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Pokemon Quest: A Beginner’s Guide

Pokemon Quest is a game from The Pokemon Company. The product was created for several platforms at once: Android, iOS, Nintendo. The main goal of the player is to collect as many Pokémon friends as possible, and go with them on various expeditions. At the start, you will receive 3 Pokemon, with which you will master the basics of the gameplay. The game is not difficult, so even a person who first installed a mobile game can easily master it. Over time, your Pokémon will begin to evolve, after which they become much stronger from expedition to expedition.

Main screen. The game has a main base where you will prepare food for new Pokémon, attracting their attention, tasks (Qvest) in the lower left corner of the main screen. Next to the quests is the “Pokedex” button, all the Pokemon you have attracted are displayed here, you can see all the characteristics of the heroes (by clicking on the avatar), and also change the composition of the combat squad.

In the center of the screen is a menu from your main command “Edit Team”, where you can change the composition of the group. Next to the button there are 3 leading Pokémon. By clicking on any of them, you can immediately go to its section.

The Expedition button is used to enter the adventure, where you will meet various opponents, walk through the forests and fields of the picturesque island, collecting ingredients for cooking. To return to base, click on the “Base Camp” button.


Adventure mechanics. After switching to the Expedition mode, your Pokémon will start running around the island on their own, in search of resources and opponents. As the level rises, the oncoming monsters will become stronger. During the battle, you can independently activate the super attacks of each fighter. The beat menu is located at the bottom center of the screen. As the level of Pokémon and their Evolution increases, new skills will appear.

The name of ordinary opponents, during the battle, is not displayed above their heads. But if you met with a powerful rival, then his name will be proudly marked over the enemy.

Tips for beginners:

Cauldron Full – New Pokémon only come to you if you cook, so don’t leave your stove idle for a long time. Also, while cooking, you will finish the Expedition faster.Progression – don’t forget about improving your heroes. As you get various materials and experiences in adventures, you need to constantly monitor the development of the characters.Squad change – if you decide to change the members of your main group, then do not forget to remove the enhancements from the old soldiers.Battle – when you control the battle yourself, you get more experience than in automatic mode.A type – although the Pokémon are divided into different types, they do not affect anything. Just separation.

Pokemon Quest: Best Pokemon

The best attacking Pokémon are the animals with the highest attack rate:

Mewtwo – attack 750.Pinsir – attack 725.Alakazam – attack 700.Site – attack 700.Aerodactyl – attack 675.

The best Protecting Pokémon – with high health points:

Golem – 700 health.Changxi – 675 Health.Slobro – 650 health.Poppy – 650 health.Lapras – 650 health.

There are 2 heroes who are equally strong in attack and defense – Mew and Mewtwo.

Pokemon Quest: Recipes


Cooking is an important aspect of the game, attracting new Pokémon to your camp. Each type of hero has its own recipe. We have collected all the recipes so that you can more effectively lure new friends.

You can use different pans to create the same recipe:

The Iron Pot requires 3 units of each ingredient from the set. Dishes cooked in a Bronze Pot will attract level 20 and above Pokémon.Bronze Pot – 10 units of each ingredient.The Silver Pot requires 15 of each ingredient, lures Pokémon level 40 and above.The Golden Pot requires 20 of each ingredient, lures Level 70 and above Pokémon into your camp.

Red Stew (Red stew). To create a recipe, you will need all the red ingredients and their various combinations. The dish attracts Pokémon who have red, orange, and even brown colors in their appearance. The main ingredient is 5 tiny mushrooms.

Required components The quality of the dish Attracted Pokémon
5 tiny mushrooms Normal Goldin, Growlith, Crabby, Manky, Spiro, Volthorbe, Vulpix
4 tiny mushrooms + Bluk berries (apricot or fossil)
4 tiny mushrooms + 1 large root Good Diglett, Doduo, Likitung, Paras, Porygon, Sluggish
2 tiny mushrooms and 3 large roots Fine Doduo, Farfetch, Likitang
4 large roots + 1 tiny mushroom
5 large roots Special Charmander, Evie, Growlith, Hitmonchan, Jinx, Kabuto

Mulligan Stew (Mulligan stew). This is the first Pokemon Attraction recipe you’ll make in Pokemon Quest.

