Used Sanyo Q40 For Sale – Terjual Turntable Sanyo Plus Series Q40

I happened to be a few towns over today and stopped into a Goodwill. I wasn't too surprised at their dismal selection of treasures, but on my way to the door I noticed this box. Upon opening it I found a mint Sanyo Plus Q40 a new Audio Technica AT12E cartridge, fancy foam patter mat, and a selection of random record cleaning and TT care products. All for 19.99. I also grabbed a $.99 Glenn Miller album for good measure. I know It's not the best table, but it's a big step up for me and in great shape.

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Music Hall6 years ago
I have the Sanyo Plus Q25 and think it's a great table. I haven't actually used a Q40, but reading about it, I believe it is basically a full auto version of the Q25. From what I understand, neither was actually manufactured by Sanyo, but were OEM from CEC Japan.

Other than the plinth being a bit lightweight, it's a very good table. I've read about a couple people who have put modeling clay or cork in their base to control any stray resonance, but I haven't done that. The tonearm is lightweight and good for high-compliance carts like ADC (which mine came with). Some carts that were built for higher-mass tonearms seem to hit a resonance spot that you can hear in quiet parts of an album. My quartz-lock has been very solid and really quick to lock onto speed.

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I think the biggest maintenance issue with these series of tables is the cue mechanism. The damping fluid breaks down with age and lets the arm drop like a rock. After putting it off for a long time, I finally broke down and fixed it. It wasn't that bad, but does require a bit of time and patience. Now the arm gently floats onto the record.

Soundwise, I find it too be very clean and clear. In fact, I had got this table at an estate sale with the intention of quickly flipping it, but after sitting down and critically listening to it, it became my main player for over a year. It's getting the bump now because I want to try some vintage carts I've collected and the Pioneer PL-500 I have is more forgiving with the heavier ones.

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It may not be the “best” table, but it's certainly a very good one. I think you've got table that will last you quite awhile.

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