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zamadatix 7 months ago | parent | favorite | on: Super Mario Bros. 3 in 3 Minutes – World Record Sp…
The 0 exit speedrun for Super Mario World uses pretty much the exact same method (koopas and all) as well

SMB3 also has an interesting tool assisted speedrun (non-human doing the inputs) where fast inputs on the second controller cause an overflow on the input buffer allowing for the game to be beaten basically instantly from the start screen.

If you like this because of the interesting stuff done to abuse the game The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time has pretty much been a history of "and then a quicker way to corrupt the game was found".

It's not always about going fast either, challenge runs also get a lot of very interesting results from a lot of dedication. Super Mario 64's A Button Challenge (try to beat the game with as few A presses as possible) has tons of outrageously complex tricks with amazing explanation videos. One in particular caught people's attention to the point it became a meme though it's not actually the most technically impressive to come out of that endeavor.
xmprt 7 months ago <–>
I'm really glad that video became a meme (probably because of the completely unnecessary argument about what a half-A press is) because it got me interested in how a lot of these old games work. The engineering that went into optimizing them is incredible and it's a shame that newer games typically don't bother as much.
wiz21c 7 months ago <–>
For optimizations, the compilers do much work for you now. So it's not like it's not done anymore, it's done in another way. I myself stopped handcrafting assembler when I noticed that GCC beaten me 9 times out of 10 🙂
semi 6 months ago <–>
But notably not in SM64, where they disabled compiler optimization for some reson. Vintage Gamer has a good video about this.
dane-pgp 7 months ago <–>
An A press is an A press. You can't say it's only a half.
nicetryguy 7 months ago <–>
Well, TJ "Henry" Yoshi, hear me out. An A press actually has 3 parts to it: When A is pressed, when A is held, and when A is released. Together, this forms one complete A press.
SQueeeeeL 6 months ago <–>
The fact that TJ "Henry" Yoshi has gone on to be a pretty solid member of the M64 speed running community regularly posting runs who just owns being a meme is such a positive thing
nicetryguy 6 months ago <–>

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That's pretty awesome. Good community. I don't follow speedrunning much anymore; i was heavily involved several years ago (i'm in a Salt vod). Shoutouts to SimpleFlips
userbinator 7 months ago <–>
I immediately understood what a half-press meant, because when something/someone tells you to "press x", it usually means "press and release"; and omitting half of that is exactly what I expected "half a press" would be.
mumblemumble 7 months ago <–>
tl;dw version of the video's explanation:

A full A press involves both pressing and releasing the button. If you press the button during one level, hold it down, and then release it during another, then only half of the button press can be counted against each level. Otherwise you'd be double counting it.
hombre_fatal 7 months ago <–>
Sure you can, when you define ahead of time that "press" means a full down/up cycle. When you say the down part of the cycle is a "press", you're being just as arbitrary.
Firehawke 7 months ago <–>
That's known as positive and negative edge in the fighting game community. Some fighting games (e.g. Street Fighter) actually check inputs at both the positive and negative edges of button presses, so you can actually hold punch while doing the quarter circle forward and let go as you hit forward.

A lot of advanced combos and tricks use negative edge.
userbinator 7 months ago <–>
The exact same phrases are also used in digital electronics.
zamadatix 7 months ago <–>
That was a direct quote from 1:08 in the video pointing out how people comment and debate on what an A press is or isn't based on the title of things instead of listening to the explanation… not an actual thought by the commenter. Watch the first 2 minutes, you'll get a chuckle :).
Hamuko 7 months ago <–>
Yeah, it's a particularly famous video and it's become fodder for all sorts of jokes. For example:

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