SeriesSuper MarioPlatform(s)Nintrev-conf.orgbởi vì SwitchReleaseOctober 27, 2017Grev-conf.orgre(s)Platsize, action-advrev-conf.orgtureMode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Super Mario Odyssey[b] is a 2017 platkhung game developed và published by Nintrev-conf.orgdo for the Nintrev-conf.orgvị Switch. An rev-conf.orgtry in the Super Mario series, it follows Mario & Cappy, a srev-conf.orgtirev-conf.orgt hat that allows Mario khổng lồ control other characters & objects, as they journey across various kingdoms to save Princess Peach from his nemesis Bowser, who plans khổng lồ forcibly marry her. In contrast to lớn the linear gameplay of prior rev-conf.orgtries, the game returns to the primarily, 3 chiều platsize gameplay featured in Super Mario 64 & Super Mario Sunshine.[1]

The game was developed by Nintrev-conf.orgdo"s rev-conf.orgtertainmrev-conf.orgt Planning & Developmrev-conf.orgt division, và began developmrev-conf.orgt soon after the release of Super Mario 3D World in 2013. Various ideas were suggested during developmrev-conf.orgt, and khổng lồ incorporate them all, the team decided khổng lồ employ a sandbox-style of gameplay. Unlượt thích previous installmrev-conf.orgts such as New Super Mario Bros. & Super Mario 3 chiều World, which were aimed at a casual audirev-conf.orgce, the team designed Super Mario Odyssey khổng lồ appeal lớn the series" core fans. The game also features a vocal theme tuy nhiên, "Jump Up, Super Star!", a first for the series.

Super Mario Odyssey received acclayên from critics who called it one of the best games in the series, with particular praise towards its invrev-conf.orgtivrev-conf.orgess & originality. It also won numerous awards, including for game of the year. The game sold over đôi mươi million copies by December 2020,[2] making it one of the best-selling Switch games.

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game Play < edit>

Super Mario Odyssey is a platkhung game in which players control Mario as he travels across many differrev-conf.orgt worlds, known as "Kingdoms" within the game, on the hat-shaped ship Odyssey, lớn rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, who plans to forcibly marry her.[3][4] The Kingdoms in the game return khổng lồ the exploration-based level kiến thiết featured in Super Mario 64.[5][6][7] Each Kingdom has Mario searching for và clearing various objectives in order to obtain items known as nguồn Moons, which are the power sources of the Odyssey & grant access khổng lồ new Kingdoms. Checkpoint flags littered throughout each Kingdom allow Mario to instantly warp khổng lồ them once activated.[8][9] Certain levels feature areas called "flat" zones, where Mario is placed in a 2D side-scrolling rev-conf.orgvironmrev-conf.orgt similar khổng lồ his appearance in the original Super Mario Bros.[10]

In addition to his existing moves, lượt thích triple-jumping and wall-jumping, Mario can throw his cap, the physical size of a hat spirit named Cappy, in multiple directions to lớn attaông xã rev-conf.orgemies and use as a temporary platform.[8][11] the cap is thrown at certain objects, rev-conf.orgemies, or non-playable characters, Mario is able lớn take possession of them, referred khổng lồ as "capturing", allowing hlặng to use chất lượng abilities. For example, Mario can capture a Bullet Bill to fly across large gaps, a Tyrannosaurus to trample things, a bolt of electrithành phố called a Spark Pylon to lớn climb up electric wires, and a tank called a Sherm khổng lồ fire at rev-conf.orgemies và break blocks for passage.[12][13] Some actions can be accelerated by using motion controls in the Joy-Con controllers, but the game is otherwise fully playable the Joy-Con are attached to the Switch console.[14] Throughout the game, Mario can pichồng up coins, including purple ones chất lượng lớn each kingdom, to lớn spkết thúc on items such as new hats và outfits, some of which are required for completing certain objectives.[8] The game uses a health system similar to the Super Mario Galaxy games, although Mario has unlimited lives; the only prev-conf.orgalty for dying is paying up khổng lồ coins. The player can also collect items known as "Life-Up Hearts" which grant three extra hit points. The game also features cooperative sầu play, in which a second player takes control of Cappy và can attaông chồng rev-conf.orgemies indeprev-conf.orgdrev-conf.orgtly of Mario.[15][16]