Required components The quality of the dish Attracted Pokémon
2 Tiny Mushrooms (2 Bluk Berry, 2 Apricots, 2 Fossils) + 2 Tiny Mushrooms (2 Bluk Berries or 2 Apricots, 2 Fossil) + 1 Tiny Mushroom (1 Bluk Berry or 1 Apricot, 1 Fossil) Normal Nidoran, Oddish
4 Tiny Mushrooms (4 Blues or 4 Apricots, 4 Fossils) + 1 Large Root (1 Ice Stone or 1 Honey, 1 Balsamic Mushroom) Good Doduo, Exeggut, Magmar, Magnamite, Pitdey, Rattata
2 tiny mushrooms (2 blue berries or 2 apricots, 2 fossils) + 3 large roots (3 ice rocks or 3 honey, 3 balsamic mushrooms) Excellent Clefairie, Doduo, Ekans, Makeup Artist, Got
1 tiny mushroom (1 blue berry or 1 apricot, 1 fossil) + 4 large roots (4 ice rocks or 4 honey, 4 balsamic mushrooms) Excellent Gastly
5 rainbow cases Excellent
5 large roots (5 ice stones, 5 honey, 5 balsamic mushrooms) Special Bulbasaur, Chance, Eevee, Farfetch, Gastly, Hitmonchan, Jinx, Kabuto, Lapras, Magmar, Mister Mime, Pikachu, Pinsir, Snorlax, Squirtle, Tauros, Venonath


Blue Soda (Blue soda). To attract Pokémon like Squirtle or Ekans, take a bunch of blue ingredients, mix them together in a saucepan and set the dish to cook. The dish will attract blue Pokémon.

Required components The quality of the dish Attracted Pokémon
5 Bluk Berries Normal Caterpie, Nidoran, Watering, Rattata, Tentakul
4 Bluk Berries + 1 Tiny Mushroom (1 Apricot or 1 Fossil)
4 Bluk Berries + 1 Ice Stone Good Ekans, Griemerer, Horsey, Coffing, Mahop
2 Bluk Berries + 3 Ice Cliffs Excellent Dratini, Magikarp, Horsy
5 ice rocks Special Ditto, Dratini, Lapras, Omanite, Squirtle, Tangra, Magikarp

Yellow Curry (Yellow Curry). Will attract yellow and beige Pokémon to your camp.

Required components The quality of the dish Attracted Pokémon
5 apricots Normal Abra, Bellspout, Meovich, Pidgey, Psidak, Sandshreu, Old, Vidl
4 apricots + 1 tiny mushroom (1 blue berry or 1 fossil)
4 apricots + 1 honey Good Hitmonly, Ponita, Snorlax
3 apricots + 1 honey + 1 tiny mushroom (1 blue berry, 1 fossil)
2 apricots + 3 honey Excellent Doze, Try
3 honey + 1 apricot + 1 tiny mushroom (1 blue berry or 1 fossil)
5 honey Special Bulbasaur, Hitmonly, Kangaskhan, Skeeter

Gray Porridge (Gray porridge)

If a Pokémon has a gray, lilac, or cream color as its primary color, Cube Gray Porridge is a dish to attract to your camp.

Required components The quality of the dish Attracted Pokémon
5 fossils Normal Clefairi, Klubon, Geodad, Nidoran, Oddish, Rayhorn
4 fossils and 1 tiny mushroom (1 blueberry or 1 apricot)
4 fossils + 1 balsamic mushroom Good Clefairy, Exeget, Jiglipuff, Magnemite, Sel, Shelder. Onyx, Zubat
3 fossils +1 balsamic mushroom + 1 tiny mushroom (1 blue berry or 1 apricot)
2 fossils and 3 balsamic mushrooms Excellent Clefeyri, Venonat
1 fossil + 3 balsamic mushrooms + 1 tiny mushroom (1 blue berry, 1 apricot)
5 balsamic mushrooms Special Cubon, Venonat


Mouth Watering Dip (Appetizing sauce). The dish attracts Water Pokémon. Recipe can be made with blue ingredients.

