Top 10 Best Completed Gba/Nds Rom, Are Then Any New Ds Pokemon Hacks Out There

Now that I have completed all the pokemon game (including sword) I wanna give rom hacks a try. Can someone list the best gba/nds completed my rom hacks?



Hacks I recommend ( I am not ranking them )

1 pokemon dreary – a short hack which takes place in the kanto region it has very interesting story and very unique also definitely worth a try

2 pokemon red chapter – a hack which follows the story from the manga a very cool rom hack with many regions pokemon and many fakemons and two regions kanto and orange archaplago it has many bonus chapters made by the creator himself a sequel is in development as a fan game

3 pokemon GS chronicles – it is a hack of fire which is a remake of gold silver crystal for gba with a slightly different story but only johto is finished kanto is being worked on this game will also have dynamax in kanto It is bug testing once finished you can play it it is very cool

4 pokemon nameless version – a hack with pokemon upto gen 8 has a very cool story with many unique features and a custom mega pokemon although the game comes after two hacks they have inane level curve this one is fine the story is confusing at first than it is makes sense as many regions to explore

5 pokemon glazed – a very cool hack which has good story with many regions and legendaries and very fun gameplay and unique elite four with many bonus things to do also definitely worth a try

6 pokemon Gaia – it is a hack of fire red with gen 6 pokemon Gaia is rom hack if you play you will feel like you are playing an actual game so worth a try

7 pokemon dark realm – it is a rom hack of ruby with some fakemons ( custom pokemon) and a cool story pokemon dark realm is just beautiful you should definitely play it

8 pokemon light platinum – it is a hack of ruby it is a very old hack but it is still good as it was the starting of rom hack it has many things do also like world championship

9 pokemon radical red – it is a enchantment of fire red with many new features like dynamax , gen 8 pokemon and gen 8 move set but this game is very hard and if you are starting out don't recommend it play it after play some

10 pokemon clover – it is a hack which is very funny with many fakemons and very cool gameplay pokemon clover is just amazing just play it

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