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There are plenty of ROM hacks out there that simply alter the gameplay mechanics of the base ROM. One of those ROM hacks would be Pokemon Last Fire Red — a hack derived from FireRed. This ROM hack still follows the same story of the game but there are some minor changes and additions.

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The game has a ton of features that would be enough to keep you busy, for the most part. There’s nothing wrong with simply hacking a game and not being original. It is always the overall impact of the ROM hack which is where Last Fire Red can be advantageous and more!

Details on Pokemon Last Fire Red


Just as we mentioned, the story is pretty much FireRed in its original state. There are some minor changes and additions but you wouldn’t even notice them that much.

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While the story is the same, the features are where this game shines. First of all, the game has a graphical update, making it look like Pokemon Black and White. We’re not just talking about the character sprites but as well as battle animations complete with backgrounds. The UI as well is similar to those games, so that’s a complete visual overhaul.

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There are also a ton of updates in terms of Pokemon types, moves, abilities, and more. Don’t forget about the Pokemon roster as well mixed in with some Fakemon. You can also try Hard Mode later on when you’ve finished the game and even on your first time. The game is complete so that’s always a good thing.

Pokemon Last Fire Red Game Information


Feature List

Updated graphics similar to Black and WhiteBattle animations have been updated and battles have backgroundsLarge Pokemon roster from Gen 1 to 7Several Fakemon includedMega Evolution is availableAlola Forms are also availableDynamax in battlePhysical and Special splitDay and night cycleNew items added to the game and overall updatedPoke MonturesCan play in Hard ModeRun indoorsPokemon Trainer levels will scale with youTMs are reusableCan learn over learned HMsDexNav




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