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Download LinksDeveloper: CapcomGenre: FightingOriginally on: Saturn (1996) Works on: PC, WindowsEditor Rating:Rate this game:
Capcom has timed the surprise test launch of Street Fighter Altrộn 2 to lớn perfectly coincide with the release of the home page versions of Altrộn. What a great time lớn update the series & breathe new life inlớn the game.
Capcom has once again overhauled the Street Fighter series. While taking the Japanimation look of Altrộn, the backgrounds have sầu been redone. A lot of players complained that Alpha"s levels were boring. The new areas feature more details & plenty of animated characters. One particularly cool effect đơn hàng with a small pool of water that splashes & ripples as player’s stomp through it.
One of the major changes found in Alpha 2 is the addition of more fighters. With the game totaling 18 characters in all (so far), Akuma, Bison and Dan are now selectable. Fortunately, you no longer have lớn bởi vì a triông xã to lớn play as them. Three new fighters have sầu appeared, as well as two old favorites.
Rolenlớn is a member of the Mad Gear Gang from the Final Fight series. He looks lượt thích a soldier, và his moves involve sầu his baton & grenades. He moves just like he did in Final Fight. His attacking style is cđại bại to Vega with lots of nimble flying attacks.
Sakaru is a young school girl wearing a sailor suit. Her moves mimic Ryu"s, with a spattering of Chun-Li-type attacks. Her equivalent khổng lồ the Dragon Punch does a lot more damage than Ryu"s, though. Her background history is currently unknown. However, she is thought lớn possibly be a student under Fei Long.
Gen is another of the fighters resembling Tung Fu Ru of the Fatal Fury series. His attacks are, for the most part, close-range, particularly his Hand Slap. One unique aspect to this original Street Fighter is that he can change his fighting style lớn a complete phối of new moves.
Due to lớn popular demvà, Zangief is baông chồng. This Russian wrestler is somewhat the same. His Fierce Leg Sweep has been slowed down tremendously. However, his super special attaông xã is particularly deadly.
Dhalsim returns intact. There is virtually no change in this character from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. All of his attacks--lượt thích the Yoga Torpebởi, Yoga Flame & Yoga Teleport--are the same long-ranged strikes.
There"s a new combo system that involves setting up custom programmed moves. To start the special combos, press three buttons simultaneously lớn start your character glowing (similar to a super combo). The three buttons have to lớn be either two Punches và one Kiông xã, or two Kicks và one Punch. Once the combo is started, the player can chain moves by tapping a certain combination of Kichồng and Punch buttons. How this will affect the gameplay once it"s finished is unknown.
Capcom is known for hiding characters in its games, & rumors are abuzz of Blanks hidden inside as well as a guest appearance from Guile. Retsu, Goken & Gosetsu are also potential secret characters. Will these possibilities come true? Diligent gamers are hunting for them.

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At the time of our preview, the game was only 70 percent complete. Most of the gameplay hasn"t been tweaked yet. The computer Al was simplistic. Even the ending wasn"t programmed. Still from this early look, Street Fighter Altrộn 2 does the series proud.
You can"t argue with the success of the Street Fighter dynasty. Although many people may complain that Capcom has trouble with counting (namely, lớn three), all of their Street Fighter games enjoyed small fortunes in the arcade and in trang chủ console systems.
Street Fighter II popularized the one-on-one fighting scene. (It is not the original; many similar games lượt thích Karate Champ existed long before SF2, but never caught on in the same wildfire-lượt thích fashion.) Countless rip-offs spawned out of that popularity, including some from Capcom themselves. Everyone wanted a piece of the pie; some companies (i.e., Data East) were even sued for copying the Street Fighter formula too closely.
Many Street Fighter II games came out, each improving on the old The new features in SFA2"s gameplay take almost everything found in the previous titles và slap them together in what can be considered the best single Street Fighter yet.
So what did the Alpha series introduce? New characters. Some were alluded khổng lồ in previous installments, lượt thích Guile"s friend Charlie (or Nash, as he"s known in Japan). Others are completely new fighters invented for the game, lượt thích Rose.
Also new in a way are the Super Combos. They were seen in Super SF2 Turbo, but this time, each character has two to lớn four Supers that can be charged up khổng lồ three different levels. Each increasing cấp độ can vị more hits & damage, of course.
Altrộn Counters are the one mix of features that added the most technique khổng lồ the game. This simple move will allow you lớn get in free attacks if you successfully bloông chồng an opponent"s attaông chồng. Timing with Altrộn Counters is critical & can turn the tide of a battle many a time.
Street Fighter Altrộn 2 includes all of that and offers the addition of even more unique players. In total, SFA2 will have sầu 19 characters. This is six more than SFA"s original 10 (plus three hidden> characters. The new six characters are Gen, an old man who can switch fighting styles between crane and mantis martial arts; Rolenlớn, a combo-crazy soldier armed with a staff và grenades; Sakura, a young schoolgirl with nothing new khổng lồ offer; the Indian Dhalslặng và the Russian Zangief, both of whom were "original" Street Fighter II veterans và a secret character named Evil Ryu. Players will also be able to lớn access Street Fighter II: Champion Edition versions of Zangief and Dhalsyên ổn.
Besides the new lineup, the primary new feature that Street Fighter Alpha 2 offers that no predecessor has before is the new Custom Combo feature. This cheap system replaces the even cheaper Chain Combo system in SFA. Basically, when your fighter"s bộ combo meter fills up. you can press a combination of three buttons (either two Punches & a Kiông chồng, or two Kicks và a Punch) that will start a timer. This timer indicates how long you can perkhung your Custom Combo; the higher the level on your meter, the longer the timer will go. During this time, your character will have shadows trailing. All moves will be automatically linked together & hit sequentially, if not blocked. So you can shoot 10 fireballs in a row, or just Roundhouse Kick as often as time allows. Flashy? Definitely. Cheap? You can say that, but it"s still fun.

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Street Fighter Altrộn 2 may be the last of the great 2-D fighters by Capcom. The gaming industry is moving toward the rendered 3-D world of polygons for realism in fighting games, và Capcom is already headed in that direction with Star Gladiator. Will this be their * last 2-D hurrah? We"ll have sầu to lớn wait for Street Fighter III to lớn see.

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