Fastest Route To 99 Lives In 1 Minute, Super Mario World Cheats & Tips (Snes)

Super Mario World is a classic, but it’s more difficult levels will make you want to tear your hair out. Playing older titles on newer hardware with the modern convenience of save-states makes managing game difficulty easier. But for purists, knowing where to get extra lives is key. Because if you’re a newbie, there are levels in Super Mario World that eat extra lives like a hungry Chain Chomp. But there are also levels that help mitigate the inevitable frustration by giving you as many extra lives as you need to “git gud” and beat Bowser. Let’s take a look at a few.

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Donut Ghost House


Use Top Secret Area to get a cape for Mario to use in Donut Ghost House.

To find Top Secret Area, you have to find the secret exit in the Donut Ghost House first. See above.

There are no enemies or obstacles in Top Secret Area. It exists for the sole purpose of giving Mario some power-ups and Yoshi. If you already have Yoshi when you enter Top Secret Area, you’ll get a 1-Up mushroom instead from the middle ?-Block. You can exit and reenter the level as many times as you want for the power-ups and 1-Up mushroom.

Once you have Top Secret Area unlocked, you can use its cape power-up to farm as many lives as you need from the Donut Ghost House pretty quickly.

Star World 3


Get a P-Block to turn those coins into blocks.

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Special Level Awesome is not only one of the most difficult levels in Super Mario World, it also yields the most extra lives with a little practice. The trick is getting to the spot in the level where you can pull it off, which isn’t necessarily easy. Mario is dodging Koopa shells and Rexes left and right all throughout the first half of this level.

When you progress far enough to find the P-Switch, hold down the run button to pick it up. Carry it all the way to the yellow pipe hanging down. Watch out for the Koopa who kicks a shell at you. Take him out and set the P-Switch down and jump on it. You’ll hear the music change and a platform will appear in front of Mario that will allow him to reach the ?-Block hanging past the yellow pipe.

Cheep-Cheeps will start flying out from underneath Mario when you jump on the platform, so beware. Hit the block for the invincibility star you need to start taking out enemies and racking up extra lives. When your invincibility runs out, you can suicide yourself and start over. Or hit ‘Start’ and then ‘Select’ to exit to the map screen if you’ve beaten the level already.


Complete the Star World levels to get access to the Special Stages.

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Granted, using these levels to get lots of extra lives requires some repetition that can get tedious. But if you don’t want to use save-states, it’s better than losing all your lives and having to go back to your last save point, forcing you replay some of the excruciatingly difficult levels that Super Mario World offers. Or maybe you’re playing on an old Super Nintendo system and don’t have access to save states. Either way, these levels can get you as many lives as you need without too much time and effort. Godspeed.

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