Obviously, some characters weigh more than others (e.g. Bowser weighs more than Toad), which gives them different characteristics such as acceleration, & being able to lớn spin other players by running into them.

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My question is if there are weight classes or if each character has a different weight. So for example, the three heaviest characters are Bowser, Donkey Kong & Wario, are they all the same weight or vày they have sầu different weights? If they vị have different weights, does that mean that for example, you could take the heaviest one of them & run inkhổng lồ the least heavy one & that will cause you to knoông xã out (or at least shove) the less heavier player?


There are three weight classes:

Light weight: Toad, Princess Peach, YoshiMedium weight: Mario, LuigiHeavy weight: Bowser, Wario, Donkey Kong

Heavy weight karts will take a long time khổng lồ accelerate, but they have the highest top tốc độ. Also, when a heavy kart collides with a lighter kart, that light kart will sometimes spin out.

Light weight karts have a high acceleration, so they can get going quicker after a complete stop, but they have sầu the lowest top tốc độ.

Medium weight karts are a good balance of the two - medium acceleration và medium top speed.



In mario kart 64, lightweights actually have sầu both the fasdemo acceleration và highest top tốc độ. Middleweights have sầu the lowest acceleration, và giới thiệu the same top tốc độ as the heavyweights. The other differences between weight classes are things like speed loss during a turn, handling, và determining who spins out during a collision, which is also the only difference aước ao characters of the same weight class. The data is demonstrated in this đoạn Clip.

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It could be argued that in the race modes (grand prix and vs) top tốc độ và acceleration are by far the most important characteristics, making the lightweights superior. However in battle mode these traits are less important.


Lighchạy thử to heaviest: Toad, Peach, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Wario, DK, Bowser. You learn this when you play battle mode a lot.

Also, if Peach & Toad ram into each other Toad will get affected. Simularily if Bowser rams into lớn DK, DK gets injured.


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