How To Open Smc Files On Windows, Smc File Extension

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There are numerous file types available and your PC can handle most of them, with proper software of course. Speaking of file types, today we’ll show you how to properly open SMC files on your Windows 10 PC.

How can I open a SMC file on Windows 10?

What is SMC file?


If you ever encountered an SMC file type on your PC, you should know that this file is actually a Super Nintendo Entertainment System file. Basically, this file is an SNES game, and yes, you can run it on your PC.

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Are SMC files safe?

Yes, SMC files are safe to use and they don’t contain any malware. If you want to be on the safe side, you can always scan those files with your antimalware software and make sure that the files are clean from malware.

What applications work with SMC files?

Opening these files is easy, and in order to do so, you’ll need a SNES emulator. There are many great emulators for SNES, and if you want to run SMC files, here are few applications that you need to consider:


Open-sourceRuns on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and DOS


Portable, freewareMade in C++


For x86 PCsWritten in 32-bit C, C++, and NASM x86 assembly

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How to open SMC files?

To open an SMC file, you just need to download and run the appropriate emulator. Once the emulator opens, you should see the Open option from the top menu.

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Now you just need to locate the SMC file on your PC, select it, and it should run immediately. Bear in mind that some applications don’t have the option to open individual SMC files. Instead, you’ll need to choose the folder that holds all your SMC files, and then select the SMC file that you want to run from the list.

There you go, this is all you need to know about SMC files. If you found our article helpful, feel free to leave a comment below.

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