World 7 – Just A Moment

Star Coins: World 7-4

This is our Star Coin guide for World 7-4 in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. This level contains platforms that you control the movement for. It”s simply a all the way left or all the way right situation.

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Star Coin #1 – The first Star Coin is in the upper right of the end of the first section. Just jump up and grab it.

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin is between 3 paths. Stay on the second / middle platform and move all the way right. Then as you come back left jump straight up. When you land you”ll land on the bottom platform.

Star Coin #3 – You need to use the far right green pipe at the end of the level. Use the bullet bills to jump into this far right green pipe. Head left up the large number of bullet bills to get the Star Coin.

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Aug 26th 2015Guest
I thought judging by the looks of the 7th island that it would be the easiest island yet. Boy, was I wrong!
ID #602501
Aug 21st 2015GuestHello gamers! I am on level 7-4 and can”t get the last star coin in the green tube due to the bullet bills always taking my freezing power before I can get in!! Are there any hidden stars along the way
ID #600724
Aug 14th 2015Guesthai i am playing for a year pls help me how to complete the mario 7-4 satage pls help ….pls…
ID #598215
Aug 14th 2015Guesthai well i am playing this game in my childhood days till now now i am playing and i completed all the world but only i got stuckup in 7-4 stage …this would be keeps on going….cant even reach the princess pls help me…how to complete this….pls… i wanna finish this game(:-
ID #597934
Jun 14th 2015GuestHi, i”m stuck at the checkpoint area. The platforms are activated but aren”t moving. How do i get them to move??
ID #570115
Mar 11th 2015GuestYOU ROCK! THANKS
ID #527371
Mar 10th 2015Guesthelpful i love this website
ID #526870
Apr 16th 2013Guesthow do I get the platforms to move?
ID #274614
Oct 5th 2015GuestTilting the remote should work
ID #614187
Dec 23rd 2011GuestSwaggers, why are you not wearing a hat?- Humphry
ID #97925
Jun 20th 2011Guest
thank you for this guide it has helped me a lot
ID #50672
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