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New privacy and security features give users more control to browse freely with true peace of mind Electronics today announced a new update to Internet, its fast, easy and reliable web browser. Internet 13.0 introduces a series of new features and enhancements designed to offer users a better and safer browsing experience.

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“At, we’re always optimizing our products and services to offer the best experience to our users,” said Du Kim, VP and Head of Web R&D Group, Mobile Communications Business, Electronics. “Our lives are increasingly lived online, as people try to stay informed and connected, so we wanted to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the best the internet has to offer with peace of mind, knowing you can count on us to keep you safe.”

Protecting You From Prying Eyes

These days, it’s hard to know which website you can trust. Internet 13.0 offers a new permission request UI that will display a warning message if a website seems malicious and is attempting to trick users into allowing notifications. And since we know how much privacy means to our users, Secret mode allows them to automatically clear their browsing history as soon as all their Secret mode tabs are closed. A new Secret mode icon will also be displayed on the address bar as part of the Internet 13.0 update, so that it’s easier to know when it’s switched on. For more information about Secret mode, check out the new About Secret mode section.

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Permission Request UI – Before (left) and Internet 13.0 (right)



A Better User Experience

We introduced a series of new features and enhancements to make Internet even more user-friendly:

You can now use High contrast mode with Dark mode on, to make fonts and other components stand out even Internet 13.0 also introduces an Expandable App Bar for menus such as Bookmarks, Saved pages, History and Downloads.Get more screen space by hiding the status bar, to immerse yourself in the content you’re browsing.When watching a video in full screen with Video assistant, pause it by double tapping the middle of the screen.Easily edit the title of your bookmarks so that they’re easier to recognize and search.

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High contrast mode

Extension API for Developers

New Application Programming Interface (API) modules are now available for Internet 13.0, including WebRequest, Proxy, Cookies, Types, History, Alarms, Privacy, Notifications, Permissions, Idle and Management. Developers can use these APIs to build extensions and contact the Internet team to validate, approve and add their extension to the Internet browser. For more details, please visit

If you’re an existing Internet user, you will receive a notification telling you a new version is available. You can also download the latest version of Internet browser on the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store.

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