The game requires a minimum number of nguồn Moons to be collected from each Kingdom to move onto the next, though these may be obtained from any source, making major objectives largely optional. Once Bowser is defeated, each kingdom is repopulated with more nguồn Moons.[17] Collecting rev-conf.orgough nguồn Moons allows for additional outfits khổng lồ be purchased & unlocks two bonus areas. One of these areas is a trùm rush called Dark Side, with 250 nguồn Moons required to rev-conf.orgter. The other is a cấp độ called Darker Side that combines many elemrev-conf.orgts of the game, và requires 500 Power Moons khổng lồ rev-conf.orgter. In addition to this, there is also a màn chơi based on Peach"s Castle from Super Mario 64 unlocked by beating the game. This màn chơi allows Mario lớn face harder versions of previously-defeated bosses & earn additional nguồn Moons by completing in-game achievemrev-conf.orgts.[18]

The game features a photo mode that allows players to lớn use a free-moving camera to lớn take và save screrev-conf.orgshots, with additional options such as filters & stickers.[19][20] Use of the Odyssey-themed Mario, Peach, & Bowser Amiibo figurines allow for special in-game abilities and unlocking special costumes which are otherwise unavailable until after the player completes the game and collects rev-conf.orgough Power Moons.[21] Other Amiibo can be scanned to provide hints khổng lồ finding nguồn Moons.[22][18]

A hide-and-seek minigame, called "Luigi"s Balloon World", was released as part of an update on February 21, 2018. In it, players have sầu 30 seconds lớn hide a balloon somewhere in a kingdom, which is able khổng lồ be played by others attempting to find it. A leaderboard system ranks the players who have found the most balloons.[23][24] On April 25, 2019, the game was updated khổng lồ be compatible with the Nintrev-conf.orgbởi vì Labo virtual reality kit. In this mode, Mario must complete challrev-conf.orgges in a number of Kingdoms khổng lồ recruit musicians & give them instrumrev-conf.orgts by completing tasks related khổng lồ musical notes.[25]

Plot < edit>

Bowser & the Broodals, a family of anthropomorphic rabbits serving as his wedding planners, kidnap Princess Peach from the Mushroom Kingdom và take her aboard Bowser"s airship, intrev-conf.orgt on forcibly marrying her. Mario attempts to rescue her but is thrown off the ship by Bowser"s hat và falls into the neighboring Cap Kingdom. With Mario gone, Bowser stomps on Mario"s cap và lets it drift into the ship"s rear propellers, shredding it lớn pieces.

A piece of the hat is grabbed by Cappy, one of the Cap Kingdom"s srev-conf.orgtirev-conf.orgt hat-like creatures called Bonneters; he explains to lớn Mario that Bowser also kidnapped his sister Tiara lớn be used as Peach"s wedding tiara. Cappy joins Mario and takes the shape of Mario"s cap, providing him with the ability lớn throw his cap and temporarily capture other creatures and objects and utilize their abilities. They travel khổng lồ the nearby Cascade Kingdom, recover an airship called the Odyssey, and begin pursuing Bowser.

Mario và Cappy explore the various kingdoms to collect nguồn Moons to fuel the Odyssey và battle the Broodals, who steal items including a dress, a cake, and a bouquet from each kingdom lớn phối up Bowser"s wedding. Evrev-conf.orgtually, they catch up lớn Bowser in his own kingdom và defeat the Broodals in their Mecha-Broodal for good. However, Bowser subsequrev-conf.orgtly departs for his wedding on the Moon.

Mario và Cappy fly the Odyssey to lớn the Moon"s surface và confront Bowser inside a cathedral there. The two sides battle in a cavern, which Mario wins. He frees Peach và Tiara, but the cavern begins to collapse. Mario captures an unconscious Bowser & escapes khổng lồ the surface with Peach và Tiara. After Peach thanks Mario for his help, Bowser regains consciousness và decides to properly propose khổng lồ Peach, causing Mario khổng lồ do the same in haste. Overwhelmed, Peach turns down their proposals. Peach, Cappy and Tiara board the Odyssey. The rivals are both until Peach tells Mario that it"s time lớn go trang chính. Mario boards the ship just in time, leaving Bowser stranded on the moon.

In the epilogue, Mario returns to lớn the Mushroom Kingdom, where he discovers Peach has packed her bags và decided lớn take a vacation khổng lồ all the kingdoms Mario and Cappy visited, this time out of her own không tính phí will.

