File Name:Super Mario Lvà (World).zip
Year of release:1989


Important!! In order to be able to play this game you need an emulator installed. See the full list of available GameBoy emulators for this game.

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Super Mario Lvà ROM Download for GB

Super Mario L& is a side-scrolling platsize game launched in 1989 by Nintenvày for game boy console. It is the first in the super Mario lvà series. Mario travels lớn Sarasaland to lớn save Princess Daisy from an evil spaceman, Tatangs. Two of the game"s twelve sầu levels are in which Mario controls a submarine or aeroplane và fires projectiles towards approaching enemies, bosses, and destructible blocks.

trò chơi Plot

The player plays as Mario and advances to lớn the next màn chơi by moving in the right direction, jumping across the platform khổng lồ avoid the pitfalls and the enemy. The level ends with a challenge khổng lồ reach the alternate exit which is above sầu the original door. The alternative entrance leads lớn mini-games that awards one lớn three extra lives or a power-up. The difference from other Mario game is that they take place in Mushroom kingdom, but this game takes place in Sarasl&. When Mario’s jumps on Koopage authority shells then they explode after few seconds. There is no cấp độ end flagpole; instead, there is a platforming challenge. There are twelve levels subdivided inkhổng lồ four worlds. There are five sầu bosses, and the final one is Tatanga. After finishing the game, the player can play it again on a more challenging mode.

It’s a simplistic game, but steadily entertaining – its ideas and sudden shifts of style và theme provides plenty of surprises.

Best Emulator for Super Mario Land

If you want to lớn play this game on any device, then you should downloadgame boyemulator. There is plenty of emulators available such as for windows you use- BatGBA, DreamGBA, BizHawk, và Visual Boy Advance. If you want to run this game on Mac, then you can use Boycott Advance, mGBA, OpenEmu. For game android, you can use my boy, Emubox và so on.

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