Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bomberman, Bomberman Mask + Outfit/Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets Creeper, Bomberman, & Travis Mii Fighters Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”s next round of Mii Fighter outfits includes more Minecraft representation, Bomberman, and No More Heroes” Travis.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bomberman Creeper No More Heroes Mii Fighters
As a part of the recent deep dive into the gameplay mechanics of new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character set Minecraft Steve, new Mii Fighter costumes representing a Creeper, No More Heroes” Travis Touchdown, and the self-explanatory Bomberman were revealed. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mii Fighter Costumes have typically been used to represent crossover characters that aren”t going to get the full fighter treatment. Whether it”s indie characters like Cuphead and Sans or a more obscure Nintendo pick like the Arcade Bunny or Skull Kid, this gives the series a chance to expand its ultimate crossover to as many franchises as humanly possible.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bomberman Creeper No More Heroes Mii Fighters
Of course, a character becoming a Mii Fighter costume doesn”t guarantee that they won”t become playable in the future. A full King K. Rool outfit was included with the original game, but that didn”t stop the developers at HAL Laboratories from including Donkey Kong”s nemesis as part of the first Fighter”s Pass. Fans of these characters will often hope for a full DLC reveal, as Mii Fighters do not have the variety in movesets to truly replicate any of the characters they”re meant to represent.

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For this seventh round of Mii Fighter costumes, Nintendo shares that there will be four franchises represented. In addition to Steve, Alex, Zombie, and Enderman from Minecraft becoming playable, Mii Brawlers can also dress up as the Creeper and Pig mobs from the game. There”s also a full suit of Minecraft Diamond Armor for Mii Swordfighters, who can also choose to represent The Tower of Druaga“s Gil, who”s makes his return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after initial appearance in Super Smash Bros. Wii U. While not as popular stateside, The Tower of Duraga was a hallmark arcade franchise for Namco in Japan, inspiring many future JRPGs.

Rounding out this round of DLC are two characters that many still wish were fully playable fighters. Many had Travis Touchdown as one of the possibilities for this week”s DLC reveal instead of Minecraft Steve, as a new No More Heroes is coming to Switch shortly. Alas, this radical swordsman is a Mii costume instead. Finally, it”s him. Konami”s Bomberman is available, a character who also appears in the game as an Assist Trophy. Unlike many Mii costumes, Bomberman is a fully modeled Mii character. His head and body combine to become the same model that”s already in-game and changing a Mii”s color gives the character many different alternate color schemes.

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The announcement of new Mii costumes for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be both exciting and heart-wrenching. Fans of characters like Bomberman and Travis Touchdown want them in the game fully, complete with music from the franchise, a new stage, and unique moves. While a costume is nice, it”s just not the same as a full DLC fighter. Of course, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is already a massive title, and the team can”t work on this game forever, so some characters are just going to be available in this form or not included at all.

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