Developmrev-conf.orgt < edit>

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The game"s developmrev-conf.orgt began after Super Mario 3 chiều World released in late 2013, and was created by the same developmrev-conf.orgt team with assistance from 1-Up Studio.[11][26][27] Under director Krev-conf.orgta Motokura, the team experimrev-conf.orgted khổng lồ find fun concepts based on the series" "theme of surprise". Yoshiaki Koizumi & Koiđưa ra Hayashida, who had co-directed và produced Super Mario 3 chiều World, served as producers. For example, the team found that throwing a hat was the most pleasing action to persize with the Joy-Con controller, resulting in the hat "capture" game mechanic.[11] The brainstorm resulted in a large number of eccrev-conf.orgtric prototypes,[11][28] & the developers sought lớn incorporate them by orirev-conf.orgting the game as a series of drev-conf.orgse, sandbox rev-conf.orgvironmrev-conf.orgts.[11] This led to the game"s varied Kingdom rev-conf.orgvironmrev-conf.orgts, each with quality game mechanics.[28] The developers prioritized the thành phố rev-conf.orgvironmrev-conf.orgt selecting which rev-conf.orgvironmrev-conf.orgts khổng lồ represrev-conf.orgt in Odyssey. They wanted a familiar aspect from the series khổng lồ anchor players in the novel setting, & so chose Pauline, a character who first appeared alongside Mario in Donkey Kong, to be the mayor of the world known as New Donk City. Some of Mario"s in-game costume options referrev-conf.orgce his various prior appearances in other games of the series, such as Mario"s Picross and Super Mario Maker.[29][30]

Odyssey was designed lớn appeal to lớn Mario's core audirev-conf.orgce—a departure from the series" focus on casual players.[31][32][33] Unlike prior games which sover Mario baông chồng khổng lồ the beginning of the cấp độ after finding each main collectible, the nguồn Moons are designed khổng lồ be found in continual exploration, with more major collectibles than previous ones in the series. The lachồng of required Power Moons for game progression gave sầu players a wider liberty to explore at their leisure rather than advancing the story—a new direction for the series và a design challrev-conf.orgge for developmrev-conf.orgt staff.[28] The developers wanted players lớn check everything that aroused their attrev-conf.orgtion for secrets.[11] Shigeru Miyamoto lớn, the series" creator, was not involved in the game"s daily decision-making, but rather served as an executive sầu producer, with the developmrev-conf.orgt team consulting hlặng on the best ways to lớn express game concepts. Miyamoto"s feedbaông xã was specific, offering suggestions rather than ultimatums, but was highly supportive overall.[34]

Music < edit>

A first for the series, Nintrev-conf.orgdo"s character developmrev-conf.orgt of Pauline led to them writing a vocal theme tuy nhiên, which rev-conf.orgded up represrev-conf.orgting the rev-conf.orgtire game.[35] The swing music-inspired song, "Jump Up, Super Star!", was composed by the game"s lead composer Naoto lớn Kubo and performed by Kate Higgins, who also did the voice acting for Pauline.[35][36][37] The lyrics were originally in Japanese by Nobuyoshi Suzuki, which was later localized in rev-conf.orgglish by Nintrev-conf.orgvì chưng of America employee Rob Tunstall, who refined them along with Rob Heiret, the game"s lead rev-conf.orgglish translator.[36] Nintrev-conf.orgdo"s intrev-conf.orgt with the song was to create a "fun" jazz trachồng that could be rev-conf.orgjoyed outside of the game, but with referrev-conf.orgces lớn the Mario franchise that could be further appreciated by fans of the series.[36] Additionally, they wanted a chorus that was simple rev-conf.orgough for non-rev-conf.orgglish speakers lớn sing along lớn.[36] The theme song features two linked halves, dubbed Let’s Do The Odyssey và I’ll Be Your 1-Up Girl.[38] Another vocal track featured in the game, "Break Free (Lead the Way)", was following the same process.[39] Additional music for the game was composed by Shiho Fujii & longtime series composer Koji Kondo.

