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Game Changer! 15 Amazing Things You Had NO Idea You Could Do In Super Mario World The classic Super Nintendo launch title Super Mario World still has secrets super fans don”t know. Dig in to learn its hidden tricks.

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Speaking to fans of the Mario series, Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3 are two of the greatest titles ever released for the franchise. However, the former will always have a special place in my heart. Super Mario World was my first ever game on my first ever home console, the Super Nintendo. Nearly 26 years later, my SNES still works perfectly and for some inexplicable reason, I own four different cartridges of the game: two of the original SNES release, one of the Super Famicom version, and the Game Boy Advance rerelease Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2.

It was the very first game I really ever completely mastered over the course of my childhood. From not being able to defeat Lemmy”s Castle inside the Vanilla Dome, I was able to defeat Bowser repeatedly by the time I was in high school. Once you learn the mechanics and physics of the game, Super Mario World is a title that even the youngest and newest gamers could appreciate. Despite being one of the first releases for the 16-bit Super Nintendo, it remains as one of the most graphically outstanding. Simplicity also allowed this game to age extremely well, so much so that it was featured in Super Mario Maker.

That being said, there are still strange and wonderful things you can do in Super Mario World that people never quite figured out or forgot about. Here are fifteen amazing things you can do with this 16-bit classic. Be sure to make it to Number 1 to find out about the most wonderful power-up in the game.

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Out of the many enemies you encounter in Dinosaur Land, there are only a select few that Mario and Luigi are unable to kill. The most common enemies that are immune to all sorts of the Mario Brothers” are Boos, Big Boos, and other ghastly characters who haunt the many Ghost Houses, castles, fortresses, and the special Sunken Airship. Though you are able to defeat the Big Boo boss of the Donut Secret House by throwing blocks at it, it is believed that all Boos are invincible. That was until someone figured out that the Big Boos can be killed by one very special method. If you slide down the stairs in any of the Ghost House levels and manage to trip a Big Boo, much like sliding down a slope to kill Goombas and typical enemies, you are able to defeat it. This also works on those ghost blobs that float around Ghost Houses. It only took someone 26 years to figure that out!

14 The Impossible Glitch

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A Youtuber SethBling employed an in-game real-time re-coding of Super Mario World”s programming that was first discovered by JeffW356, a streamer on Twitch, named a Credits Warp. Through an amazing series of careful placing and destroying of items in the level of Yoshi”s Island 2, he was able to “finish” the game, or at least brought up the ending screen without having to defeat Bowser or even clear a level. The glitch is finished off by the famed item glitch that I will talk about later in this article. When done correctly, the game will be finished within 5 minutes. Even more amazing is that this was done on the real deal console version. So, no smokes and mirrors (orsaved states) of an emulator here. Of course, the sequencing of events and glitches leading to the finish might be the most difficult achievement ever to be conceived on a 16-bit classic, legitimate or otherwise.

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One of the more annoying obstacles in Super Mario World are those stupid buzz saw enemies that often impede your path. Though Mario and Luigi can survive by spin jumping on top of them to avoid damage, you were never really able to kill them. That was until someone figured out that the sliding trick that could defeat Big Boos could also be applied to killing buzz saws. Pretty much you would stand on top of a triangle block and wait for the right moment and have Mario or Luigi slide their buttocks into the incoming buzzsaw. Tada! The defeated sprite appears to be incomplete, as the developer didn”t expect anyone to figure out how to kill them. You can finally get those extra 200 points for your high score run.

12 Cape Kill

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No, Cape Kill is not some B horror movie. This is actually one of the most popular alternative methods to defeat Bowser in the final encounter. Now, you might wonder why someone would want to try this when you can just use the traditional method to defeat King Koopa. With a classic game like Super Mario World, gamers are always finding new and interesting ways to keep the game fresh after nearly three decades. Thanks to how some of the game mechanics and physics are, it led innovative people to figure out different ways to maximize their enjoyment. You can actually kill Bowser when powered up with a Cape Feather. By flying up the screen to the area that Bowser”s Clown Car isn”t, and falling and spinning the cape, you are able to defeat the Mechakoopas, have one land for a quick hit, and toss the other one for another hit on Bowser.

The game of Super Mario World has a total of 96 exits, but the beauty of this title is that you can actually beat it in 11 levels. Though many people know that you can face Bowser in his castle in the Valley of Bowser as soon as you activate a secret path to Star World that connects to the final world, only the keenest gamers realized that you can do it in as little as 11. This method is popular with internet speedrunners and others willing to take this rather difficult but satisfying challenge. If you are well-versed with the gameplay and where to find the secret exits of each level, this method is actually rather simple and easy. Well, at least easier than those final secret levels at the end of the game. First, beat the entire Yoshi”s Island without going to level 1. When you get to Donut Plains 1, fly to the secret exit near the regular goal. This will take you to Donut Secret 1 and Donut Secret House. You have to find the door to Big Boo and defeat him. This will take you to Star World 1, 2, 3, 4. Find all of the secret exits for those, and it will take you to Bowser”s Front Door.

10 Forever Nimbus Cloud

Ever wanted Mario or Luigi to embrace their inner Goku or Monkey King and ride the nimbus cloud across Dinosaur Land? The unfortunate problem of going through the effort of killing a cloud-riding Lakitu by stomping on it will destroy the cloud as well. However, if you happen to shoot a fireball at a Lakitu and manage to collect the coin, you are able to jump back onto the cloud for the duration of the level. If you think that is pretty cool, you would probably want to check out how to get a Cloud item power-up later in this article. It”s an amazing feat worth learning. So, keep reading, won”t you?

