If you are a Photoshop user lượt thích me, & find yourself rebooting bachồng into lớn Windows , or having khổng lồ contend with a Virtual Machine lớn run your favourite graphics app, then this guide will help you install Photosiêu thị CC in Linux, and get it running.

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It works for me running Linux Mint 17.2 on my desktop & Ubuntu 15.04 on my máy tính xách tay – but your mileage may vary

Firstly, note that this guide is for Photocửa hàng CC 2014, and not the newly released năm ngoái version – as the new version currently wont install on Ubuntu or Mint for me.

However, that is not that big of a khuyễn mãi giảm giá, as I can live without most of the “new features”.

Photocửa hàng CC running on Linux Mint 17.2

Download Photoshop CC 2014

As the năm trước version of Photoshop CC has been replaced on Adobe’s site by the 2015 version, you can no longer download any of the năm trước versions directly from Adobe.

However the kind people over at Pro Design Tools, have been good enough to lớn host stand alone versions of Photosiêu thị CC 2014.

lưu ý : I have only tested this on the 32bit version of Photocửa hàng, so if you are looking to lớn use the 64bit version, it may or may not work.

Please note that you will need either a paid up subscription to Photosiêu thị , or at the very least a Adobe Login ID , so that you can install the 30 day trial. If you are looking lớn install a cracked version of Photoshop CC, you are out of luông xã.

Install Photosiêu thị CC via PlayOnLinux

Once you have sầu downloaded Photoshop, you are ready lớn go.

Firstly, you need khổng lồ make sure that you have sầu Playonlinux  installed. You caninstall it via the Software Manager on Mint, or the Ubuntu Software Center (On Ubuntu).

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Run Playonlinux, & first cliông xã on cliông xã on Tools Menu và Select Wine Versions. Under available Wine versions find 1.7.41-PhotoshopBrushes và select it, & then click on the > arrow lớn Install it.

Once, you are done installing it, go back to the Main PlayonLinux window, & lichồng on the install button, and then on “Install non listed programme” (you can find this in the bottom left h& corner)


Next Select the 32bit choice. You will then be given the choice of which version of Windows khổng lồ run Photocửa hàng under. Make sure that you chose Windows 7, & not the default of XP.

The next section is a bit involved, và you need to lớn select the relevant windows libraries that Photosiêu thị needs to run correctly. Tiông chồng the boxes lớn the following library’s :


Once you have sầu ticked all of the above boxes, you can cliông chồng on NEXT.

Now you need to lớn browse to lớn the Photosiêu thị CC cài đặt file that you downloaded above. Select it và begin the installation.

Photocửa hàng will begin the installation process.

If you are running the 30 trial version and you DO NOT have sầu your sign in details on hand, you will need to disconnect your mạng internet connection to lớn proceed. Once you have sầu disconnected, clichồng sign in, wait for the error message and then click “sign in later.

For some users, the installation bar will disappear before it reaches the kết thúc, & a error message will popup. If this happens, dont panic – the installation is still running in the background (you can look at your Hard Disc light or listen lớn your disc working lớn see that it is still installing).

So wait a couple of minutes (5 should be safe), & cliông xã next.

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Finally , you can name your shortcut in PlayOnLinux, & you will get a Photosiêu thị Ibé on your desktop.

N.B : If a function such as the “Liquify tool” does not work correctly, simply go inlớn Preferences>Performance và UNtick “use graphics processor”

You now have a working 30day trial.You will need to buy it if you wish to lớn continue use after the 30days

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