Super Mario 64 Runs On PlayStation 2 Thanks To Modders Super Mario 64 makes an unexpected appearance on the PlayStation 2, thanks to the efforts of one modder lớn reverse engineer its source code.

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Super Mario 64 Runs On PlayStation 2 Thanks To Modders
Super Mario 64 can now be played on PlayStation 2, thanks to lớn the work of modders reverse engineering its source code. Super Mario 64 was the first 3 chiều platformer for the Mario franchise, và one of the biggest hits on the Nintenbởi 64. With a focus on collecting power stars, the game"s bright colors and lighthearted tone made it a hit and helped solidify the N64"s identity.

Super Mario 64 managed the difficult feat of translating the classic 2D Mario formula to lớn 3 chiều, và did it so well that the game"s popularity still lasts even decades after its release. Recently, Nintenbởi vì announced that Super Mario 64 will be re-released for the Nintenvày Switch in Super Mario 3D All-Stars, as part of its 35th anniversary celebrations for the franchise.

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But now, lượt thích then, the age-old problem still lives: Consoles are expensive, and choosing one or another means getting locked out of a whole swath of exclusives. Modders have been hard at work to lớn change this predicament, và have sầu recently succeeded in freeing Super Mario 64 from the confines of its home console. YouTuber Fred Wood has released a video showing the iconic Super Mario 64 running on none other than a Sony PlayStation 2. By using reverse-engineered source code, the modder got the game up & running on the unlikely platform.

It is by no means a seamless and smooth replay of Nintendo’s classic game. Even by "90s standards, some of the graphics are patchy at best, at times, the red-clad hero"s face disappears from his Mã Sản Phẩm. While he still maintains his trademark mustabít, Mario’s eyes appear to fold in on themselves, before disappearing altogether as the gameplay progresses. As for the màn chơi itself, the usual icy xanh & snowy landscape becomes a nightmarish clash of monochrome and mismatched patterns. Any power stars collected were found by Fred’s recollection of their location rather than thanks khổng lồ the tell-tale yellow sparkle seen on the Nintenvị 64, as they simply were not visible during the PlayStation playthrough.

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Despite the shortcomings of playing on the wrong console, the game can actually be completed. Princess Peach can be saved from the clutches of evil in time to lớn bake Mario the cake that he was promised at the very start of the game. Much like Mario, though, her textures do not load in properly. The closing shot of Peach và Mario in front of the Mushroom Castle is certainly not one that will be used in any future promotions. It would be more at trang chủ in a Tyên Burton remake than on the family-friendly gaming platforms Nintenbởi vì is known for. Even so, this hachồng of Super Mario 64 provides a whole new way khổng lồ see Mario in action on a console he was never meant for.

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Source: Fred Wood/YouTube

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