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Pokemon Sword and Shield players can claim a special version of Pikachu starting later this month on February 25.

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Just below, you can see the announcement of the special Pikachu being introduced for all Pokemon Sword and Shield players later this month. From February 25, you”ll be able to boot up either version of the game and claim the special creature, which happens to know the Sing move, useful for getting you out of a jam.

Pikachu is celebrating 25 years of Pokémon with a song! Though it can’t ordinarily learn the move Sing, this special Pikachu is an exception! Stay tuned while it practices its melody—we’ll provide details here on Feb 25 about how this Pikachu can join you in #PokemonSwordShield 11, 2021

This special promotion is part of Pokemon”s ongoing 25th birthday plans. 2021 actually marks the 25th anniversary of the franchise, since it was first born into existence all the way back in 1995.

Just yesterday, it was revealed that Post Malone will be collaborating with The Pokemon Company in a special virtual concert on February 27. It”s this date, two days after Pikachu arrives in Pokemon Sword and Shield, that”s generally considered Pokemon”s birthday, and Post Malone joins Katy Perry for a star-studded virtual concert to celebrate the event.

Elsewhere, The Pokemon Company has other plans in motion for its birthday. Special original Pokemon cards are being given away in McDonald”s Happy Meals, while the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event is bringing Shiny Ditto and Shiny Mew for players to catch.

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In terms of games to celebrate the 25th anniversary, we only know that New Pokemon Snap release date this April. The game is a welcome return to Pokemon”s roots, and while there”s been plenty of speculation about Pokemon games/remakes releasing later in the year, nothing has been confirmed by The Pokemon Company or Nintendo as of right now.

Head over to our pre-order new Pokemon Snap guide for the best available prices for the upcoming game.

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