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The Playstation 2 or PS2 is Sony’s second video game console made and was released during the sixth generation of video game consoles. It was released back in the early late 2000 and was discontinued in 2013. The system is considered as the highest-selling video game console of all time, selling over 155 million copies to date. Now, in the computing generations, people would want to find the best PS2 emulator for PC, hoping to play their favorite PS2 game on their computer.

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While emulation is still in an unclear area whether or not it is legal, that’s not stopping people from emulating the PS2. You could look at it this way, if you don’t sell any of the games, then you’re probably fine.


When it comes to the PS2 emulators out there, a lot of the issues when they first came out was that most PCs weren’t able to handle the emulator. Anyway, here is the best PS2 emulators for Windows PC you can use.


The PCSX2 is considered to be the best PS2 emulator that you can use. If you check this thing out from any site, a lot of people use this one for their PS2 games. The challenge here is that there are multiple versions but you can easily find the latest version available. The version hasn’t been updated for years now because it is perceived to be already working in its finest form.

Another challenge is that potentially some versions you may download will lack some BIOS along with the emulator. You can easily check the compatible BIOS that you can use for the emulator. Don’t forget to set the settings on the emulator in case it runs the games slowly. It can even run rapidly when the FPS jumps all over the place. If you did all of that, then you can use the best one out there.



This emulator is also called the NSX2 and like the PCSX2, it is only for Windows systems online. The NSX2 is good, although not as good as the PCSX2. This is an excellent alternative in case you’re not having any luck with using the PCSX2. It can run games at a good frame rate and can support ISO forms of the games.

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The great thing about this emulator is that it is also made and usable for Linux systems and not just Windows. This is perfect when you’re not using a Windows system. It is fine for what it is because the PS2Emu can deliver the chance for you to play your PS2 games. If there are some kinks in the emulator, then you just have to adjust some settings because it could also be your unit anyway.



You would probably think that Play! is the best PS2 emulator because it is made not only for Windows and Linux, but it is also made for the macOS, iOS, and Android. That’s right when you have something like a Google Chromebook that runs on Android, then this emulator is good. Those that have very powerful Android or iOS phones can pretty much run this emulator on their mobile device. There are issues like frames dropping but that’s not usually the fault of the emulator but more on the device or computer.

In Closing

These are the best PS2 emulators for Windows PC that we highly recommend to use. Though there aren’t a lot of emulators for the PS2 despite the success of the system. Then again, as long as it works and delivers for your system of choice, then that shouldn’t be a problem. aims to provide tech afficionados up-to-date news, tips and tricks, and everything related in the digital industry. Our purpose is to help readers get their money’s worth when purchasing IT products and services. We also help product manufacturers by giving them an opportunity to promote and review using our platform.

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