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Mario Worlds

Developer: Veratul Et AlYear: 2003Genre: Adventure


Rating: 78%


Downloads: 141,012


Size: 2.68 MBAdded: 17 years ago

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Our Mario Worlds Review

Mario Worlds is a game based on classic Mario World characters and levels. Included is everything you have come to enjoy from these classic Mario games, ranging from the gold coins to the goombas to the powerups and fireballs.Mario Worlds has excellent animation and blending that gives a polished, satisfying feel to it. Visual effect details, such as Mario”s slowing down producing dust clouds, make the game very involving and fun to play.The major gripes about this game that made it garner only an 80% rating from me are the following: the music packs are not included with the game and must be downloaded separately from the developer website, and there is no save function in a game that obviously needs it. Play the game; Mario and the Princess depend on it!

54 User Comments

ihab 9 months ago

super mario bros

franniel 3 years ago

YO ME ACUERDO DE ESTE JUEGO!!! Lo jugaba de niño en mi enferma pc, pero este juego aun si no tiene musica, estaba chido, fue el primer fan-game que jugue en mi vida, pero no supera a los hacks de SMW

anurag 3 years ago

this is very intrestinyg game

sa, 4 years ago

download kya gand ma se karo

v 7 years ago


dalea 7 years ago

you can downhoad the gama maria

nikitha 8 years ago

hw to dwnld this game ??

priyanka 8 years ago

nice game

Piyush 9 years ago

It is so good

HODA 9 years ago


anushika 9 years ago

good,nice but really a difficult game

anushika 9 years ago

good nice but really a difficult game

vivek 9 years ago

hello, this is a interesting game

tanvi 10 years ago


ذرز 10 years ago


sule 10 years ago

try this & you shall fell intrested

Jackson 10 years ago

Super mario

yogi hh 10 years ago

such a wonderful game

jaden 10 years ago

i download a mario worlds game on the computer

WILLIAM 10 years ago

i enjoy

nat 10 years ago


nat 10 years ago


biw 10 years ago


mike 10 years ago

why dont u make d download easier?

appu 10 years ago

what the heck is going on????????????

is there any one who did it? i mean a download

Pinky 10 years ago

Download kayse karu

himanshu 10 years ago

this is great game,but vert short

nilesh 11 years ago


AKASH SHARMA 11 years ago

super mario is a dabang

chandan chandel 11 years ago

Abe Chutiye Download Ka Option To De………..

Mario 11 years ago

Download must be done

volleyball_chick07 12 years ago

i agree with michael_ccc, that level is hard and i cant pass that part either ! )): help ?

nithya 12 years ago

it's very good

…. 12 years ago

wtf it wont let me download anything its just a blank page what the hell

faroojh 12 years ago

i love mario so mush LOOL!!!! adumbassmarioguy 12 years ago

too SHORT and too EASY!!

dani 13 years ago

how can i download this game?

dani 13 years ago

how can i download this game?

rajat 13 years ago

mario games download are not working

miszcz 13 years ago

a czemu to takie krótkie?

Charles 13 years ago

This game is soooooooooo short but still nice

sos 13 years ago

i don t, no wat to do

aussie 13 years ago

how do i take screenshot on mario worlds

OO 13 years ago

Es is ich so gut

jose 13 years ago

your game is the best ever

tiago 13 years ago

muito bomm gostei

isaac_rn 15 years ago

el mejor juego de todos

isaac_rn 15 years ago

es el mejor de los juegos de mario

ネノネネ 16 years ago


michal_ccc 16 years ago

I can”t pass second level ,I”m always trap in deep block hole with 1 enemy inside and could not get up 🙁 ,can anyone help me?


Sandra 16 years ago

It is very good.

firestart24 17 years ago

Good remake of mario but short game. Three level only. 🙁

hesmo 17 years ago

want play mario

Great game; too short 17 years ago

This is a great game, but it only has three levels.The game really does an excellent job of emulating the original Super Mario World gameplay, and the first level is a nice remake of the first Super Mario Bros. level (but with SMW graphics of course). The gamepad support is also a very nice feature.Unfortunately, the game only has three levels currently. Also, if you want to download the music, you”ll have to go out of your way.I give it a 9 out of 10. If an updated version comes out with more levels, it”ll probably be worth a 10 out of 10.

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