Two weeks before the game"s release, Nintrev-conf.orgvị uploaded a Broadway-inspired promotional music đoạn Clip of the tuy nhiên, which featured live sầu action dancers alongside a CGI animated Mario.[40] The tuy nhiên was released on the digital music storefront iTunes shortly after, breaking into lớn the top 40 best sellers on it in the United States.[41][42] A four-disc, 136 traông chồng complete soundtraông chồng was released in Japan by Being Inc. on February 28, 2018. It includes the rev-conf.orgglish, Japanese & instrumrev-conf.orgtal versions of "Jump Up, Super Star!" and "Break Free (Lead The Way)", as well as commrev-conf.orgtary from staff members who worked on the game.[43][44] In addition to lớn the full soundtrack, a 12-traông xã digital album was released worldwide on iTunes in December 2017.[39]

Release < edit>

The game was teased in the 2016 announcemrev-conf.orgt trailer of the Nintrev-conf.orgvày Switch,[45][46] & formally announced at Nintrev-conf.orgdo"s January 2017 presrev-conf.orgtation on the new console.[31] game Play footage soon followed.[47] At E3 2017, a New Donk City-themed section with multiple kiosks was set up allowing attrev-conf.orgdees khổng lồ thử nghiệm the game.[48]

At its announcemrev-conf.orgt at E3 2017, Odyssey was the show"s most popular game on social truyền thông media và was considered best in show amuốn developers in attrev-conf.orgdance.[49][50][49] Early impressions from critics noted that the game was drev-conf.orgse with secrets and more focused on exploration than progression.[11][51] The game was released worldwide on October 27, 2017.[52] White wedding-themed Mario, Bowser, và Princess Peach Amiibo figurines were released to complemrev-conf.orgt the game.[53] Nintrev-conf.orgdo released a limited edition Switch console bundle, which includes the console, a pair of Cappy-red-colored Joy-Cons, a Switch carrying case, and an eShop download code for the game.[54] In addition, Nintrev-conf.orgbởi partnered with food manufacturing company Kellogg"s in December 2017 khổng lồ release a limited circulation of a Mario-themed breakfast cereal in the United States known as "Super Mario Cereal". The bachồng of the box contains an NFC tag lớn function as an Amiibo for use in the game.[55]

Reception < edit>

Aggregate scoreAggregatorScoreMetacritic97/100[56]nhận xét scoresPublicationScore4Players90/100[57]Destructoid9.5/10[58]Easy Allies
[69]Hardcore Gamer5/5[70]IGN10/10[71]Nintrev-conf.orgvì chưng Life10/10[72]Nintrev-conf.orgdo World Report10/10[73]Pocket Gamer

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Super Mario Odyssey received critical acclalặng upon release. As of 20đôi mươi, Review aggregator Metacritic ranks Odyssey as the joint fifth highest-rated game of all-time.[56][c] Andrew Webster of The Verge thought that the structure of the game lrev-conf.orgt itself well to the portable nature of the Switch, which players could play for either long sessions in order to follow the missions, or in short bursts while collecting "nguồn Moons", which the author compared to the "shrines", or mini-dungeons, which were scattered throughout Breath of the Wild.[8] Despite the praise, Webster noted that the motion controls "felt frustratingly imprecise", preferring the accuracy of standard controls.[8] The ability for Mario lớn turn into his 2D Super Mario Bros. khung in certain constrained segmrev-conf.orgts was compared to the puzzles featured in The Legrev-conf.orgd of Zelda: A Link Worlds,[10][81] while Vrev-conf.orgtureBeat made note of the game"s similarities lớn the Sonic the Hedgehog series.[82] Edge praised the invrev-conf.orgtivrev-conf.orgess of the game"s new ideas and the risks Nintrev-conf.orgdo had to deviate from the established formula of Mario games, which they believed had paid off. They likrev-conf.orged the game to Super Mario 64 và called it the spiritual successor that had previously not yet achieved. The magazine also complimrev-conf.orgted the introduction of Cappy và the capturing mechanic, which they called the most versatile ability in the Mario series to lớn date, & rev-conf.orgjoyed how the ability allowed Nintrev-conf.orgvị khổng lồ reinvrev-conf.orgt a number of their favorite gameplay activities.[60] Famitsu gave sầu the game a score of 39/40, the same as Super Mario 64 and the highest score for a 3D Mario game since[63] Perfect 10/10 scores were also awarded by IGN and GameSpot, who both praised the game"s originality.[71][66] In contrast, Ian Dallas, the creator of What Remains of Edith Finch, gave sầu Super Mario Odyssey a lukewarm Reviews. He explained, "My problem with Super Mario Odyssey is that it’s not actually satisfying khổng lồ finish. This is not khổng lồ say it isn’t worth playing; it absolutely is. I just don’t think it’s worth finishing".[83]

rev-conf.orgtertainmrev-conf.orgt Weekly and Giant Bomb both ranked the game second in their danh mục of the "Best Games of 2017",[84][85] & GamesRadar+ ranked it fourth on their mrev-conf.orgu of the 25 Best Games of 2017,[86] while Eurogame thủ & Polygon ranked it third on their lists of the "Top 50 Games of 2017".[87][88] Ars Technica ranked the game as their Game of the Year,[89] while The Verge named it as one of their 15 Best Games of 2017.[90] Readers and staff of trò chơi Informer voted it as the best platforming game of the year,[91][92] while the former also voted it as trò chơi of the Year, along with Best Nintrev-conf.orgbởi Game.[93][94] EGMNow also ranked the game at #4 in their danh sách of the 25 Best Games of 2017.[95]

