Nintendo <1,698 articles>" href= >Nintenvì is planning to celebrate Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary this year with several Mario Switch Remasters.

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Multiple sources have told VGC that the platkhung holder is planning to lớn hold an event lớn coincide with this year’s anniversary, which marks 35 years since the start of the mainline Super Mario series in 1985.

As part of its anniversary celebrations, Nintenvị will reveal plans khổng lồ re-release most of Super Mario’s 35-year baông chồng catalogue this year, remastered for Nintenbởi vì Switch <1,588 articles>" href= >Nintenbởi Switch, VGC was told.

UPDATE: Nintenbởi vì has officially announced the Mario Switch Remasters:

Super Mario 3 chiều All-Stars has finally been revealed for Nintenbởi vì Switch
ORIGINAL STORY CONTINUES: As VGC’s network partner Eurogamer reported in a follow-up to this story, the remasters will include 1996’s Super Mario 64, 2002’s Super Mario Sunshine & 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy.

Nintenvày will also release several other Mario titles in 20trăng tròn, including a new instalment in the Paper Mario series & a Deluxe cộ version of 2013’s Super Mario 3D World. <UPDATE 14/05: Nintenvị has now announced Paper Mario for Nintenbởi Switch>

The plans are phối khổng lồ be revealed alongside new details of Nintendo’s partnership with Universal, và the pair’s Super Nintenbởi vì World theme park attractions và animated Super Mario movie.

Nintenvì chưng has already unveiled one flagship licensing giảm giá khuyến mãi planned lớn commemorate the anniversary: a special interactive Lego Mario mix which sees players collecting coins & defeating enemies in real-life ‘levels’.

Mario Switch Remasters

Which Mario remasters are coming to Switch?

1996’s Super Mario 64, 2002’s Super Mario Sunshine and 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy will be released for Nintendo Switch, VGC understands.

When will Mario Switch remasters release?

The Mario Switch remasters will be released in late 20trăng tròn as part of Super Mario’s 35th anniversary celebrations.

The Super Mario 35th Anniversary reveal was originally due lớn take place as a physical sự kiện at E3 in June, VGC was told, but Nintendo is now reviewing its plans in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. E3 2020 has been cancelled due khổng lồ the virus outbreak & Nintenvày could instead opt for a digital showcase.

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Approached for bình luận on this story, Nintenvày said it “does not phản hồi on rumour & speculation.”

Nintenbởi vì last celebrated a milestone Mario anniversary with the series’ 30th anniversary in 2015.

The company commemorated the occasion with various events and merchandise, including two special edition 8-bit Mario Amiibos. Super Mario was licensed for products from Hot Wheels, Moschino, Trump cards & more.

That year’s celebrations culminated with the release of Super Mario Maker for Wii U <155 articles>" href= >Wii U in September năm ngoái, exactly 30 years since Super Mario Bros.’ original release for Famicom in Japan.

While its core business remains making and selling games, Nintenvì has increasingly moved to lớn leverage its popular IPhường in various ways in recent years.

The company’s new Nintenbởi vì Tokyo store opened in November 2019, while the Super Nintenvị World theme park l& at Universal Studgame ios Japan was scheduled to launch this summer.

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The company has also recently partnered with fashion brands such as Uniqlo and Levis for Nintendo-themed clothing lines.

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Nintenvị president Shuntaro Furukawa recently said the company’s efforts khổng lồ broaden its audience by leveraging its IPhường outside of video games was bearing fruit, & Nintenbởi vì director Shigeru Miyamokhổng lồ <89 articles>" href= >Shigeru Miyamoto lớn also touched on this topic in a Famitsu interview.

“We want to exp& our video clip game characters to lớn a variety of settings – not just in games, all while keeping their value,” Miyamoto lớn said. “In other words, we’ll be collaborating with various other companies. If we’re able to accomplish that, we can create more opportunities for people to lớn make contact with our characters on a much larger scale than usual.”

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