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10 Rarest Street Fighter Arcade Cabinets Street Fighter”s roots are in the arcade, and over the years since its 1987 debut, many cabinets playing its various iterations have become very rare.

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No matter what kind of gamer you are, there”s something about arcade cabinets that”s both inviting and daunting. A fully-fledged setup of sit-down, stand up, duck down, and dance around machines are still available in most modern arcades, and chances are there”s at least one fighting game you can play. If you”re lucky, you might even find an original Street Fighter arcade cabinet.

Street Fighter has grown into a billion-dollar property, with Street Fighter V selling 4.7 million units. That doesn”t stop people from continuing to play classics such as Street Fighter 3rd Strike and Street Fighter II. Some people still enjoy getting the truly original experience of these titles by playing them on an arcade machine. Some of them have become quite rare, however.

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Thanks to arcademuseum.com (Otherwise known as Killer List of Videogames), there”s database of users and logged information to draw from when researching them. Their job is to preserve this information and implant the importance of keeping these great games alive. Information includes a rarity score out of 100, members that own specific arcade machines, along with eBay listings of a game when available. Let”s check out the rarest of them.

Ken vs Ryu in the original Street Fighter
The one and only that started it all, where Ken and Ryu started their rivalry, Street Fighter is about as rough around the edges as you would expect. It includes a small roster, limited move set, and an extreme amount of unfairness. What you would get out of playing such an outdated game is uncertain, but some have vowed to obtain an original Street Fighter cabinet.

Take TopTierArcade for example, who found the machine back in 2016 for $700 CAD ($537.25 USD). He added, however, that this was due to luck. Looking at the member”s list, it”s evident that quite a few actually own either the original setup or just the board.

9 Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Rarity: 22 out of 100)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is a blend of previous Alpha titles with an expanded roster and the tightest feel all around. Allowing you to choose 3 different modes of play, there are a lot of possibilities to fiddle around with. It”s a satisfying experience that allows for any type of player to get immersed.

According to VAPS, there are 90 known instances of Street Fighter Alpha 3 being owned by users on the site. Sadly only 12 of them are original machines, with the vast majority being the circuit boards. There is a cabinet on eBay currently, but it is unverifiable whether it”s original or not.

Street Fighter Alpha official artwork from arcade 1995
Moving back in time, Street Fighter Alpha is closer in feel to Street Fighter II. The jumping feels the same. Chipping at the life bar, even when you”re blocking, does far too much damage. Altogether, it”s at least fascinating to see just how much work Capcom puts into catering to fans and improving on gameplay.

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There are even fewer original machines logged onto the VAPS website. While Alpha 3 has 12, Alpha has 7.

7 Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Rarity: 15 out of 100)

Street Fighter 3rd Strike Arcade machine
Possibly one of the most influential arcade games of all time, 1999 was blessed with a precise graphical masterpiece. Using the vibrant CPS III system, Street Fighter III just got better and better until it culminated into what most fans shorten to 3rd Strike. There”s still a competitive scene for it. Some might say Street Fighter would never be the same after it.

With an intro song as recognizable as 3rd Strike”s, who wouldn”t want it to be playing at random times of the day, reminiscent of an era gone by? The single truth: it”s becoming increasingly hard to find. There was one sold on eBay for $2750.00. On Vintage Arcade Superstore the lone wolf sits with a hefty price tag.

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Well, they can”t all be winners. Based on the shameful movie, the pseudo-realistic graphics bring to life Jean-Claude Van Damme”s Guile, Raul Julia”s M. Bison, and many more. It”s a bit of an oddity in the Street Fighter timeline, and it”s questionable just why you needed a video game adaption of a movie based on a video game.

While not many people are chewing at the bit to buy this game, it should be noted that there still is an effort to preserve its existence. With only 5 original dedicated machines logged at this time on VAPS, the outlook doesn”t look too great.

5 Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact (Rarity: 9 out of 100)

To be stricken or to be impacted, that is the question. The second installment of Street Fighter III brought more fighting, more combos, and more chaos. One could look forward to the all-new strung together storyline, featuring Urien and Hugo as new characters.

For reasons similar to previous entries, 2nd Impact is not the easiest cabinet to pin down. Only two original dedicated machines are logged on VAPS, while the majority are simply circuit boards.

Street Fighter EX Plus was a snazzy, new looking entry for the modern age. It improved on the spacial aspect of fighting, allowing 3D playing fields and approaches more akin to Tekken. It”s nothing too crazy, but with the help of Arika Street Fighter never looked better. Eccentric characters like Skullomania steal the show.

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There is all but one original instance of this machine on VAPS website. This may not be the most remembered Street Fighter game, or the most liked either. Accordingly, people”s desire to purchase this game is very low. For preservationists, however, it is a sad sight to behold.

3 Street Fighter EX2 Plus (Rarity: 2 out of 100)

Street Fighter EX 2 Plus was a sequel to the original EX game with a brand-new feature called Excel moves. That”s a pretty good tie in with the title of the game. Excel moves allow for some pretty terrifying combos that you wouldn”t want to be caught on the other side of.

According to VAPS, there are two original machines logged on the site. Good luck getting your hands on one of these.

This is a super rare and limited version of an already popular game. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. The yellow label edition of Street Fighter II is illustrious and doesn”t have a lot of information going for it. The only honest picture, it seems, is grainy. You can view it here on the VAPS website.

Apparently, there are a grand total of 3 people that have access to an original machine. Though the real reason why it”s considered “scarce” is that there are only four instances of its existence overall.

1 Street Fighter IV (Rarity: 0 out of 100)

Sometimes time doesn”t even factor into the equation. It”s about location, it”s about distribution, and it”s about money. Back in 2008, when the fighting game community had already lost their minds over the release of Street Fighter IV in arcades, Capcom laid out some rules for purchasing a cabinet. According to an MTV news article, one of the rules was quite comical. You had to buy not one, not two, not three, but four cabinets in bulk to qualify for shipping. Talk about being a stickler for numbers.

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You can imagine that, on VAPS, there are not many people with one of these cabinets. There are 13 known instances of its existence. One such is the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois. It”s the real deal, but the point of contact at the arcade explained that their boss purchased it from the Japanese equivalent of eBay.

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