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Rare Charizard Pokemon Card Could Fetch Half a Mil at Auction

Pokemon Rare Charizard Card Could Fetch $500k!!!

1.4K 11/29/2020 12:50 AM PT



Charizard was always the most coveted holographic Pokemon card — so it”s not hard to believe someone might drop half a mil for one of the rarest ones out there.

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Goldin Auctions is hawking a 1999 1st edition Charizard card that”s got all the nerdy fixings that trading card aficionados geek out on. Namely, this one”s got a grade of Gold Label Pristine 10 by SGC, and it”s Black Diamond Certified … meaning it”s in near-mint condition. So yeah, it”s beyond valuable, people!!!

The opening bid for this thing started at $50k, and the current bid stands at $150k … and there”s still two weeks left for people to jump in.


As for why GA honchos think their Charizard card could go for at least $500k — we”re told they”re basing it on a few factors. For one, another Charizard card with a 10 rating recently got bought and sold in a private transaction for a whopping $250k.

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Not only that, but Charizard is getting a second lease on life as far as interest in the younger generation — one Logan Paul recently bought a Charizard card that was also graded 10 for a cool $150k. Bottom line … we”re told the Goldin Auctions folks believe the demand is there, and they”re banking on people dropping a pretty penny for theirs.

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There”s only 10 people with bids on this card for now — but by the closing bell, Goldin is expecting way more … and for the price to fall at a record number. If it hits $500,000, like they”re hoping, it would be the first time someone”s shelled out that much for a Charizard.

Sure, gotta catch “em all … but you gotta be able to afford “em too. Bring your checkbooks!

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