The facebook page now has hitbox data available for tải về as well as a link to lớn my dropbox as another source. KeikoMars has been sent the info as well & should appear on the Altrộn 2 blog.

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This thread is being updated to be more organized. Therefore all info has been consolidated inlớn a quiông chồng reference thread. Continue lớn discuss & ask away here, but any information will be in the following liên kết.

(Altrộn 2 Quiông xã reference thread

I think as far as old games go this one is the most slept on nowadays & people are missing out on one of the best games khổng lồ play casually. Here is pretty much alot of the stuff I learned from ogs & other people in the 7 years I have sầu been playing this game. This game is so much more deep than build metter and ac or cc. Most the time if you randomly cc you are wrong & get countered. When everything is done, Ill add all this lớn the wiki, and update them as needed. These are basic guides breaking down characters normals, specials, supers, ccs, acs, and how to lớn apply the tools they have sầu lớn win. I’ll also try khổng lồ go more in depth when they are all done, character matches etc.

Now I think Alpha 2 is one of the best games lớn learn in terms of being able to lớn play SF. This game combines what you need lớn know from basic footsies that apply to all game and well as the threat of customs in other games such as A3 and CvS2. This is a heavy footsie based game. If you can play ST you can play this. The biggest reason this game scares off people in my opinion is easy high damage customs và alpha counters. Anyone abusing those can easily be beat if that is their entire game plan although depending on you character it can be effective sầu. People tend to give sầu A3 a chance over A2 because if those reasons. A3 nerfed the ac khổng lồ be unusable and the custom system is much more broken if you can utilize it correctly leading to lớn unblockables, otgs, guard breaks, and infinites. The biggest problems with customs in A2 is mainly the Valle CC and high damage on certain ccs. The same as Altrộn 3 though you can counter activate a custom, but a difference is A2 ccs have nowhere near the invincibility as A3 vcs. In A2 it easy lớn bait customs due to lớn people trying lớn get a blowout cc.

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In general if you play the game like ST, but understvà the uses of customs và acs, the game becomes rather easy & hands down one of the most fun games khổng lồ play. The following is a danh mục of the more abusable things in the game khổng lồ watch for & some things to use against it.

Kens’s kichồng alpha counter- The range is incredible & shuts down fireballs with ease. Easy to lớn alpha counter reversal with normals.

Chun Li- Just the character in general. Too much priority on everything, really good hitbox on fireball, huge damage on cc. You really want to lớn be safe và know how khổng lồ anti air or dp khổng lồ stop her from jumping. Even then her ground game is so good. You have to lớn know the match up well lớn win vs a person of around equal skill. Comparable to lớn fighting ST chun in terms or air priority.

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To be updated more


I’ll set them up in mega upload or something as soon as it is all complete, I will release on a character by character basis until the whole book is scanned.


Street Fighter Alpha 2 wiki updated

Charlie wiki completeRose wiki completeSodom wiki completeBirdie wiki completeGuy wiki in progressZangief wiki in progressAdon wiki in progress

—Dan vids

pSEzw252akM&feature=related>YouTube - UB4jJKJKolk&feature=related

Birdie 101 (UPDATED CCS MARCH 29, 2009)


RSX và Co. teach A2. By RSX

—Birdie vidsgWo5kCVhs8M (5 final cc by thegreenplug in a real match)

—Gen Vids

Uc-FVdlBg-0>YouTube - YXIAL__4maM&feature=related>YouTube - yG5VQAJd9Kg&feature=related>YouTube -

—Akuma vids

m8vMvqUirUk&feature=related>YouTube - qijipoT-8Og&feature=related>YouTube - dhIN5eG6yBE&feature=related>YouTube -

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