Required components The quality of the dish Attracted Pokémon
3 Bluk Berries + 2 Tiny Mushrooms Normal Goldin, Crabby, Polivag, Psyduck, Staryu, Tentakul
3 Bluk Berries + 1 Tiny Mushroom + 1 Apricot (1 Fossil)
3 Bluk Berries + 1 Honey + 1 Apricot (1 Tiny Mushroom, 1 Fossil) Good Horse, Clam, Slow-witted
3 Bluk Berries + 1 Large Root (1 Honey, 1 Balsamic Mushroom) + 1 Tiny Mushroom (and 1 Apricot Root, 1 Fossil)
2 Bluk Berries + 2 Tiny Mushrooms + 1 Ice Stone
2 Blues berries + 1 ice stone + 2 honey (2 large roots, 2 balsamic mushrooms Excellent Kabuto, Lapras, Magikarp, Omanite, Sil, Slow-witted, Squirtle

Plain Crepe (Simple crepe). Pokémon of a normal type will come to you and fall on sweets and gray things.

Required components The quality of the dish Attracted Pokémon
3 Bluk Berries and 2 Fossils Normal Meowth, Pidgey, Rattata, Spiro
2 Blook Berries + 2 Fossils + 1 Honey Good Doduo, Likitung, Snorlax
2 honey + 1 blue berry + 2 balsamic mushrooms Excellent Jigglypuff, Porygon, Tauros
1 blue berry + 1 fossil and 2 honey and 1 balsamic mushroom
2 fossils + 3 honey
3 honey + 2 balsamic mushrooms Special Chanxi, Ditto, Evie, Farfeitch, Kanshashkhan

Sludge Soup ( Sludge Soup ). Attracts berry-type Pokémon. By creating this dish with various combinations of Tiny Mushrooms, Balsamic Mushrooms, Big Root, Blook Berries and Honey, you will lure Poisonous Pokémon into your camp.

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Required components The quality of the dish Attracted Pokémon
3 tiny mushrooms + 1 balsamic mushroom + 1 apricot Good Bulbasaur, Ekans, Griemerer, Coffing, Nidoran, Nidoran, Zubat
3 tiny mushrooms + 2 balsamic mushrooms
2 tiny mushrooms + 2 balsamic mushrooms + 1 large root (1 ice stone, 1 honey, 1 balsamic mushroom)
1 tiny mushroom + apricot (blue berry) + 3 balsamic mushrooms
3 balsamic mushrooms + 2 tiny mushrooms
1 Tiny Mushroom + 3 Balsamic Mushrooms, 1 Rainbow Matter Special Bulbasaur, Venonat

Light-as-Air Casserole (Light as air casserole). For cooking, you need to throw 3 mineral and 2 herbal ingredients into a saucepan. The casserole attracts flying Pokémon.

Required components The quality of the dish Attracted Pokémon
3 Fossils + 2 Large Roots Good Doduo, Pidzhi, Spiro, Zubat
2 Fossils + 2 Large Roots + 1 Ice Rock Excellent Farfetch, Zubat
1 Fossil + 2 Large Roots + 2 Ice Rocks
2 Large Roots + 3 Ice Rocks Special Aerodactyl, Farfetch, Skeeter

Other recipes:

Mud Pie (Mud Pie). The perfect dish for attracting land-based Pokémon to your camp. With a combination of minerals and soft items, you can create this recipe. Fossils, tiny and small mushrooms should be found. You can combine in any proportion.Veggie Smoothie (Herbal cocktail). Herbal Pokémon are trending and prefer vegetables, so a cocktail is the only dish they can’t resist. There are no complex ingredients in the recipe: you should take various herbal and soft ingredients to create a dish.Honey Nectar a la Cube (Honey nectar). We all know bugs drip sweet stuff, and Pokémon like the Bugs are no exception. The sweet and yellow ingredients mixed together yield Honey Nectar to attract the Pokémon Beetle. You will need to create a combination of 4 sweet things and 3 yellow ingredients.Brain Food (Food for the brain). Can you guess what food is favorite for PSP Pokémon? The answer is brain food. Made with sweet and hard ingredients, it will attract Exeget, Mr. Mime and Slopeck to your base. You need to take Bluk berries, put apricot root, fossil and honey on top.Stone Soup (Stone soup). Designed to attract stone Pokémon. Dishes are prepared from solid and mineral ingredients. So if you want to attract Rihorn, Geodud, Onyx or Omanit, you better choose this soup for cooking.

