Super Bomberman R For Nintendo Switch, Super Bomberman R

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Core FeaturesLocal Co-Op


4 Players Online Co-Op


7 PlayersCombo Co-Op (Local + Online)


Up to 7 Local or OnlineLAN Play or System Link


4 Players

The Co-Op Experience

Two Bombers can team up locally to tackle the game”s story mode campaign. Both players sharelives and must work together to avoid deaths from friendly fire.

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Players can also form a team and battle against A.I. bots in the “Battle Mode.” The mode supports up to 8 players total (either humans or bots), and teams can be formed out of those 8. One Switch supports up to 4 players total via couch co-op.

For the Nintendo Switch only, WAN play is supported using up to 4 Nintendo Switches. Multiple players can play on one Switch and connect via WAN, thus the maximum number for “Combo Co-Op” is 7 (e.g., 3 players on one Switch, 4 on another. Or 2 players each on 3 Switches and 1 player on their own Switch).

Finally, the multiplayer “Grand Prix” mode also allows co-op against teams of A.I. controlled bots. This mode supports up to 6 players (humans or bots) total.


The 8 Bomberman Rangers, sworn protectors of the universe, take on the Evil Emperor Buggler and 5 dastardly Bombers. Our heroes will battle their way through 5 different but dangerous worlds, and face 5 villains in epic boss fights as they do.

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