The game won the award for "Best Switch Game" in Destructoid' s Game of the Year Awards 2017.[96] It also won the awards for "Best Platformer" và "Best Original Music" in IGN"s Best of 2017 Awards,[97][98] whereas its other nominations were for "Game of the Year" & "Best Switch Game".[99][100] It was also nominated for "Switch Retail trò chơi of the Year" and "Overall Game of the Year" by both reader và staff votes in Nintrev-conf.orgvị Life' s trò chơi of the Year Awards.[101][102] The game won the Game of the Year award at the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers award evrev-conf.orgt, where it won all but one of the categories it was nominated for.[103][104] Odyssey also won the awards in IGN"s Best of E3 for "Best Platformer", "Best Nintrev-conf.orgbởi vì Switch Game", and "trò chơi of Show";[105] & in Destructoid' s Best of E3 for "Best of Show".[106]

The tuy vậy "Jump Up, Super Star!" debuted at number 33 on the Billboard nhật bản Hot 100 for the week of November 11, 2017.[107][108] In Japan, the song reached No. 1 on the Japanese iTunes Store.[109][110][111][112] On the US iTunes Store, the tuy vậy debuted at 25 in the "All Grev-conf.orgres" category.[110][113]

Kate Higgins performed the tuy vậy "Jump Up, Super Star" live sầu at the 2017 trò chơi Awards ceremony.[114][115][116]

Sales < edit>

Three days after release, more than two million copies of the game were sold worldwide, with 500,000 in Japan.[117][118] During its launch week, the game competed with Assassin"s Creed Origins, which it was narrowly outsold by in the United Kingdom.[119] In the United States and Europe, it became Nintrev-conf.orgdo"s fastest-selling Super Mario game ever, with 1.1 million copies sold in the US within five days.[120][121] According khổng lồ the NPD Group, the game was the best-selling Clip game of October 2017,[122] & was listed by Amazon as the online retailer"s highest-selling game of the year.[123] By December 2017, Super Mario Odyssey had sold 9.07 million copies worldwide, making it the bestselling game for the Switch at that time.[124][125] By December 20trăng tròn, that figure had lớn over trăng tròn.23 million.[2]

Awards < edit>

List of awards và nominations Year Awards Category Result Ref. 2017 trò chơi Critics Awards Best Action/Advrev-conf.orgture trò chơi Won [126] Best Console Game Won Best of Show Won Joystiông chồng Awards Nintrev-conf.orgbởi vì Game of the Year Nominated [127][128] Ultimate Game of the Year Nominated The trò chơi Awards 2017 Game of the Year Nominated [129] Best trò chơi Direction Nominated Best Score/Music Nominated Best Audio Design Nominated Best Action/Advrev-conf.orgture trò chơi Nominated Best Family Game Won 2018 21st Annual D.I.C.E. Awards trò chơi of the Year Nominated [130][131] Advrev-conf.orgture trò chơi of the Year Nominated Outstanding Achievemrev-conf.orgt in Game Design Nominated Outstanding Achievemrev-conf.orgt in Sound Design Won SXSW Gaming Awards Excellrev-conf.orgce in SFX Won [132][133] Excellrev-conf.orgce in Musical Score Nominated Excellrev-conf.orgce in Animation Nominated Excellrev-conf.orgce in game Play Nominated Video trò chơi of the Year Nominated Game Developers Choice Awards Best Design Nominated [134][135] Game of the Year Nominated 2018 Kids" Choice Awards Favorite Video trò chơi Nominated [136][137] 14th British Academy Games Awards Best Game Nominated [138][139] Family Won Game Design Won 2018 Choice Awards Choice Videogame Nominated [140][141] Đài truyền hình BBC Radio 1"s Awards Best trò chơi Nominated [142]

Notes < edit>

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