Jual Konektor Hdd Murah – Solved: Smart Status Bad Error

Receive the error message of “S.M.A.R.T. Status BAD, Backup and Replace”? Read on this page to learn what SMART error is and how to repair the SMART hard disk error.

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Step 4 Once booting from the USB drive successfully, the rev-conf.org program will launch automatically. It provides two modes for you to recover data – Hard Disk Copy mode and Data Recovery mode. Please choose one of them to recover your data from the crashed computer. For more detailed steps, check the rev-conf.org guide.



Once the SMART error is received, then it means that the hard drive can crash anytime. The crashed hard drive, therefore, was never detected by any software. On the other hand, the user needs to retrieve each piece of info from the infected drive. The rev-conf.org Data Recovery is therefore mentioned for all the users who wish to retrieve the data in full. Once the recover button is pressed, then the user can specify the location that can be used to save the recovered files.

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Pressing F1, the computer cannot boot. Your files might get damaged or corrupted. Get them back with rev-conf.org Data Recovery.

Part 5. The attributes of SMART

Each hard drive manufacturer ensures that a threshold value is set for a certain operation”s hard drive. Under normal circumstances, the threshold value should never exceed. If it is done, then the error is faced. There are a total of 256 values that are also associated with the HEX ID as well. Some of the errors and the threshold values are critical. The total number of errors that are considered to be critical is 11. The SMART error is one of them and, therefore, should be taken very seriously. There is no solution to the issue. The user needs to change the hard drive and make the backup as soon as the error is seen for the first time. For complete information and more study on the topic, the user can visit the URL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T.#ATA_S.M.A.R.T._attributes.

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The SMART error is critical, and there is no process at all that can correct it. If the error is encountered, it is never advised to disable it at all. SMART error screen always appears if the hard drive is not changed. The necessary steps are the backup as well as the data retrieval from the old sectors. Therefore, the user should choose AOMEI Backupper Professional or the rev-conf.org Data Recovery program to get awesome results. This program leads the users to the best results. Once the SMART error executes itself completely, no program could detect the hard drive. The necessary steps should, therefore, be taken first hand.

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