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Sun 20th Dec 2009

Definitely needs to see a VC release. Not sure if I ever played the SNES version, but the arcade version was quite epic.




Orgone mentioned, Arcade Sunset Riders is also a superb game and would be a brilliant inclusion on Virtual Console Arcade, although Konami have not released any of their Arcade games in the West yet, I am not sure about Japan. Below is a list of some of the details which the Arcade game features, which the SNES does not:

4 player co-op.A manoeuvre whilst riding your horse, in which you can lean down low on it, to avoid bullets.More clear speech.Loads more enemy sprites.Massive, nicer looking explosions, including a superb eruptive blast during level two when you blow up the stage coach, although the SNES mode 7 style explosions are still cool.On screen prompts for joystick and button controls.Booze and tavern girl kissing doorway power-ups and female bandit enemies.Slightly longer levels.More wacky character animations when your character steps on a pitch fork, is flattened by a barrel, or is burnt to ashes by flames.Stage one has animated horses in its background.Native American enemies are on level six, as well as a wicker basket lift which carries your characters down the mountain.A section in which your horse gallops through the river on level seven, splashing water as it leaps.The final level”s fort collapses under explosions more convincingly, you get to use a gattling gun to blow up fences and this level also has a huge water wheel which takes you upwards, through the stage.

You get the idea, it is mostly visual differences, the Arcade is more detailed, but the SNES still does a fine job of replicating the gameplay from the Arcade game.

Sun 20th Dec 2009

I love Sunset Riders! It”s such a great game! Everything about it is just awesome, the music, the challenge, the controls, everything! Not to mention, it is a very good SNES port for an arcade game, kinda like how Turtles In Time had a port just as good as the Sunset Riders port.


Sun 20th Dec 2009

I loved playing the arcade version! I don”t care what version they put up, I want this VC NOW!!! =D

Sun 20th Dec 2009

Nice review for a great game. I”ve been wanting to pick this up for awhile. I”m just torn on whether to get the SNES or Genesis version. As mentioned in the review the SNES version has the same level layout as the arcade while the Genesis version has a completely different layout. The Genesis version is also missing two of the playable characters as well.

Sun 20th Dec 2009

played on the genesis and in the arcade, tons of fun. Never tried the snes version.

Sun 20th Dec 2009

This sounds like a very good game to play. Let”s hope if the game ever makes an apperance that we get this version and not the obviously inferior Sega Genesis version.

Sun 20th Dec 2009

Once again, great review, JamieO. I never played Sunset Riders, but it is a game I”ve been interested in for some time. But I have played Bank Panic (while I still had MAME32) and I remembered having fun with it. I”ma have to pick up the SNES cart someday.Fucshia. Haven”t heard that color name in a long time.I also love that introductory line.

JJ I have just booted Mega Drive/Genesis Sunset Riders again for a quick blast, you know lots about each version already, but this will give you some extra pointers specific to the MD/Gen, to help you decide:

There is no longer the arcade/SNES intro sequence.Colours are generally less bright than the SNES version, with goofier main sprites, it is nicely detailed, though. It is a shame that the MD/Gen title has that ugly black bar at the top of the screen, creating a border and squeezing the graphics, to show the number of lives remaining and how many dollars you have earned.Gameplay is a complete mix-tape of Arcade and SNES versions, bosses are in a different order, set-pieces are similar, like the train top sequence, but they have still been altered.Excellent music is still present, but in a different sequence and I think that the MD/Gen may have its own specific tunes(?). There is no boss speech, only comic book style speech bubbles.Levels are longer and are split into two parts now, the first is a save the “Help Me!” girl and the second part is hunting down the boss for the bounty. The MD/Gen version has less bosses.Animations for characters being flattened and burnt to ash have returned, the bar girls are back in the doorways and Chief Wigwam”s (now retitled and poorly spelt as Chief Scalpen) cliff top rope lifts & tribe are back.MD/Gen has a new bonus sequence in which you chase and catch coins/1up lives thrown by girl out the back of a stage coach.Only two selectable characters, now called Billy Cool and Cormano Wild.You are no longer sent to the very start of the stage when you lose all of your lives, although this does not make the MD/Gen version an easy game, this version still throws a lot at you!

If I was forced to choose between the two Sunset Riders conversions, I would go for the SNES game. I would treat the MD/Gen version like Sega”s console release of Golden Axe 2, in that it is more fun as a side-addition to the original, once you have already played the arcade conversion through. There is still lots of fun to be found in the MD/Gen adaption though, plus loads more kissing! There has not really been a poor Sunset Riders game.

Also, Cheers lots,

Sun 20th Dec 2009

From what I”ve seen of the screen capture, that title screen still looks lovely.

