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R ( is a commonly used free Statistics software. R allows you to carry out statistical analyses in an interactive mode, as well as allowing simple programming. To use R, you first need to install the R program on your computer.

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Finding out the latest version of R:

To find out what is the latest version of R, you can look at the CRAN (Comprehensive R Network) website,

Installing R on Windows:

To install R on your Windows computer, follow the below steps:

Under “Download and Install R”, click on the “Windows” link.

Download the required the .exe file. You should see a link saying something like “Download R 3.4.0 for Windows” (or R X.X.X, where X.X.X gives the version of R, eg. R 3.4.0). Click on that link.

After downloading double-click on the R-3.4.0-win.exe to run it.

You will be asked what language to install it in – choose English.



6. The R Setup Wizard will appear in a window. Click “Next” at the bottom of the R Setup wizard window.



7. Click “Next” at the bottom of the R Setup wizard window.



8. The next page says “Select Destination Location” at the top. By default, it will suggest to install R in “C:Program Files” on your computer.

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9. The next page says “Select components” at the top. Click “Next” again.



10. The next page says “Startup options” at the top. Click “Next” again.



11. The next page says “Select start menu folder” at the top. Click “Next” again.



12. The next page says “Select additional tasks” at the top. Click “Next” again.



13. Now it will be installing in your machine. You will see something like this.



14. Now you will see “Completing the R for Windows Setup Wizard” appear. Click “Finish”.



15. Check if there is an “R” icon on the desktop of the computer. If so, double-click on the “R” icon to start R. If you cannot find an “R” icon, try step 16.

16. Click on the “Start” button at the bottom left of your computer screen, and then choose then choose Search Option, and start R by selecting “R” (or R X.X.X, where X.X.X gives the version of R, eg. R 3.4.0) from the list.

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On the other way, after installation you can locate the icon to run the Program in a directory structure “C:Program FilesRR-3.4.0ini386Rgui.exe” under the Windows Program Files. Clicking this icon brings up the R-GUI which is the R console to do R Programming.

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