Little Snes Rom Hacks – Which Pal Snes Games Are Worth Converting To Ntsc

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With the SNES Classic out soon, and it looking like we”ll be able to tinker with it in the same way we did with the NES Classic, I thought it might be a good idea to get together some little tweak style patches for various games on there, or games you might want to add.What I”m not talking about is full blown game changes, new levels, all that stuff. Just small Quality of Life tweaks.And even if the SNES Classic never allows it, these could be good patches for emulation in general.Here”s a fun little list:Final Fantasy III – Ted Woolsey Uncensored EditionIf you want a patch to change FFIII to FFVI, this is probably the one to go for. It compiles a load of bug fixes, removes any censoring, lengthens spell names so we can have Firaga and co back, puts the item names back how they should be (no more Tonics), adds the class name back for each character, and generally tidies up the script a bit more thanks to some additional roomFinal Fantasy II – Namingway EditionSame as above, but for converting Final Fantasy II back to Final Fantasy IV.Final Fantasy V – GBA Script PortThis hack replaces all in-game field text, battle text, spell names, item names, monster names etc. with their relevant GBA equivalents, except where compromises had to be made to accommodate the stricter space limitations of the SNES game.Secret of Mana – Variable Width Font EditionMade by FuSoYa of Lunar Magic fame, this changes Mana”s rather horrible default font into a much nicer one. In doing so, it gave a lot more room, so he also expanded on the lines a little and made things sound more natural. It”s not a restranslation, just a facelift.Terranigma – NTSC PatchObviously Terranigma only came out in Japan and Europe, and if you want to play in English you do not want to dump your European ROM in to a 60Hz emulator like the SNES Classic is. This simple patch changes it to work at 60Hz and thus 60fps.Super Mario RPG – PAL VersionDon”t worry, although it”s called “PAL Version”, it doesn”t convert the game to 50Hz. That would be horrible, and there is in fact another hack that does that. What this one mostly does is change the button colours back to red/blue/yellow/green, but also tweaks one or two other words. Obviously US SNES Classic owners won”t care about this one, but it could be nice for us Europeans.Super Ghouls”n Ghosts – RestorationThis removes most of the slowdown present in the game, as it turns out Capcom just poorly programmed the game. It also tweaks a few graphics such as restoring crosses.F-Zero – Tracks UnlockedThis simple patch adds the missing tracks, such as Fire Field, to Time Trial mode. Makes you wonder why they weren”t there in the first place.Mario & Wario – Controller HackThis adds controller support to a previously mouse-only game. Essential if you want to play it on the SNES Classic, I guess.EarthBound – New ControlsRemoves some of the tedium related to controls. The A button now interacts with anything in front of you, the X button now opens the menu, the Y button now opens the map, and attempting to interact with the uninteractable no longer produces a ”No problem here.” message.

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There”s some patches that restore content from the Japanese versions:Final Fight 3 VII of Persia 3 of Fire 2 retranslation (also looks nicer and has a VWF): original translation is notoriously bad.
So anything else you guys would suggest? Any little tweak patches you just need on a SNES game when you play it?

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