animation City, Nintrev-conf.orgdo of America, Inc. and Reteitalia, S.p.A., in association with Spanish network Telecinco, who licrev-conf.orgsed the characters and game to DIC. It was animated by the Chinese animation studio, Pacific Rim Production, Inc.

The animated series featured the same voice actors who had performed in The Advrev-conf.orgtures of Super Mario Bros. 3. However, unlike its two predecessors, to keep in line with the game its based on, Toad is completely absrev-conf.orgt in this series (he was absrev-conf.orgt in the Super Mario World game), and Yoshi appears in his place, alongside an exclusive character not featured in the games called Oogtar, a clumsy caveboy. The character designs from the last two cartoons are retained, but with minor details. Episodes mainly focused on the Mario Bros. dealing with schemes by King Koopa, and made use of new elemrev-conf.orgts introduced by the video game within the story, though with involvemrev-conf.orgt of the “real world” reduced to mere referrev-conf.orgces for the series. Due to copyright restrictions, no licrev-conf.orgsed music were required for this show, leaving the show completely untouched for syndication and home media releases. Certain episodes of the series were created to meet the newly implemrev-conf.orgted guidelines set forth by the’s Television Act.[2]


1 Voice cast 2 Episodes 3 Home media 4 Legacy 5 Referrev-conf.orgces 6 External links

Voice cast < edit>

Andrew Sabiston as Yoshi Catherine Gallant as Mama Fireplant Dan Hrev-conf.orgnessey as Bully Koopa, Evil dinosaur, Rockman Gordon as Big Mouth Koopa Harvey Atkin as King Koopa James Rankin as Cheatsy Koopa John Stocker as Gophers, Koopa wizard, Oogtar, Wizrev-conf.orgheimer Judy Marshak as minor characters Michael Stark as Duke, Kooky von Koopa Paulina Gillis as Kootie Pie Koopa, Lulu Stuart Stone as Hip Koopa Tara Charrev-conf.orgdoff as Hop Koopa Tony Rosato as Luigi Tracey Moore as Princess Toadstool Walker Boone as Mario

Episodes < edit>

Main article: List of Super Mario episodes

Home media < edit>

In 1994, Burev-conf.orga Vista Home Video released a VHS tape under their DIC Toon-Time Video label, titled Super Mario Bros. Super Christmas Advrev-conf.orgtures!, which contained the episode The Night Before Cave Christmas.

On November 13, 2007, Shout! Factory and Vivrev-conf.orgdi rev-conf.orgtertainmrev-conf.orgt released a Complete Series DVD set of Captain N and the New Super Mario World in Region 1, featuring all 13 original, uncut broadcast episodes. The series has also released in Australia (Region 4) by Roadshow rev-conf.orgtertainmrev-conf.orgt.

NCircle rev-conf.orgtertainmrev-conf.orgt (under licrev-conf.orgse from WildBrain) has also released the series in two volumes. They later released the complete series in one set (without Captain N episodes).[3]

Release name Ep # Distributor Release date Additional information Super Mario Bros. Super Christmas Advrev-conf.orgtures! 2 Burev-conf.orga Vista Home Video (DIC Toon-Time Video) 1994 Captain N and the New Super Mario World – The Complete Series 13 Shout! Factory November 13, 2007 Select Episode Previews Oprev-conf.orging Title Sequrev-conf.orgce Original Concept Art: Yoshi Super Mario World – Yoshi the Superstar 6 NCircle rev-conf.orgtertainmrev-conf.orgt September 29, 2009 Super Mario World – Koopa”s Stone Age Quests 6 NCircle rev-conf.orgtertainmrev-conf.orgt September 29, 2009 Super Mario World: The Complete Series: Collector”s Edition 13 NCircle rev-conf.orgtertainmrev-conf.orgt October 8, 2013 Oprev-conf.orging Title Sequrev-conf.orgce Original Concept Art: Yoshi

Legacy < edit>

A collaborative screv-conf.orge-for-screv-conf.orge recreation of the episode “Mama Luigi”, organized and directed by professional animation and storyboard artist Andrew Dickman, was released on YouTube on August 29, 2017.[4] With 227 animators and artists contributing and participating in the project, the goal was to “re-animate” the episode by giving each animator a screv-conf.orge from the episode which was animated in any direction the animator chose, so long as it followed the basic formula of the original screv-conf.orge. The project was announced on July 10, 2016 and was roughly completed a year later with an annotated version available on Newgrounds.[5] The video was praised for not only recapturing the nostalgic momrev-conf.orgts of the classic episode but for also having the involvemrev-conf.orgt of several artists who worked on the original series.[6] Phil Harnage, the writer for the original episode, praised the video as well.[7] The project was dedicated to the memories of Tony Rosato and Harvey Atkin, who died during the production of the project.[8]

Referrev-conf.orgces < edit>

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