Sun 20th Dec 2009

this game is one of the best wild west games and its just a blast

Sun 20th Dec 2009

I also concur about Konami making good licensed titles: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (a childhood favorite of mine) and Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose! are such good games. I”ve played The Simpsons arcade game once, at CiCi”s Pizza years ago. And from what I”ve played, I had fun. I miss it so.

Sun 20th Dec 2009

Great game. The snes one is a very good port in times when it was harder to get them arcade perfect.

Well worthy of the 8/10 heck maybe even 9. No complaints about it at all, the differences between arcade and snes are acceptable considering. Also in my top 10 of best snes shooters. After contra / Metal slug I think this one goes in next.

Sun 20th Dec 2009

What”s funny is, when I was very little, when I played Turtles in Time on the SNES with my cousins so much, I never knew of the arcade version until I saw the arcade cabinet (but haven”t played) in a Hampton Beach Funarama Arcade in New Hampshire years ago during summer vacation.

Sun 20th Dec 2009

Was just playing this the other day. Basically Contra set in the wild west, good times good times.

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Mon 21st Dec 2009

Hard as Contra, eh? I love Contra III, so I”m sure I”ll have so much fun with Sunset Riders.

Mon 21st Dec 2009

I had never heard of this game until the asset request came in from you! It does look pretty cool though. No Konami arcade games have reared their heads on the Wii yet, sadly; I suspect they”ll get the MSX ports out before they do that to maximise the double-dip potential.

The two western-themed arcade games that stick out in my mind are the aforementioned Gun.Smoke (totally brilliant, I”d love a VCA edition) and TAD”s follow-up to Cabal, Blood Bros., which improved upon Cabal by replacing the more fault-prone trackball with a joystick and “dive/roll” button.

Mon 21st Dec 2009

I think I played Cabal once when I once had my MAME32 CD my cousins gave me (before it ran away from home). It was…okay from what I remembered. But I forget if it involved a ton of keyboard buttons or not (I don”t have a USB controller, and I haven”t played the CD for years).

Sean_Aaron Ha, ha, good call on TAD”s 1990 arcade Blood Bros., it was completely nuts! It did not just have Wild West trains, there were biplanes and zeppelins in it, too. It had a cool level set to a waterfall backdrop and featured full on destructible scenery, on one level you could take down entire mountains. The end of each sub-level little ditty tune still sticks in my head!

Mon 21st Dec 2009

Does Wild Guns have a similar play control to Cabal? That game looks interesting too.That”s two wild west games, not counting that one stage from SNES Turtles in Time, that I”m interested in

Starboy91 Yep, for Wild Guns think of Cabal, Blood Bros. and the Neo Geo game NAM-1975 and you are on the right track. It has robotic cowboys and simply giant robots, massive bosses, destructible backgrounds, two player co-op and versus (on the bonus levels) with two characters, Clint and Annie. It was decent looking as well. However, it was criticised back in the day and I”ll quote Super Play magazine on this:”But it has one fault; you can”t use a mouse with it. For a game with a moveable target, this is a glaring omission.” (Issue 24, Oct 1994).I don”t know of that many games which used the SNES mouse, though it might be surprising!

Mon 21st Dec 2009

The only game I played on the SNES that required a mouse was Mario Paint. Fun game, too, played it when I escaped Hurricane Rita four years ago.

Cripes! I just noticed the rarity and expensiveness of Wild Guns at $50+. That game must be highly sought after.

Thu 24th Dec 2009

This game was in every pizza joint and arcade in northern California in the early 90″s. Absolutely love this game. Walk in a door, get laid, have a drink, all in 0.7 seconds. That”s my kind of day.

Mon 28th Dec 2009

A great game, but I”m pretty sure the SNES port lacked levels found in the arcade original, which was a major bummer.

Tue 2nd Feb 2010

Sunset Riders was a great arcade game made by Konami. Every Konami arcade game was great in the days.

Sat 5th Jan 2013

Why hasnt sunset riders come out yet? This better come out on vc for Wii u

Sat 6th Feb 2016

Finally bought it! Cost me $80 but worth it

Thu 21st Apr 2016

soma Yikes!! I forgot how expensive that game was.

I just played it for the first time in years tonight, we”ll the arcade version and forgot how fun this game is.

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Yes, very expensive but I wanted it on my collection since I was a kid. Very fun game and cheaper than Ninja Warriors or Dracula X, sadly I think I”ll have to pass those games

soma If you have a Wii or Wii U you can get Dracula X that way through the VC service. And they have both the TG-16 and SNES versions available


Yes thank you, already bought both the Snes and TG-16 on Virtual Console, but wanted Dracula X physically as it”s the only Castlevania I”m missing in my Nintendo collection (not counting GameBoy and Circle of the Moon)


soma Ah gotcha. Yeah I can understand that. However I am at the point where I just want to play the games now more so then collector value.

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