Pokemon Quest: Evolution


Since Pokemon Quest is a kind of RPG game, you will have to constantly update your Pokemon – otherwise you will not be successful. In this quick guide, we’ll share with you tips and tricks to make your Pokémon better and stronger, and give you a complete list of Pokémon evolutionary chains.

Evolutionary strategy

Expeditions – First of all, you will have to gain more and more experience points through numerous expeditions, quests and battles in order to turn your pocket monster into a ferocious warrior. Just don’t forget to use items that increase his strength, health and special movements.

Training – The best way to train your Pokemon is as follows:

Go to the “Training category” section.Then click on the “Level Up” button.Next, you need to select the Pokemon that you want to enhance.You need to move this Pokémon to the Pokémon Training slot.Pokémon should be picked up here.Then you need to click on the “Start training” button.Then press the “Training” button and click on “Level up”.

The more supportive Pokémon you add, the more experience points you get. Two identical Pokémon reach a higher level.

The Pokémon you choose to use as support Pokémon will be permanently removed from your collection. And the more Pokémon you donate, the more experience the upgraded Pokémon will get.

To get the maximum Level Points / XP, select the Support Pokémon of the same type as the Training Pokémon. This gives a certain bonus to experience.

Specialized decorations. In Pokemon Quest, decorations don’t just grace the landscape. Each of them has a specific function. Some of these will dramatically increase the total experience your Pokémon team gains.

These decorations include:

Bulbasaur Flag – increases the experience points gained by 1.5 times.Weathervane Farrow – increases the experience points gained by 2 times.Snorlax’s Chaise Lounge – increases Expedition experience by 2 times.Fertile Statue – Increases Pokémon Expedition experience to level 5.Spring Showers Statue – Up to level 10.Blooming Statue – Up to level 15.Statue of Serenity – up to level 20.Gentle Breeze Statue – Up to level 25.Statue of Plenty – up to level 30.Cleansing Statue – Up to level 35.Burning Mane – Up to level 40.Longevity Statue – up to level 50.Revered Statue – Up to level 60.

Some of the aforementioned decorations are only available through Expeditions. Others can be bought with tickets at the Poké Mart.

Pokemon Quest: Pokemon Evolution Chains


At what level does Pokémon develop? Of course, this depends on the specific Pokemon. There is a certain experience point mark that, when achieved, automatically causes the Pokémon to Evolve. We have prepared a list of evolution levels for you.

Original name 1 Evolution / transition level 2 Evolution / transition level
Abra Kadabra / 16 Alakazam / 36
Bellsprout Whipinbell / 21 Victoribell / 36
Bulbasaur Ibizaour / 16 Venusaur / 32
Caterpie Metapod / 16 Waterfree / 32
Charmander Charmeleon / 16 Charizard / 36
Cubon Marovok / 28
Diglette Dugtrio / 26
Doduo Dodrio / 31
Dratini Dragonair / 30 Dragonite / 55
Drosie Hipno / 26
Ekans Arbok / 22
Gastly Hunter / 25 Gengar / 36
Geodate Graveler / 25 Golem / 36
Goldin Seaking / 33
Make-up artist Poppy / 38
Grovelies Arcanine / 36
Horsa Sandra / 32
Kabuto Kabutops / 40
Coffing Vizing / 35
Crabby Kingler / 28
McHop Mchawk / 28 McHump / 36
Magnemite Magneton / 30
Magikarp Gayrados / 20
Mankey Primiap / 28
Mauth Persian / 28
Nidoran Nidorino / 16 Nidoguin / 36
Odish Glum / 21 Vileplum
Omanit Omastar / 40
Pidgey Pigiotto / 18 Pidgeyot / 36
Pikachu Raichu / 22
Polivag Polyvhirl / 25 Polivraz / 36
Psidak Goldak / 33
Rattata Raticat / 20
Richorn Ridon / 42

Evie Evolution:

Vaporeon – you should equip more experience stones than attack stones.Jolteon – equal number of experienced and attack stones.Fleuron – you need to equip more attack stones than experience stones.

Evolution only happens when your Eevee reaches level 36.

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