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Bandit is a character that first appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island for the Super Nintendo. They would later appear in the Paper Mario series.

Big Boo

Basically, he's the big Boo. The leader of the legions of Boo, even though he has an equally big problem with shyness as his underlings.

Bigger Boo

The mini-boss of the second world in Yoshi's Island. He is a Boo that has been made giant by the magic of Kamek.


One of the more unusual aspects of the Mario series is Birdo, a cross-dressing dinosaur fellow who always wants to look their prettiest, whether they're trying to kill Mario, driving a go-kart, or playing a variety of sports.


A lava monster in Super Mario World. Lies hidden in lava, then attacks Mario or Luigi when they pass on a platform.

Boom Boom

Boom Boom is the loyal servant of Bowser, found in every castle as a pre boss in Super Mario Bros 3 before the actual battle.


Bowser is one of the most iconic villains in gaming. His role as the main male antagonist in the Mario franchise has cemented this King of Koopas' status in video game history.

Burt the Bashful

The mini-boss of the first world in Yoshi's Island. He is a Burt that has been made giant by the magic of Kamek.


The Boss of World 5 in Super Mario Bros 2. Clawgrip is a boulder-throwing mutated Sidestepper.

Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong Jr. is, or at least has been considered, the son of the original Donkey Kong, who made his debut in the 1983 arcade classic which bore his name. He is actually a younger version of the current Donkey Kong.


Fryguy is the male boss of World 4 in Super Mario Bros. 2. When defeated, he splits into four mini-Fryguys.

Hammer Bro

One half of the deadly twosome, the Hammer Bros. from Super Mario Bros fame. They jump from platform to platform in a seemingly random pattern throwing goshdarn hammers!

Hookbill the Koopa

The boss of the fourth world in Yoshi's Island. He is a Koopa Troopa that has been made giant by the magic of Kamek.

Iggy Koopa

Iggy is the fourth oldest son of Bowser, a member of the koopalings, and a crazy genius.


A Magikoopa and a well recognized enemy in many Mario games. Kamek traditionally shoots magic attacks at the player.


Lakitu has appeared in a variety of Mario games; from Super Mario Bros on the NES right up to Mario Kart 7. He is responsible for dropping Spinies onto the levels below, holding up signs and his very own start signal from all nine Mario Kart games.

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Larry Koopa

Larry is the second youngest child of Bowser. He is the self-proclaimed king of eavesdropping.

Lemmy Koopa

Lemmy is the second oldest of Bowser's eight children. He always appears somewhat dizzy.

Ludwig Von Koopa

The oldest koopaling and longtime second-in-command of Bowser. He composes "Koopa Symphonies" and is a great inventor to boot.


Luigi is Mario's brother. He began as a simple palette swap of Mario, but was later differentiated. In his later forays, he provides comic relief.

Marching Milde

The mini-boss of the fourth world in Yoshi's Island. It is a Milde that has been made giant by the magic of Kamek.


Originally a carpenter named Jumpman, this Italian plumber has gone on to become the most recognizable video game character of them all, starring in a veritable pantheon of titles like kart racing and sports. He has been voiced by Charles Martinet for nearly 20 years.

Morton Koopa Jr.

Morton Koopa Jr. is Bowser's sixth oldest son and a part of the koopalings. Known as Big Mouth Koopa Jr. in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 & Super Mario World.


Mouser is one of Warts generals in Super Mario Bros. 2. His strategy is to stand back and throw bombs.

Naval Piranha

The boss of the third world in Yoshi's Island. She is a Piranha Plant that has been transformed into a water-dwelling monster by the magic of Kamek.


Poochy is Yoshi's canine pal and he happily carries Yoshi and Baby Mario on his back across lava and spikes in Yoshi's Island. He was also one of the bosses in Tetris Attack, having been brainwashed by Bowser and Kamek.

Prince Froggy

The mini-boss of the third world in Yoshi's Island. He is a Frog Pirate who a shrunken Yoshi must fight from inside.

Princess Peach

Princess Peach Toadstool is usually the damsel in distress from the Mario franchise. She gets kidnapped frequently by Bowser, though she's not averse to being captured by various other villains from time to time.

Raphael the Raven

The boss of the fifth world in Yoshi's Island and a supporting character in Paper Mario. He was an ordinary Raven once, but Kamek used his magic powers to increase his size and strength.

Roger the Potted Ghost

The boss of the second world in Yoshi's Island. He is a flower pot that has been transformed into a ghost by the magic of Kamek.

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