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Get the Pokemon Y Rom free full version from rev-conf.org, final release and having a different storyline. Pokemon Y rom is the most played game after X rom which is the big ever rom hack of Pokemon Games series. The Whole GUI and environment is changed from any previous version having a different area assigned to play and discover new places. You have to discover new places in the area assigned to you in order to find some new pokemons in the area. Pokemon Y rom is also developed by Game Freak, which is one of the famous gaming industry producing games of amazing quality. The Storyline of the game is really interesting that you will realize that how is this possible to include all the pokemon from all the latest generation in the game as this game is produced by the Pokemon Company.

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Explaining the Storyline of Pokemon Y:

The main role in the Y rom is changed this time, now you’ll be able to play the role of the main character as a boy or a girl choose whatever you want to play. Even you can also choose how to play like a hero in different places like cities etc. So the overall look of the main character is really awesome to experience. Now you can change the suit structure, find a look that suits you and play the game in its own charm.

The Whole storyline of Pokemon Y rom is changed from the previous version, now there are just two main characters options and you have to play one of them. Whether you are going to choose the boy character or girl, choose one of them with whom you are going to discover many places. Some new pokemon and fakemons characters will have some new roles and you have to control them, controlling any character will be the main skill you have.

About Travelling in Y ROM

Travelling is one of the most astonishing part of the game, you have to travel a lot in the game and for that, you have to set off on your travels. Choose that character with whom you are feeling good and comfortable to do adventures and complete the missions. The main adventure is in the place which is mainly known as the Kalos region, as there are different cities in the Kalos region and you’ll have to explore cities.

Role of Trainer

You have to train them properly so that you can take bug advantages in the future as you have to complete some advanced class missions and tasks assigned to you. Overall Pokedex is changed this time, some new pokemons from Gen 1 and Gen 3 are also part of the game, as we know they are mainly fighters and some of them will help you a lot while fighting with enemies.

Exploring Part

While exploring the cities you have to meet with different people in the region by completing different tasks assigned to you. You have to encounter different pokemons which are coming in your way. The overall graphics of the game is change, also all the cities having different unique elements and pokemons. You have to explore all of these items one by one by using different pokedex instructions. There are some desert areas in the cities, as you move forward you will see there are different green and white areas coming in your way.

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Fairy Type Pokemon

One of the major updates in this game (Pokemon y rom ) is a new type of pokemon, which is name as Fairy-type Pokemon. This is one of the first new Pokémon types which has a bunch of new features and properties. You can take help from this Pokemon in different missions ahead in the game. As we know this pokemon is from the Dark-type and Steel-type. Which were the properties of different pokemon from different Generations.

The Fairy-type having different movement properties according to Pokemon Games Company. The main thing in this Pokemon is that it has the properties of Dragon. Yes it is Dragon-Type pokemon which can fly and fight like Dragons. You can use these dragon type of pokemon in your own way. Yes, Sylveon which is the main part of the pokedex this time. Now the new Evolution of Eevee, which is obviously a Fairy-type Pokémon!

Battle System in Y rom Pokemon

The Battle system of the game is strong this time. Now you need a special trainer to train your pokemon characters to fight your enemies. Also, your enemies are so strong this time that no one can escape from their area. Once you entered to their area, then you have to tackle with them. Playing some tricks and using the powerful pokemons. For finding the exact locations of your enemies near you, use the pokemons. Use them that you have discovered while you were in the area and find them.

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During the battle with your enemies, make sure that you have the exact or enough power to defeat them. You can also increase your power by finding different colleagues pokemons from the area and then train them for battle. While you are in battle, you will have to face your enemies. As well as some dangerous pokemons in that area.

Difficulty Level of the Game

The Difficult level of the game is more advance and complex. You have to work hard and train the pokemons for yourself. So that you are able to defeat you enemies in the battlefield. Now they are strong enough that they can handle all the situation by themselves and win the missions from you. They are constantly involve in finding the different pokemons in the area so that they can use against you.

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Really Amazing Features of Pokemon Y ROM:

The Game is more complex than any other.Two Characters (Boy or Girl)New Levels.Great GUI and GraphicsNew Pokemons from Gen I and Gen VISome new Missions and tasks in the game.About 30+ new Pokemon this timeDifferent adventures at the same timeCompletely full 3D Gameplay this time.Pokemons from the Gen III.Some new 3D modeled characters and creatures.1 Pokemon from the Gen V.Overhauled the new battle system completely.Gogoat and RhyhornNow overcome obstacles easily.

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