If you know me, I love modding. Mario Kart games, to be precise! I"ve done stuff for Mario Kart Wii & a little for Mario Kart DS, but I"ve sầu decided khổng lồ focus on the latter, & work on my own full hack for DS! It"s been a long time dream of mine khổng lồ create my own Mario Kart of sorts, & I"m finally getting to realize it with this! I present khổng lồ you...

Mario Kart DS: Superstar Grvà Prix!

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What"s the hack about exactly?

MKDS SSGPhường. is, well, a ROM haông xã of Mario Kart DS, that will bring the following:

-32 custom tracks, 16 new ones and 16 from other games

-6 custom battle arenas, 4 new ones and 2 from past games

-New looks for the entire roster

-All new soundtrachồng for the game

I also have planned all new custom karts và custom missions for the future, but for now they aren"t my main focus. The menus will also be changed a little in appearance! Below, you can see some of what"s coming khổng lồ the hack!


N64 Toad"s Turnpike

Puzzle Plank Pass (by fellow member B O Y!)

Sarasa Kingdom (by fellow member Sunix!)

Asides the textures and these 3 trachồng not much progress has been made, but it"s definitely gonmãng cầu happen! I obviously don"t have a mix release date just yet, but a kiểm tra will happen soon!


Fire Mario
Mr. L
Pink Gold Peach

How can I know more of the hack?

Just now i phối up a Wiki page that will show off progress for the hack! Any new content that I make will also be shown off in posts and compiled inkhổng lồ said Wiki! Plus, I"ll be making videos often, showcasing what i make, so look out for my channel too! I have a playdanh sách there with all the videos I"ve sầu shown of the hack so far!

Tap here to lớn go to the wiki!

Tap here lớn go to lớn the playdanh mục on YT!

So yeah! I hope you guys lượt thích the idea of this haông xã & are looking forward to lớn it! I"ll also occasionally make mods for other games, but DS is very much my focus. With that, I"ll see you all around! :D

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Skyler Peisley

where vì I download it?

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Challenging racer Anthony

Sweet it"s about time they included N64 Toad"s Turnpike. Sadly I wouldn"t be able khổng lồ try it out on my copy

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°DryBones° ••TheGODSPEED••

Good luck!

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Shockwave sầu TLS

Now imagine. Wiimmfi races on this.

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Robert Stevens

I hereby take this here ROM haông xã và claim it for my own!

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Robert Stevens

Reply to: Sunix

Question is vị you even know that I have sầu access through an emulator that Ninten gave sầu me a tutorial on how to lớn get it lớn work correctly with his ROM hack?
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