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Pet ModFusion Evolution Under Used (Submission Slate #11 | Pet Mod of the Season! | Fully Playable til slate #8! | Please read posts #1, #3 and #4)



Where official and unofficial competitive tournaments take place. Read the information thread before participating.

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*”s tutoring program for inexperienced players and those looking to refine their skill. Join the B101 Discord for live discussion.


Get your team rated in any generation or metagame. Join the Discord to seek advice or rate teams in real time.

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Discussion regarding Wi-Fi trading and battling as well as resources for breeding and capturing. Join the Wi-Fi Discord.
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Where articles, analyses, and spotlights are translated into French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

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The community”s artists gather here to exhibit their works and create pieces for”s official projects.
The designated locale for the conception, designing, and playtesting of original competitive Pokemon concepts. Join the CAP Discord for live discussion!
The designated locale for the playtesting and competition of original competitive Pokemon concepts. Join the CAP Discord for live discussion!
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