Interested in what Lightroom 6 has lớn offer? We’re outlining all the details for you right here!

My Lightroom 6reviewhas finally arrived! After much speculation và rumors it’s finally here! I’ve sầu jumped in as quichồng as I could for a real life, no BS, Review. The goal for this Lightroom 6 review is to tóm tắt with you the major new features, & the ones that I feel are the most practical & valuable. With that said, this article is not going lớn dive sầu into lớn every minute detail. I’d rather focus on the ones that really are most pertinent lớn you in determining if Lightroom 6 is a worthy tăng cấp to lớn you. I will also address some common questions and concerns I’ve sầu gotten from readers.

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First, a word about the name…

You may have sầu already noticed that the new Lightroom is sometimes called Lightroom CC & sometimes Lightroom 6. Why is that?

Lightroom CC is the “Creative Cloud” version.

Lightroom 6 is the standalone software.

The two versions are almost the same, although the Creative sầu Cloud (Lightroom CC version) has a couple more bells & whistles.

There are two features that you’ll only get if you are on the Lightroom CC version. There is a Mobile Lightroom syncing your images feature using the Lightroom application, và “Lightroom Web,” which lets you more easily cốt truyện your images with friends or clients.

OK, now that we got that out of the way let’s dive sầu into the features I am most excited about.


With each & every update, users have sầu always been asking for better performance out of Lightroom. To edit our photos faster and with less lag time. Well, we finally have sầu a significant performance boost inside of Lightroom!

It’s rumored that depending on your computer hardware you can getup lớn 10x the speedwith the new Lightroom 6/Lightroom CC.For anyone lượt thích me who processes a high volume of images in Lightroom, this alone is worth the upgrade.

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To kiểm tra to see if your computers GPU is being used by Lightroom look under Lightoom preferences and then the performance tab.

Graduated & Radial Filter Brushes

The graduated filter along with the radial filter has always been one of my favorite tools in the Lightroom toolbox khổng lồ really enhance your images. Even though these tools allowed you lớn adjust only a “portion” of the photo and not the entire pholớn, there still are times when your adjustments are overlapping inlớn areas of a photo lớn that you don’t want lớn adjust. Inside the new Lightroom you now have the ability khổng lồ “erase” areas of the phokhổng lồ that you don’t want the graduated và radial filter applied. This is awesome!!

Video Demo/Walk Through

Other Notable New Features

Lightroom CC comes backed with many other features, albeit, the amount of practicality for the masses is debatable compared khổng lồ the above sầu powerhouse updates. Nonetheless, here are some fun new things you’ll find inside of Lightroom CC/6!

New Slideshow Module Features: If you are always creating slideshows lớn showcase your work you’ll be happy with some of the newest features.Add Photos lớn Collections at Import: If you utilize collections a lot this can save sầu you an extra step.Tighter Desktop khổng lồ di động App Integration: Share photos easier, view them on Smartphone or desktop, or even edit on both và have synced to lớn perfection.Improved Web Galleries: With the ease of gorgeous online viewing galleries everywhere you look, I don’t see this is a feature khổng lồ get excited about. However, if you want the flexibility to create your own, you know have more options available lớn you.


Here are a handful of questions that you might have sầu or be wondering about.

Q: Will my presets still work? A: YES. There have sầu been no changes at all to lớn any of the sliders.

Q: I don’t have creative sầu cloud right now, how vì I get my catalog inkhổng lồ the new version?A: I didn’t either. I just made the leap to the cloud version và Lightroom automatically found my catalog và with a single cliông xã imported it inlớn the new Lightroom CC version. I was quite impressed with how easy it was.

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Q: How much is it?A: If you want to lớn stay away from the Lightroom CC version (monthly price), you can get Lightoom 6 for $149. If you want khổng lồ get Lightroom CC, you can get Lightroom & Photoshop for only $7.99 a month through this special discounted link. You’ll not only get the added Lightroom features but you’ll always have sầu the most up khổng lồ date version of Lightroom as well as Photocửa hàng. It’s a giảm giá khuyến mãi really.

How khổng lồ Upgrade Without Joining Creative Cloud


Overall I’d say there aren’t a TON of amazing new features lượt thích we saw from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5. However, from just the three biggest feature updates I noted above, Lightroom 6/CC is a much welcomed improvement. If you already have Lightroom 5 and don’t have sầu performance issues or care much about HDR / Panorama features, then I don’t think you are missing much if you continue without upgrading. However, if you are on Lightroom 4 or older, I highly recommkết thúc upgrading to Lightroom CC or Lightroom 6. It really is that much better than those older versions and at $7.99 a month it’s only $.26 a day! (when you use the links above). Hope this Lightroom 6 đánh giá has been useful for you all!

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