Super Mario World For Nintendo 3Ds, New Super Mario Bros

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New Super Mario Bros. is a throwback to the first Super Mario Bros. game on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Just like the original, it has cheats and secrets hiding around every drain pipe. We show you how to unlock a secret challenge mode, play as Luigi, and more.

These cheats are for the 2006 game New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS. There are also cheats for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch and Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Gamecube.

New Super Mario Bros. Cheats and Unlockables

Several secrets can be unlocked by beating certain levels under specific conditions.

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UnlockableHow to Unlock
Save any time Beat World 8.
Unlock World 4 Beat the final boss of World 2 as mini-Mario.
Unlock World 7 Beat the final boss of World 5 as mini-Mario.
Infinite Toad Houses Beat every level including bonus stages.

How to Play as Luigi

Hold L + R and press A when selecting your save file to start the game as Luigi instead of Mario.

How to Get Secret Toad House Bonuses

Finish a level when the last two digits of the timer are the same number to unlock secret Toad Houses with a special bonus.Your finishing time determines which type of bonus you get.

Ending TimeToad House
11, 22, or 33 Red (Random item)
44, 55, or 66 Green (Mini-game)
77, 88, or 99 Orange (Mega Mushroom)

How to Unlock Secret Background Patterns

After beating the game, a blue Toad House appears in World 1 where you can purchase new background patterns for the touchscreen. There are five backgrounds, but the last one isn”t available until you collect every Star Coin.

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How to Unlock Secret Challenge Mode

To unlock a mode that prevents you from backtracking in some levels (like the original Super Mario Bros.):

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