In this game you can chose one of the eight Mario series characters. If you play single player you are going to race against the computer but you can play with your friends on multiplayer mode.

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File Name:Super Mario Kart (USA).zip
Genre:Kart racing
Year of release:1992


Important!! In order to lớn be able to lớn play this game you need an emulator installed. See the full danh mục of available Super Nintendo emulators for this game.
Super Mario Kart ROM Download for SNES

Super Mario Kart, released in the year 1992, is a racing Clip game that comes under the first game in the series of Mario Kart. Nintenvì chưng EAD developed the game, & Nintenvì published it for the Super Nintenbởi vì Entertainment System. Here, the player takes control of one of the eight characters in the Mario series, và all of them have sầu different abilities.


The game has a Mario franchise theme in which the player drives karts around the tracks. A character named Lakitu starts the game with a traffic light that hangs on his fishing pole at the starting line, and the battle or race begins when the light turns to lớn green color. The goal of the players in the competition is to lớn either complete a race ahead of other racers. These opponents are managed by another player or the computer, và the player also tries to lớn finish a circuit of tracks quickly.

The modes of the game include Time Trial mode, multiplayer mode, a battle mode, & single-player mode. In the Battle mode, the player aims to attaông xã the karts of the other players by using power-ups and balloons which surround each kart that gets destroyed.

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Best Emulator For Super Mario Kart ROM

To play the Super Mario Kart Rom, you need khổng lồ have an emulator calledSuper Nintenvì chưng Entertainment System, which should be downloaded & installed on your device. Some of the best Super Nintenvày Entertainment System emulators that support different platforms like Android, MAC, và Microsoft Windows include RetroArch; which runs on all platforms, ZSNES, Nestopia UE, Higan, SNES9x, OpenEmu, và BizHawk.

Similar Games

Mario games are always entertaining & addictive sầu to play, right? So, if you loved playing Super Mario Kart & are looking further to play more games in the Mario Kart series, then the games listed down is for you as it has similar gameplays.

Mario Kart: Double DashIt is the fourth installment racing đoạn Clip game in the series of Mario Kart. Here, the player challenges other Mario series player characters khổng lồ compete in a race against each other on the tracks which have Mario themes. One of the new features added in this game is the support of co-op gameplay, where there can be two riders in one kart. So, one of the players drives the kart in the game, & the other one uses items to distract other players.Mario Kart WiiIn Mario Kart Wii, there are 32 different tracks for racing that use specialized items to lớn gain advantages or bloông xã opponents. The game has a single-player mode and multiplayer mode, which includes a four-person split screen. The players can collect power-ups and items, which may be placed on several different points in the race track.

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Mario Kart Arcade GPIt is an arcade game, which is a sub-series under the Mario Kart series. Here the players can race as one of the 11 characters of the Mario series on 24 different tracks. There are six cups in the game which the player aims to lớn get, và it includes Bowser Cup, DK Cup, Mario Cup, Pac-Man Cup, Wario Cup, and the Rainbow Cup, the cup which is unlockable.

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