If you are in the Special Zone, be sure to wait around 5 minutes of real world time, because if you do then a secret treat awaits you. The original Mario Bros. song will be played as the background music in several interesting variations. All of that fun and all you have to do is be a little patient. What a deal! Actually, this was only possible if you are able to get to Special World to begin with. If you possess the platforming skill to master this game, then this is a well-deserved bonus Easter egg to reward your amazing gaming talent. Good luck with Awesome. I hate that level. Still, it”s worth hearing this little nugget of nostalgia.

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8 Top Secret Area

Some of my friends often forget about the Top Secret Area in the Donut Plains, a bonus level that you could load up on power-ups, Yoshi, and 1-Ups to your heart content. How exactly do you find it? First, go to the Donut Ghost House with a Cape Feather. Fly up to the left-most side of the level and find a hidden platform. Run to the right and exit the level to find a hidden goal exit. Try to do this without getting hit by the copious amounts of Boos who inhabit this level. Clear this level, and Top Secret Area is available forever much like the Yoshi”s House level.

The Special Zone of Super Mario World features some of the most challenging levels to even masters of the platforming classic. Each level is extra long, without any half-way goals, and loaded with enemies that perfectly counteract each situation you are in. Because of that, it is the ultimate hurdle for anyone wanting to completely finish Super Mario World. What do you get for beating the last level of the Special Zone, Funky? In the original Super Nintendo version, clearing Funky will change the overworld map to an autumn setting. Koopa Troopas and shells become masks of Mario, Piranha Plants are now pumpkin plants, and Bullet Bills turn into Pidgit Bills. Once it turns into Fall mode, it is permanent. To activate this mode in the Game Boy Advance version, you must clear all of the exits.

6 Moon Hunting

One of the rarest items in the game is the 3-Up Moon. If the moon is acquired by the player, the item disappears from the level after it is cleared, and unavailable for repeated playthroughs. The only way to get them back is to reset the game. In Super Mario World, there are only seven 3-Up Moons in the entire game, one for each of the worlds Mario and Luigi will venture through to save the Princess. Yoshi”s Island 1, Donut Plains 4, Vanilla Dome 3, Cheese Bridge Area, Forest Ghost House, Chocolate Island 1, and the Valley of Bowser 1 are the only levels featuring this rare power-up. Most of them will require the Mario Brothers to have a Cape Feather equipped to access them.

I don”t know why someone would go through the trouble of porting this classic to Nintendo”s 16-bit rival, the Sega Genesis. Several ports of Super Mario series actually exist on the Sega Genesis, including one terrible one of the original Super Mario Bros. Bootleg, of course. The port isn”t an exact replica of the original SNES version, but it has some level redesigns and changes in sound effects and music. Unfortunately, the Genesis” sound chip processes the classic Super Mario World tune in a lackluster way. The sound effects are also pretty poor. Most importantly, the gameplay was noticeably choppy and inconsistent. Sometimes, power-ups like Mushrooms would pass right through Mario or Luigi. Not hitting the goal line exactly in the right spot meant the level would continue beyond the goal line. I wouldn”t play it on the Genesis. But just know that it”s out there.

4 Replaying Castles And Fortresses

After clearing each castle and fortress by defeating their bosses, it is destroyed by Mario and Luigi by some humorous way. This trick is something veterans already know. You can reenter any of these boss levels by holding down L and R buttons while selecting the level. By doing this, you can replay any of these levels again. The only problem in the replay is that when you die anytime in the level, even if you hit the halfway goal, you have to start all the way at the beginning of the level. Not having the checkpoints is such a strange omission you have to wonder if their absence is a glitch or by design.

The Chucks are some of the most annoying enemies that you will face in this game. Sometimes they charge at you, other times they will throw projectiles. There is an interesting glitch featuring the Chucks where Mario or Luigi can ride a strange looking Chargin” Chuck. Playing Forest of Illusion 1, a Caped Mario or Luigi should kill a Chargin” Chuck while riding Yoshi and then go down and up a pipe. Finally, lose Yoshi and attempt to acquire another one through a power-up block. The Yoshi should be some mutant variation of Yoshi that looks like a strange Chargin” Chuck. If you try to finish the level riding the glitched Yoshi, the game will freeze. I have also seen this glitch on other levels like Cheese Bridge.

2 Infinite Time

One of the major challenges of the Super Mario World levels is trying to the balance: finishing a level safely, grabbing every available Dragon Coin, and doing all of this in the allotted time. There is actually a glitch that allows you to avoid death by timeout. When Mario or Luigi are riding Yoshi with the Cape power-up, drop the stored Fire Flower power-up. If Yoshi eats the Fire Flower at the time the timer hits 0, Mario or Luigi will survive the time out death, and you are able to go across the level without worrying about the time limit. Of course, you will not get a time bonus at the end of the level.

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This is by far one of my favorite trick or glitches in the game. You must also be extremely skilled at the game to be able to pull this off. But if you do, the Lakitu Cloud Power-up item glitch is essential in pulling off the fastest speed runs of Super Mario World. The glitch was uncovered by Youtube channel A+Start in an incredible series called Son Of A Glitch. More specifically, this trick is featured on episode 20 of the series. First, you should go to Yoshi”s Island 2. While riding Yoshi, go to the red Koopa shell and have him eat it and fire it off when you reach the first of two bushes after a quick leap. Quickly, eat the green Koopa shell and make it up the stairs. At the edge of the top stair, press Down and Y to place the shell on the ground. Press left, and the stray fireball will take out the green shell turning it into a coin. Extend the tongue with Yoshi and have Mario spin jump off onto the coin. While doing this, hit the R button to scroll left. When done correctly, the cloud will appear in the item box allowing a Lakitu cloud to be spawned when released.

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